WoE LD Ch. 8

Episode 8

Notes: Unedited and has notes in between



“Kyo, what the hell were you thinking sending off that idiotic Beta all by himself? And you even let him deliver a huge amount of drugs! Are you planning to ruin everything?!” Kazunari angrily admonished the moment he arrived at my turf.

I was inside my personal office where I did my business matters and Kazunari directly went here to diss me. 

“Will you pipe it down? Hiroto is still sleeping.” I unenergetically answered back at him and he got angrier, slamming his hands on my table.

“What are you doing, Kyo? Phantom alone is too much to handle and here you are, making such dangerous decisions!” He growled at me, obviously displeased by my actions.

Well, I can’t fault him. His role between Phantom and I was controversial (Rika: though, I think it’s ‘confidential’?). Though he initially worked for that good-for-nothing piece of shit, I am certain Kazunari was more loyal to me.

“Calm down, Kazunari. My plans are all in order. Just do your job and keep Phantom from prowling into my turf.” I told him, a smirk forming onto my lips. “I respect the other leaders’ roles in this business, but I won’t forgive anyone who tries to spoil my privacy.”

“Privacy, huh.” Kazunari mocked an insulting chuckle. “So now you’re concerned about your own privacy? Since when? From what I know, you are a person who doesn’t put any importance to people knowing who you really are.”

“Yeah, I still feel that.” I amended before leaning on my seat, sighing. “But I am bored of living this kind of life, Kazunari.”

Kazunari’s eyes widened. “W-What are you implying?” He asked in bewilderment.

There was a short moment of silence as I contemplated before turning to face him, looking deeply into his eyes. “Who knows?” Then I laughed mirthlessly.

Kazunari wasn’t happy at my response, but I didn’t anymore lengthen our conversation about that.

“Anyway, are you certain that that idiot* will succeed in delivering those drugs to Bear?” He spoke, tacitly changing the topic of our conversation.

(Rika: I used idiot to the word ‘Dugyot.’ Based on urban (and my knowledge), dugyot means untidy, unclean, or messy. Either in state or person. And I think idiot word is fine to use here since Kazunari is a bastard so meh).

“Just relax. Bear is surely brutal, but he won’t hurt anyone for no reason.” I defended, though I don’t usually do it to someone, especially to a person like him.

Kazunari then let out a defeated sigh. “If you say so. Alright, I’ll be going now. Phantom will be meeting some of my major and VIP clients. They’re offering me an amount of one billion dollars for quality Omega heat-inducing drugs in exchange for letting them be one of my business partners so that my business can grow more.” He reported. “It’s a big amount and I am willing to bet my life on it if that means that I can go higher.”

“Suit yourself. Give me the details later.” I told him.

“Okay.” He quickly responded and left.

I foolishly thought that everything would go as planned until… 

[End of Flashback]


“Kyouya…?” Hiroto sobbed as uttered called my name before losing consciousness.

I clicked my tongue in annoyance before shoving Bear’s dead body to the side. My vision darkened when I witnessed Hiroto’s unmoving sprawled figure. This was all my fault, but I can’t deny that I felt livid when I saw how Bear molested of him.

I thought that the pretense of Hiroto being an Omega would be a cinch, but it seemed like I was mistaken.

“Hey.” I slightly ran my thumb on Hiroto’s tear-stained left cheek.

I knew that I would receive no response from him, but I still checked whether there was a perchance that he would immediately gain back his consciousness.

I removed the coat I was wearing and covered Hiroto’s figure with it before carrying him out of this rancid place. The people were occupied at the opposite building due to a public killing so I easily brought Hiroto inside my car. After making sure that Hiroto didn’t receive any major injuries, I pulled out my phone from my pants’ pocket and called one of my subordinates.

“I have a job for you. Bring two of your men and get rid of Bear’s body.” I seriously ordered my subordinate on the other side of the line.

Understood, Serpent-sama.” The person on the other side calmly said his affirmation and ended the call.

I returned my phone inside my pocket with a frown, holding the steering wheel with both of my hands as a deep sigh escaped my lips.

“I shouldn’t have hired you from the very start,” I stated in regret as I looked back at Hiroto’s unconscious figure.

Then I drove off.

(Rika: … :> (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻)


“What the hell happened?” Asked Kazunari with furrowed brows when I arrived inside our meeting room, his eyes glued to Hiroto.

“Bear raped him and I think he already knows Hiroto’s real identity.” I immediately answered and carefully lied Hiroto on a vacant bed.

“No, what I mean is that why are you covered in blood?” Kazunari asked in confusion, still stunned by what he saw.

“I killed Bear.”


“I don’t have to tell you twice.” I rebuked. “Bear is dead and I have already instructed two of my men to get rid of his body. Our secret’s safe.”

“You killed Bear?! What if someone saw?! Those other leaders will have your head!” Kazunari raised his voice with a hint of worry.

“I know what I’m doing, Kazunari,” I assured him and once more looked back at Hiroto who was still unconscious.

“Do you seriously think that you can keep that Beta?” He suddenly asked me so that I would remove my gaze off of Hiroto. “Why would you risk your own life for his sake? You can’t become mates with that bastard.” He added, wearing an expression of disappointment on his face. 

“This is not about becoming mates, Kazunari.” I clarified.

“Then what?” He scowled.

I sighed before answering. “I don’t know. I am no different from Bear; you know this. But when I saw how Bear treated Hiroto… I just lost control over myself.” I tried to explain. Kazunari wasn’t able to respond immediately. It seemed like he still contemplated whether on how he would react to what he had just heard.

“Kyo…” He began. “Are you—by any chance—interested in that Beta?”

I flinched and stared at Hiroto for a while.

‘Am I…?’ I thought to myself.


“I don’t wanna hear it.” Kazunari cut off before fixing his glasses as he sighed in dismay.

“Phantom might be looking for you, so, I think you should leave,” I uttered to change the topic when the silence between us became unbearable.

“Yeah. I just passed by to give reports. See you around.” He agreed and silently left the room.

Me, on the other hand, found myself staring at Hiroto again.

‘I wonder why I took Bear’s life. I could have just let him expose Hiroto and finish the Beta off by my own hands.’

That’s what I should have done since Hiroto failed his mission. So why…?

“Am I really interested in you?” I asked the unconscious Hiroto who was lying helplessly on the bed.

Rika: This is the easiest chapter to translate yet. XD There were more English written parts here than the other chapters and this chapter’s pretty short if we compare it to the normal chapter-length Author writes. 

But dang! Will Kyouya realize his feelings soon?!

I really hate the previous chapter, y’all. :< I REALLY HATE IT! TTATT My like points for Kyouya lessened considerably because of that. 

This is the last updated chapter! We gonna wait here…

So! Here are the two novels I’m looking forward to working on! Waaah!!!

Four Years Older and The Psychologist Series

These are both longer series! Waaaah! Both of them are both 50 chapters long! I’m on my way to tl-ing Four Years Older. I’ll try my best! \o/

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