WoE LD Ch.3

Episode 3


“Naoya… I won’t work in the shop anymore.”


There was suddenly a silence between us after saying those words. Covertly clenching my hands into fists, I forced myself not to cry from this decision.

“But how will you make money? How ‘bout your family?” Naoya hesitatingly asked me, his voice obviously stricken with worry. His face was scrunched up in concern.

“I’ll find a way. I can find a new job. I promise I’ll visit sometimes.” I assured him.

“Hiroto… is there something wrong?” He suddenly asked.


“You can tell me. I won’t be able to help you much, but if you need someone to talk to, I’m here.” He said before making a hesitant smile, and that’s where my tears just fell.

‘No. I mustn’t let Naoya be implicated.’

“Heh, I’m fine. Thanks for worrying. Take care of this shop, ha(1)? Don’t add any more piercings to your body. Take care of your health too. Don’t forget to drink your suppressants and keep them where it will be easily found. Haha.” I endlessly reminded him.

One bitter smile made its way onto Naoya’s lips before answering. “You too, be careful, Hiroto. If ever you didn’t find any jobs, you’re still very welcome here.”

The only thing I could do was to hug Naoya tightly. I know he was kinda suspicious at my sudden leave, but even if that was so, he still gave me the freedom to decide for myself. I didn’t like doing this. I was content with the job I had, but for the sake of helping my family, I need to take this gamble. And on another note, I am completely certain that the man who introduced himself as ‘K-sama’ isn’t some normal person. Whoever he was, he mustn’t know the people who are precious to me.

“Goodbye, Naoya.” I smilingly bid my farewells and I saw him nodding slightly.

“I’ll be here; waiting.” He softly uttered and I hurriedly left because I just couldn’t bear with the kindness Naoya was giving me.

Naoya would probably have a hard time doing tattoos and piercings at the same time, but I know that could do it. After all, he was the person who taught me when I was still a newbie.




I once more went back to the old building where I first experienced the touches and caresses of ‘K-sama’. Because of that, a part of my existence that I didn’t know was aroused and it was just hidden all along.

Apprehension covered my being, but I built up my courage despite what recently happened. I waited outside for half an hour before a black car arrived and a person telling me to enter inside. It was another different man that fetched me, but similar to those men, they were wearing formal wear that gave a business-like impression. 

Whatever their business was, I feel like it has something to do with the pill that K-sama forcibly let me drink.

I silently followed the man that didn’t even utter a word or asked something. It seemed like the man already knew who I was.

He brought me to a faraway place, but this time, the building was located in a city. I was amazed when I realized that the place I was brought into was a casino. But instead of stopping by the entrance, the driver of the car drove into another direction and turned near the back. The light from the casino slowly faded away and gradually shifted to blinding darkness.

I stayed silent even when my nerves went taut, choosing to use my sense of touch to feel and focused on what the other people might do. We arrived at the underground parking area of the casino. There were some parked cars and motorcycles. It was dark and there weren’t any people that could be seen. The driver parked the car first before signaling me to get out.

The moment I got out, I noticed a door not that far away from where I was standing. Even though it was dark, I knew it was a door because there was a light above it, showing me what it was. The man walked towards there and I was like a puppy, just following along.

When we were near, I finally knew that it was an elevator and not a moment longer, the elevator door slid open. We both entered. Just like what he did before, he pressed some buttons. And after he finished, the elevator started to move down.

‘Takte(2), I feel like puking. I forgot that this is my first time riding an elevator!’ I screamed inside my head as I darted my eyes from an empty corner to the silent man I was with. It irritated me when I saw him so relaxed and wasn’t even perturbed. 

I felt all the food I ate coming back up my mouth the longer we stayed inside. To my great relief, it finally stopped and the door once more slid open. The man went out first and with trembling knees, I followed suit. 

“Um, how far is our destination? And—urp—please, no more elevators.” I couldn’t stand the saliva-spoiling silence(3) and spoke. 

“We’re here.” Was the sparse response of the man and unspokenly stopped in front of a huge door, making me crash onto his back. He knocked on the door twice before speaking again. “Serpent-sama, he’s now with me.”

“I’ll take it from here. You can go back now.” K-sama answered back, his voice heard from inside.

“Understood.” The man shortly responded subsequently leaving me all alone.

“W-Wait a bit! What will I do here?” I asked, panicked and unsettled.

“The door’s open. Come inside.” K-sama answered and I subconsciously felt a chill run down on my whole body when the thought of being able to see him again passed my mind. 

My hands were trembling when I reached for the doorknob. It was like there was something in me that wanted to run away from this place and report to the police about this and maybe salvage my life, but I think it would be worthless if I let fear consume me in these kinds of situations. That’s why, no matter what happens before this door was something that would totally change the life I know.




“We meet again, Hiroto Moriya.” K-sama started with a smirk on his lips. 

I let out a sharp intake of breath when I witnessed a man naked and busy pleasuring his manhood. A shudder involuntarily made its way on my body when I saw that there was a huge chain surrounding the man’s neck, arms, and legs. And before the two men was a huge bed. There were three women sprawled on the bed and another two men were sitting on the corner. All of them were also unclothed and chained on different parts of their bodies.

‘What kind of scene is this?!’

K-sama gently held the man’s head who was kneeling in front of him before heartlessly pushing it towards his lower body. I heard the man being carelessly manhandled choking and groaning in pain, but it looked like K-sama didn’t care at all. Not any moment later, the man coughed while he wiped his mouth before changing his position, shamelessly bending over and showing his ass in front of the venerated Alpha. 

“Fuck me, K-sama. Give me your cock.” The man eagerly requested, an exhausted expression obvious on his face, but it was nothing to him.

‘F—?! How can he even allow himself to utter such things?!’ I unbelievingly exclaimed inside my mind.

I took a sharp intake of breath as I saw once more the bulging manhood of K-sama and directed it towards the other man’s lower back before looking at me with an almost bewitching gaze. I was quickly overcome by a feeling of wanting when our eyes met.

“Aah!” One pleasured scream left the man’s mouth and K-sama inserted his member inside him. “K-sama! K-sama…” Licentious moans surrounded the room and repeatedly called the other’s name.

“Why…?” I couldn’t seem to think clearly. What was currently happening was too intense that I didn’t know where I should start. There were so many unsaid questions I wanted to ask, but to see these things… 

“You wanted money, right?” K-sama suddenly spoke, making me look at his sweating face from the pleasure he was enjoying. “All you have to do is do everything I say and use that body of yours to pleasure me.” He continued, giving me chills/ “You’re new here, so I can’t entrust you the selling of Omega pheromone inducing drugs.”

“Omega pheromones?!” I exclaimed and hurriedly covered my nose.

After he mentioned that, a fragrant smell similar to Naoya gradually entered my nose. I don’t know if omega pheromones scent were all the same, but this one was different. The effect it has on my body was stronger and more intense. Since the addicting scent was more affecting, I immediately felt myself getting hard!

“Hmph. You can feel it, can you? The urge to have sex?” K-sama smirkingly teased while eagerly pleasuring the other. 

“Aah… Ahh! K-sama! Aah… Mfgh… Ahh… Haah! Harder… Aah!” The other man endlessly exclaimed as he moaned, tightly holding onto the chain clasped on him.

A feeling of wanting attacked my mind, but I couldn’t help myself feeling irritated at the obscenity I was witnessing. I felt like a total fool since I quickly gave up my body to him and just like the man K-sama was using to pleasure himself, exposed myself for him to enjoy—somehow expecting that there would be something I could have. But I don’t know what.

“Why did I even expect? You’re an Alpha…” With clenched fists, I uttered; trying my best to prevent tears on my eyes from falling down.

It was total foolishness if I said that I fell in love with this man since first of all, it wasn’t right for a Beta to be with an Alpha, and another thing… there wasn’t any reason for me to become someone special to him.

‘Ma, Pa, Hino-niisan… my siblings… Forgive me…(4)’

  1. Original Text: “Ingatan mo itong shop, ha?” Ha – is something like ‘alright?’. Eng: Take care of this shop, alright?”
  2. Takte – this is a Filipino word that usually means [Shit]. Commonly used at times of dismay. <- got this from urban! I can’t explain slang properly. X9
  3. Saliva-spoiling silence -> “nakakapanis-laway na katahimikan” This means that it was too quiet and the silence was too long that your saliva became spoiled due to waiting.
  4. I took liberties to remove a phrase since I felt like it didn’t suit the situation LOL. Original text: “Nay, Tay, Hino-niisan… mga kapatid ko… patawad kung napakatanga kong tao.” -> ENG TL = “Ma, Pa, Hino-niisan… my siblings… Forgive me if I was such a fool.” (italicized were removed)

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