WoE 2 LD Ch. 6

Episode 6

Warnings: NSFW and Crude conversations (there are also some notes in between and some original parts of the chapter left undeleted due to the chapter being unedited and explanation of some contexts!)


Not even a few minutes have passed but my feet were already itching to leave this place. Apart from knowing nothing about K-sama’s plans about me, all the people here were terrifying and being with them inside a small room was extremely grueling.

There was a huge horizontal table in the middle, and each and one of the people inside were situated in their respective seats. They were merely four people, but the energy they were emanating was equivalent to a thousand people who have evil intentions.

They were like demons covered in human skin.

“Where did you pick him up, Serpent?” One of the men queried. The man’s body was moderately sized and looked middle-aged, but he wasn’t old and ugly as the fat man. He was wearing glasses and his gaze was sharp, especially to me.

“My men approached him about a month ago,” K-sama stated. I had no idea what’s currently going on in his mind since he looked so abnormally calm.

“Ooh… Is he a virgin?” The fat man asked pervertedly, pulling out his tongue. He looked like a deranged dog.

‘I can’t believe that man! He’s so disgusting!’

“Where did he come from? Is he from the slums? A delinquent, perhaps?” Another man endlessly asked. From his posture, he looked the same age as K-sama and the shape of his figure was almost similar too. Though he had a lot of scars on his body, marks like it came from a sharp object. Though he tied his long hair, it was still a bit messy. 

“He’s a loner. His family abandoned him.” K-sama uttered which greatly shocked me, making me quickly look at him. He didn’t even look back or changed his expression.

‘What in the world are you saying, K-sama?’ I asked in my mind as I observed how his interlocutor would react.

“He looks delicious.” This time, a man in a dark corner spoke. He was tall, and his figure was slender. He looked Chinese and as well as his clothes were Chinese-style. He also had long hair, but he left it loose.

“C’mon, Dragon!” The man covered with scars suddenly burst out. “Eating the guy right away will be no fun!” He exclaimed before turning his head to K-sama while smirking like a demon. “Let’s fuck him, Serpent.”

“Ugh!” I unconsciously took steps backward and was covered in cold sweat. I felt myself looking back to K-sama once more but he remained silent.

“I agree with Bear.” The fat man interjected and once again licked his lips dirtily like he was some kind of crazy maniac.

‘Serpent, Dragon… and now Bear? Are they using code names? Does K-sama know these people’s real identities?’

“What do you say, Serpent?” The man in glasses asked formally.

“Ah, fuck off; Cougar! Let’s drill his ass already!” The man called ‘Bear’ impatiently cut into the man in glasses who was now called ‘Cougar.’

“Bear, please calm down. Serpent owns the underdog. He gets to decide whether it would be fucked before eaten alive. Though, I prefer fucking him while ripping his organs out.” The one who was called ‘Dragon’ interjected and stared at me deeply without warning, making me almost pissed my pants in terror.

“Tsk!” Bear irritatingly clicked his tongue, directing an evil glare to K-sama who was still, until now, calm and silent from all those licentious and gruesome talks. “Serpent, hurry up and speak!” He rebuked.

K-sama shut his eyes for a moment before slowly cracking them open and said: “He’s already marked.”

And all of them stared hard at me, mixed with marvel and confusion.

“You made an Omega your new underdog? What the fuck were you thinking?!” The fat man exclaimed in alarm from what he learned.

“You are out of your mind,” Cougar added before fixing his glasses. 

“Dumb, Serpent.” Dragon glared him.

And here I was, tongue-tied, feeling lost.

‘Why is K-sama lying about my true identity? Furthermore, how is he going to prove that I’m an Omega? I don’t have any marks of his bites on my neck?!’

“I don’t care what you guys think. I didn’t bring him here for you guys to play with him with your hungry pets.” K-sama declared and I felt a scary air suddenly dispersing from him. “I thought informing you guys personally would serve as an evident warning that disturbing anything in my territory is forbidden.”

“What? Is he your Soul Bond or something? You’re quite attached to that wimp.” Cougar quietly laughed, throwing insults at me.

“Heh! Don’t make me puke, you damned snake bastard! Bonded or not, I want to taste his fucking ass!” Bear exclaimed as he brushed off K-sama’s threat. 

“W-Wait a moment! Just what is really the reason for you bringing me here?!” I suddenly interjected.

I’m totally lost. Did we come here just to show off to others?

“These four guys here are the leaders of their respective turfs,” K-sama informed me. “Cougar leads the East Turf.”

“Well…” Said Cougar as he fixed his glasses.

“Bear leads the South Turf.”

“You heard it. I’m the boss of the South.” Bear arrogantly stated.

“The West Turf belongs to Dragon.”

“Wanna pay me a visit sometime?” He suggested with a smirk.

“And Phantom leads the North Turf.”

“Hehe…” The fat man laughed, which got on my nerves*.

(Rika: Ugh… I don’t know how to translate “nakakarindi.” OTL This word is like you don’t like to hear someone’s voice because you are irritated by it sooo…) 

‘Phantom doesn’t suit him. I would believe more if he’s called ‘Pig.’’ I sarcastically spoke in my mind as I covertly smiled wryly in extreme disgust.

I don’t know. He was the only different one in this group of leaders. I think this was the very first time I saw an ugly Alpha. Ugh.

“And since I’m in charge of the underground transactions, I am the leader of the Central Turf.” K-sama ended.

So they operate like mafias on how to handle jobs. K-sama was scary, but the fright I was feeling doubled meeting these new people in front of me. If K-sama could treat me like a toy, what about them?

“Since you ruined our day, get out of here and take your Omega mate with you.” Phantom told K-sama in dismay before whistling, not a second longer, unknown men suddenly appeared inside the room and surrounded the two of us. “You are in my turf, after all. What do you say, Serpent? Hmm?”

“If that’s what you want.” K-sama succinctly spoke before signaling me to follow him.

We quietly left that place.


We were currently on the way back and I’ve been restless ever since. There were so many questions I wanted to ask him, but I didn’t know where to even begin.

“K… K-sama…” And finally, I found the words!

“Hmm?” He slightly tilted his head, but he was still looking in front. Well, his attention was on the road.

“Why did you lie to them?” I started. “Did it ever pass your mind that I might have called you ‘K-sama’ or answer them wrong if they ever questioned me about our relationship? Why did you tell them that I’m an Omega?” I endlessly asked.

“Did it bother you?” He casually asked.

“Huh?!” My brows furrowed. “Are you kidding me? I’m a Beta. Beta! And take note, we aren’t mates! And I don’t have any bite marks that prove you own me! Even more so, there isn’t us! Are you even serious about making me an underdog?” I upbraided.  

He laughed before answering. “About that, I am going to mark you later tonight. Nothing will change except that you’ll start to act as my mate to keep you away from trouble.” He even looked elated in his idea where he would just implicate me.

“What trouble-double* are you spouting? Just make me an underdog. I don’t want to be part of your dirty collection!” There was slight sulking in my angry retort. Then, I turned away my look so that I could hide the tears that were welling up on the corner of my eyes. Why am I even so emotional from these things?!

(Rika: OG -> “Trobol-trobol or trouble-trouble”. There are some instances where people say a word twice in irritation or when they’re making a point. Or most of the time, it’s a feeling of “Let it be in God’s will.” LMAO. They are ignoring the underlying bad aftermath to have a slight escape from all the madness going on).

“What are you talking about?” The shameless man mocked an innocent expression on his face.

“Whatever!” I angrily exclaimed as I harrumphed. Then, I remembered Phantom’s last words before we left and the wronged feeling went into an abrupt stop, once more looking at K-sama. “You said that Kazunari Shimada-san is that owner of the hotel, right?”


“If that is so, why did the fat man say that it’s his territory, then? Isn’t Shimada-san your right-hand man?” I asked in confusion.

“Am I required to answer that?” He tried to change the topic and I was again feeling wronged.

“Nakakainis ka!” Singhal ko sa kanya.

“I hate you!” I exclaimed.

(Rika: “Nakakainis ka” is literally tl’ed to “You’re irritating!” but I think this is better? Sometimes, saying those two things have the same feeling…)

“Kazunari is my spy.” He answered with no delay. “Phantom doesn’t know that Kazunari secretly works for me while he works for him.”

“Bakit ka naman magpapadala ng isipiya? Akala ko ba ay mga bff’s mo ang mga kumag na ‘yon?”

“Why are you letting them go undercover? I thought you are BFFs with those bastards?”

(Rika: the word “Kumag” literally translates to “little insect” and is a slang word that means loser, idiot, etc. but I think if I use those words, Hiroto might be out of character in this case).

“Hiroto Moriya… when you work in this kind of business, everyone is your enemy. Everything we do is for the sake of money, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no tension between us leaders.” He clarified.

“So you mean… They might have sent some spies themselves to be part of your guards?” I guessed as I furrowed my brows.

“You’re quite sharp. I like that.” He sarcastically uttered. And my blood boiled once again. 

“I’m seriously asking you! Don’t change the topic!”

“You haven’t seen anything yet, Moriya Hiroto. If you don’t stick to me and follow my lead, you’ll experience hell.” The man ambiguously uttered.

“Will you please stop always talking with me in English? I can understand some, but don’t use deep words. I can’t understand anything.” I complained to change the topic.

And then he smiled. “You really pique my interest.”

I just kept quiet until we returned back. I still have no idea why K-sama treated me that way, but if I dwell too much on this, I would totally age quickly. What’s important was that I need to be resourceful and strategize how I could escape from his hands.


“Mmfgh! Aah, mmgh!”

We have just entered his room and K-sama already attacked with a hungry kiss to my lips. He leaned me on the wall and held my neck with a choke-like hold using his right hand while the other was sliding towards my backside.

“K-sama… Umfgh!” I couldn’t escape from his hand that was choking my neck and every time I tried to struggle, his hold would tighten.

“Stop struggling. You can’t resist me.” He said, a burning desire obvious in his expression and once more kissed me roughly.

“Mmfh—Ah!” One surprised moan escaped my lips when he inserted his left hand inside my pants and gripped my buttocks. He fondled them and my body heated up the longer we continued the frenzied kiss.

He fleetingly halted his kisses and let go of my bruising neck, uttering an order. “Take off all your clothes.”

Sa una ay nagdalawang-isip akong sumunod pero ayoko na may ipagawa na naman siya sa aking nakakahiya kaya ginawa ko na lang ang iniutos niya. Hiyang-hiyang ako habang isa-isa kong tinanggal ang suot kong mga damit. Wala akong ideya kung nagustuhan ba ni K-sama ang paraan ng paghuhubad ko pero bahala na.

At first, I was hesitant to obey, but I didn’t want him to tell me to do something shameful like what I did before. I slowly removed my clothing with flaming cheeks, feeling incredibly ashamed. I had no idea if K-sama liked how I unclothed myself, but come what may.

(Rika: Bahala na literally translates to “Come what may” X9. It’s more like whatever happens, happen. I will let God decide what will happen to me. etc.)

“They’re all removed,” I uttered almost in a whisper, averting my eyes away from him due to extreme shame.

“I wonder why you bothered putting a piercing on your penis but didn’t cover your whole body with tattoos since you got one on your back,” K-sama observed my naked form.

“I’m not a fan of tattoos. Tattooing is only a way for me to earn money.” I clarified and furtively covered my lower body with my two hands as I felt K-sama staring.

“About the person who put your frenum piercing…” He trailed off as he walked closer, gripping my chin and let his narrowed eyes meet mine. “…did he get aroused while putting it? Did you get aroused yourself?” He asked, his eyes flashed with an indecipherable emotion. A chill ran down my spine as I felt myself being covered in cold sweat.

“W-Why did our conversation go to my piercing?” Feeling uncomfortable, I tried to avert my eyes, but K-sama’s hard stare stopped me.

“Nothing.” He said before he gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Go to bed. On all fours.” K-sama suddenly told me, making me more anxious.

I did what he told me, and even with my heart beating so fast from fear and anxiety that I was near to the world of unconsciousness, my body surprisingly became aroused in the midst of all the extreme emotions I was having.

“K-sama…” A quivering voice escaped my lips as I called him when he suddenly went silent.

I slowly gave him a furtive glance and saw him removing his clothes and threw them anywhere. Not a moment longer, he walked closer and held my buttocks tightly. 

“Ngh.” I groaned when he squeezed them.

“Spread your legs and lean your chest against the bed. Stick your ass out more.” He once again ordered me.

“Eh?! B-But—!”

“Do you want me to shove my dick right into your hole?” He intimidated and I frantically followed his orders.

My face was near to exploding from shame when I moved my limbs into another shameful position. My mind was in a mess and I didn’t know what to think or how I would react.

“K-sama, this position is embarrassing.” I weakly cried while I prevented myself to feel more of the yearning I was once more experiencing from his heated caresses.

“What? This is perfect. I can see everything from here.” He gladly commented and shame covered my whole being. 

“But I’m not comfortable in this situation!” I stressed out and K-sama just laughed. “Ngh!” My body arched in surprise when I felt a hard thing was rubbed on my opening.

“Oh, your hole just twitched. Did you get excited?” He asked in delight.

“You’re wro—ah!” I screamed in astonishment when K-sama inserted his manhood inside me. “K-sama!” I cried his name in pain and tightly gripped the bedsheets to retain even a bit of consciousness.

“You’re seriously still tight. We just did it this morning.” He marveled while pistoning himself and that resulted in giving me a strange sensation to my whole body.

“Haah… Ngh! K-sama, it hurts.” I told him as I cried.

“Bear with the pain. It arouses me, even more, when you say that.” He said and disregarded my words, continuing his endless thrusting that was gradually quickening.

“Aah! Mmgh! Aah…” I let out a moan as he started slamming inside. And my hands were in pain and already pale from the tightness I was gripping the bedsheets. 

It hurts. It hurts, but my manhood was hard from the pleasure!

“Aah… K-sama… Mmgh! You’re too fast!” I cried and moaned. But instead of K-sama listening to my complaints, his thrust got more rapid. “Aah! Hurts… Aah… No more!” And tears finally streamed down.

K-sama’s heavy breaths were just beside my ear, and I could feel the warmth from his breaths. He roughly grabbed my hair and forcibly raised my head as he slammed another thrust inside me.

“Aah… Mmfgh! K-sama… K-sama…” I cried and moaned. As time passed, the pleasure got more intense, but I couldn’t stop myself feeling hurtful pangs inside my chest every time I remembered that sometimes, Omegas are the ones with him. He even showed it to my face. It seemed like I was the replacement to the Omegas with the only purpose of giving pleasure to K-sama. “Please… no more.”

As his movements were almost like a rabid beast in heat, he held my neck and choked me with no warnings while the other hand was still pulling my hair.

“Ugh! Mmgh!”

‘I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe!’

I tried to tap the hand that was gripping my neck to tell him my torment, but his grip only tightened more and brutally slammed inside.

My vision blurred and black spots entered in the corners of my eyes. My eyes slowly rolled from the torment I was experiencing. So, this was how I would die?

I don’t want to die in this way. No… 

“K-K…sa…ma, urk!” My breath hitched and I couldn’t breathe any more air. It would be painful to breathe when someone was doing you while choking you!

He suddenly let go of my neck and I automatically hacked and inhaled the air I was deprived of a few moments ago. But before I could totally catch my breath, he roughly pulled my body towards him and coiled his arms on my chest. During that moment, he once more choked me with his two hands!

“Mmgh! K-sama! Ugh!” I grunted in pain and scratched his arms in panic.

My struggling had no effect. His thrusts were still rapid and rough and while they were slowly quickening, the choke on me was getting more rigid. 

“Call me ‘Kyouya.’” He suddenly whispered in my ear before licking it, like he was never getting enough of me.

“Ngaahh! Ple…ease—Mmgh!”

“Call out my name and I’ll let you go. You hear me?” He demanded and his movements were already making me lose my sanity. 

Even though I was racked with pain and tormented by the abuse—with saliva flowing down on my chin—I forced myself to do what he wanted.

“Kyou… Kyouya… Mmgh!”

“Good boy. And now for the final blow!” After those words he declared, K-sama pushed one brutal thrust inside as he bit my neck.

I screamed from the agony, but since he still wasn’t letting go of my neck, only a strained cry escaped my lips. I felt the gush of his hot essence inside me. My body shuddered from the intensity of our deed and gradually felt the stinging pain from his bite on my neck.

After K-sama finished his fun, he slowly loosened his grip on my neck and carefully pulled out himself from me. He combed his hair that was soaked with his sweat with his open palm. While I was like a lifeless corpse that fell on the bed and continuously convulsed from what just what had happened. From all that intense making out, I didn’t notice that I also released.

“You were so damn good, Hiroto Moriya.” He elatedly commented and even gave me a peck on my cheeks.

“Bakit mo ito ginagawa sa ‘kin?” umiiyak at nanghihina ang boses kong tanong bago ako tuluyang napahikbi at nagtakip ng mukha. “Ang sama-sama mo,” dagdag ko pa.

“Why are you doing this to me?” I asked with a weak voice, crying and sobbing as I covered my tear-stricken face. “Bastard,” I added.

(Rika: “Ang sama-sama mo.” literally translates to “You are so bad.” uhh. I don’t get the same feeling as the original if I translate it, so I just wrote that one word. XD)

K-sama didn’t utter a word. I felt him walking away before throwing a blanket to cover my stained body.

“Do you really think I’m a bastard?” He asked so sudden that I never had the time to think.

“So much more than a bastard.” Those words I let out were with intense anger. A painful hiccup made me hitch my breath as I sniffed.

“Alright. Tomorrow, I’ll send you off to Bear and give him the new aphrodisiacs that I just made. Alone.” He coldly ordered and I froze.  “That will be your first assignment as my underdog.”

Albeit still feeling weak, I pushed myself up the bed. “Kyou—”

“It’s ‘Serpent.’” He quickly corrected while not gazing back at me. “Don’t you ever call me K-sama nor ‘Kyouya’ ever again. You hear?”

My body jolted in shock from the frost that emanated from his words. I secretly held the blankets that were covering my body tightly.


“Oh, what?” He cut off and finally turned around to face me before giving me a mocking smile. “Did you seriously think that you are someone special? You’re just a fucking lowly Beta. I won’t gain anything from you. You said I’m a bastard, so here. I will be the bullshit person that you’ll forever hate. From now on, you will be just my underdog.”

I wasn’t anymore able to answer back. My tears just streamed down from the excruciating agony the words he gave me. There was also a part in me that hoped that he would take back his words and he was just trying to scare me, but no; he didn’t.

He didn’t take back his words, so the pain I received was unbelievable. 

‘I just want to see my family again…’

(Rika: :< Like points to Kyouya -100, Hiroto -50. These two bois need to have a good talk. 😀 Please stop me. I will smack these two bois’ heads. STOP ME.)

Lol but that otome game-like introduction for each turf boss??? gods im dying lmfao.

And from what I’ve mentioned before, the chapter with triggering content is next! I’ll put warnings before the said content so you guys can skip it!

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