WoE Extra 1

Extra 1

Warnings: NSFW Content


“Mmfh… Aah…” Kazuki let out a sweet voice when I slowly moved my cock which was currently inside his ass. It gave him ultimate pleasure.

“Kazuki.” I called out his name and gave him a kiss as I pushed even more against our bed. 

He was lying face down and that position only maximized the pleasure he was feeling.

“Aah! Ryuichi!… I can’t… I can’t anymore.” He started to complain, but his hold on my arms was tightening.

“Kazuki… I’m almost—!” Just when I was about to blow my load, he suddenly pushed me away, looking troubled.

“Wait!” Kazuki exclaimed, stopping me.

“What?” I asked with a slightly irritated tone. 

“I’m hungry.” He stated and showed me a puppy-like expression.

I dismayingly let out a huge sigh. “Seriously?” I exclaimed and pulled out my thing and moved aside.

 Kazuki immediately sat up and jumped off the bed like he just woke up and left me in the room, running down to the kitchen.

‘What a nice way to punish my dick.’ I thought to myself and even though it was obvious that I haven’t had enough, I followed him into the kitchen.

When I got there, I saw him taking out the loaf of bread, peanut butter spread, and strawberry jam.  I felt myself wincing when I noticed a huge glass was full of orange juice. He also took out various fruits like apples, grapes, lemons, and other sour ones.

“Whoa.” I exclaimed while watching what he would do with all that food. “You’re not gonna eat all of that, are you?” I asked in marvel. 

He looked at me while smiling. “You want some?”

“Ugh, no.” I declined while wincing.

“Okay.” He answered back and started eating the bread with peanut butter and strawberry jam.

“I thought you didn’t like strawberry jam?” I suddenly recalled. “You were so furious when you saw me buy that.”

“Hmm? No. It’s good.” He defended, disregarding his full mouth and continued eating. 

I sighed. “But I’m still hard, Kazuki. I’m throbbing down here.” I whined.

Kazuki looked down at my erect manhood and stared at it for a while. I was still naked, after all. Then he lifted his head and gave me a playful smile. “The bathroom’s over there.” He said as he pointed at where the toilet was.

I literally dropped my jaw in shock. What the fuck?

Did he just ignore me?!

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“Four eyes, he’s binge-eating.” I reported right away to the doctor friend of Kazuki the moment I arrived at his clinic.

He was busy looking at some papers and barely noticed me standing in front of his desk.

“So?” He asked with disinterest and continued reading his papers and twirled his swivel chair. 

“He is literally eating anything he fancies.” I clarified.

“Omegas do that all the time.” The freak said.

I clicked my tongue in annoyance. “He is a picky eater.”

“I know that. We’re old friends, you know?” He mocked, it was as if he was poking fun at me for him knowing Kazuki longer than me.

“Are you actually taking this seriously?!” I growled at him and finally focused his attention on me. Talk about a real lowlife!

The doctor fixed his eyeglasses before speaking. “So, why are you telling me all this? Shouldn’t you be asking Kicchan himself? Maybe his preferences just changed. You’re overreacting.”

“I am not overreacting!” I barked. And the doctor laughed with a hoarse and broken voice. 

“See? You just did.” He said to make my blood boil. And he was successful.

“Fuck. Forget it, I’m leaving.” I said and turned my back on him. 

“Just let him be, Ryuichi-chan.” He suddenly spoke and I felt like I was splashed with boiling hot water at what he just said.

“Don’t call me Ryuichi-chan so casually! We’re not even friends, you freaky four eyes!” I gritted out.

He snickered, he looked like a dog while doing so. “And you have the right to call me ‘freak’ and ‘four eyes’, huh?” He was obviously mocking me, making it even harder for us to have a decent conversation.

I didn’t know whether if it was just this man’s plain lunacy or my blood just naturally boils every time I see him because we were both Alphas. And besides, his physical appearance didn’t even show off that he’s one. He’s so feminine and the way he ran his mouth triggered my patience.

“Look, I’m trying to be familiar with you because you are Kazuki’s friend. As his mate, I also want to know the people that he trusts.” I slowly laid out, and during these moments, my voice was calm.

He went silent for a few seconds before fixing his glasses again. “Do you have any possible reasons why my best friend’s voracious?” He emphasized the word ‘best’. 

I averted my eyes and cleared my throat. “Well… there are a few things that come to mind.”

“And that would be?” He asked, awkwardly staring at me.

Even after Kazuki and I became mates, this freak would still give off a negative vibe around me. I didn’t know if he hates me or actually jealous of me.

“You see, after he binge-eats, he would not let me touch him or even have sex with him. There were also times that he was angry at me for no valid reason at all. I don’t know if he feels insecure or just annoyed.” I told him. I couldn’t believe that I was telling this to him!

“Give it a week.” He uttered then picked up a pen and nibbled on it. I really thought that he was gonna use it to write something.

“What?” I crossed my brows.

“Come back here with Kicchan if you think that there are no changes. I haven’t seen him in a while.” He said.

“Oh, okay.” I agreed, unsatisfied with his suggestion.




When I arrived home, I saw Kazuki lying on the couch while watching a movie. Beside him was a big bowl of popcorn and there was also a large bottle of soda on the mini table.

“Aren’t you eating too much junk?” I reprimanded him.

“It’s food.” He corrected me, not turning his head to face me and continued devouring big mouthfuls of popcorn. He even choked a little, but it didn’t bother him at all!

I gently patted his butt, indirectly telling him to sit up so I could sit beside him. Thankfully, he did so and even gave me a peck on the lips and after that, he ignored me to watch once more.

“Are you okay?” I asked in a worried tone.

“Yeah. I’m perfectly fine.” He reassured and continued munching on his popcorn.

‘You’ve already eaten the food that we usually budget for a week in a matter of hours and you’re telling me that you are perfectly fine?!’ I thought myself in disbelief.

“Kazuki…” I uttered, my right hand slipping between his thighs and started rubbing it. “Can we?” I asked, sounding almost too eager to make love to him.

He’s been ignoring me for the last five days and it’s killing my manhood!

“I didn’t take a bath.” He complained.

“Doesn’t matter. You always smell good, anyway.” I eased him, disregarding his protest and started kissing his neck.

Kazuki didn’t let go of the bowl that’s why I reached for it and placed it on the mini table. Then, I took off his clothes, exposing his entire body. 

After taking mine off, I made him lie down on the couch. He began to look feverish the moment he saw my manhood and even tried to avert his eyes, but he still stole a glance at it.

“Kazuki, raise your left leg a bit, then let it rest against the couch.” I told him and he silently obeyed. “Spread your other leg, so I can see your ass.”

“But I didn’t take a bath!” He slightly irritatedly protested, even if he was excited at the sight of my manhood.

“You’re really stubborn, but don’t you know that you are releasing such a nice scent right now? It’s making me excited.” Teasing him, I bit my lower lip and touched his asshole using my thumb.

“Mmfgh!” He let out a mewl while his body arched.

I repeatedly rubbed my right thumb around his hole, teasing him until he started to become wet. When it was almost dripping, I slowly pushed my thumb in and he quickly jolted.

“Ryuichi… Hngh…” He once more moaned when I twisted my thumb and teased his insides.

“Aah… Ryuichi, we better stop right here.”

“I am not stopping.” I disapproved then pulled out my thumb then thrusted my dick inside.

“Aah! Haah…” Kazuki moaned loudly from my sudden entrance. He should be used to my dick by now because we have already done it many times, but his reactions were always erotic every time I thrust it like this. “Ryuichi… Why are you so big?’ He asked in a daze, totally drowning in the pleasure of being penetrated. 

“It’s just you that’s clenching around me.” He corrected and began moving. 

I started with slow, gentle strokes and Kazuki would try to hold back his voice, but he would still end up moaning when I go deeper, to the spot where he could feel it the most.

“Haah… Ahh… Go slowly. Aahh… Ryuichi!” Kazuki begged in a very erotic voice. He looked pained, but his member was just as hard as mine, and it was dripping with pre-come. “Aah… Ngh… Ahh…”

“Fuck…” I burst out when I felt that I was near. 

I really hated it when I became pent up because Kazuki’s insides were so irresistible that it made me come faster than usual.

“Aah… Ryuichi… It’s really painful. Please, go slowly.” He begged with teary eyes. 

“It’ll be over soon, so—!” I wasn’t able to continue talking because I put more of my attention to thrusting harder and faster for me to come already.

When I sped up my pace, Kazuki began breathing heavily as if he was suffocating. I thought he was also reaching climax, so I kept going until I came. 

As expected, I released a lot.

Exhausted, I looked at Kazuki to see if he was okay. “Kazuki?” Rather than be delighted, my face shifted into terror when he was unresponsive. “Kazuki?!” I exclaimed and tapped his cheek, maybe just passed out from exhaustion, but dread crawled into my body when he was still not responding. 

I hurriedly pulled out my thing to get something to cover him up, but I gasped in horror when I saw traces of blood around my cock. Automatically, I glanced at his ass and was horrified when I saw it bleeding. 

That was when I panicked and hastily changed clothes, sending Kazuki to the clinic post haste.

I told the doctor everything and he burst in anger, cursing at me while telling me to keep myself together at the same time. 

He was no gynecologist, so we had to transfer Kazuki to a hospital. He was then confined afterwards. His blood loss was immediately attended to, but I was restless because of my extreme worry.

Later that night, I was told to wait.



<If you’re not reading this in https://onigirilife.video.blog/ it’s stolen! Read it there ah!>

Now, I was seated beside Kazuki who was still unconscious. Even his four-eyed friend stayed, worried for him and angry at me due to the idiocy I did.

It wasn’t that long before the door to this room opened and revealed the doctor who attended to Kazuki’s needs. I hastily stood up and neared him.

“Doc, how is he?” I asked in concern. 

“He’s pregnant.” The doctor announced. 

“What…?” I unbelievingly looked at him with my mouth hanging open.

“It’s around four to six weeks now. The unusual binge-eating, weird cravings, mood swings… all of it were early signs of pregnancy.” The doctor started. “Due to his age, long-term use of birth control pills, and high doses of suppressants, his body is likely prone to miscarriage. You should avoid stressing him, making him do heavy work and anything that can trigger an unwanted miscarriage. Sex is also prohibited. A developing fetus is fragile. You must protect both of them.” And the doctor advised at the end. 

“I will, thanks.” I briefly answered back as I was still in a moment of disbelief from the things that were shown to my face.

I reluctantly looked at Kazuki and recalled my selfish actions, feeling guilty. He must’ve been feeling horrible that time when he begged me to do it gently, but I ignored him and cared for myself first.

After the doctor gave me the list of medicine that Kazuki should take to help him cope with the changes in his body, the four-eyed and I thanked him once again, he then left afterwards. 

“So, my hunch was right.” The deranged suddenly spoke.

“You knew, but you didn’t tell me?” I irritatedly chastised.

“I didn’t say I knew. I was just guessing.” He even had the gall to defend himself!

“Do you really hate me that much?” I demanded as I changed the topic, clenching both of my fists.


“You clearly disapprove of me, but since Kazuki and I are Fated Pairs, you can’t do anything to change it. So, you direct your anger on me.”

“Are you blaming me for your careless actions?” He growled, though I admit, he spoke the truth. “I don’t hate you. Well… maybe, but nah, just a little. It’s not because I don’t accept the two of you being mates and all, but it’s your attitude that I’m pissed off at.” He finally admitted.


“Kazuki is fragile, Ryuichi!” He roared, my eyes widened in shock. “He’s physically tough and I know he can go through this pregnancy safely, but he’s weak emotionally. What he needs is someone who can make him feel safe, not some fucking guard that will fucking kill anyone who tries to screw around with his Omega! He’s already yours!”

“I fucking know that!” I defended. “I know very well that he needs me as much as I need him! I am fucking trying my best to make him feel how much I love him!” I exclaimed and I didn’t notice tears streaming down due to my mixed anger and resentment at the way this man in front of me criticizing me. “I love him. You can trust me on that.”

The silence was deafening. To break the cold silence, he sighed and his expression immediately changed. It was now back to his crazed-smiling spree expression from his serious one. 

“Oh my!” He exclaimed in a girly tone before continuing speaking. “Let’s not fight, Ryuichi-chan. We might scare Kicchan’s baby off. Well, basically speaking, it’s yours too, but you won’t wanna see it crawling outside and slap you in the face, right?”

I clenched my hands until it was shaking due to my anger at this insane doctor. A day will definitely come where I finally get to strangle this crazy four-eyed lunatic!

We started arguing like kids, so I didn’t notice Kazuki waking up.

“Ryuichi…?” He dazedly called out and looked questioningly at us fighting. “What happened? What am I doing here? Why is Aki here? And why are you two fighting?” He asked endlessly.

“Ah, Kicchan’s awake. Yay!” The doctor celebrated and neared Kazuki, hugging him.

“Kazuki.” I happily smiled and approached him too. “I’m glad you’re okay. You need to—”

“You’re pregnant, Kicchan. Congratulations!” The lunatic intervened.

Kazuki was also in disbelief that he could only look at his stomach in marvel. He stared at it for a few moments, before holding it with his trembling hand and caressed it. And at the same time, his tears burst out and smiled widely in delight.

I happily hugged him and kissed him on the lips. He excitedly welcomed it, and we both laughed after.

Kazuki held my right hand, brought it towards his tummy and let me feel it. There was no movement, but I can feel a very faint pulse from the inside. I instantly chuckled in happiness.

‘This thing growing inside Kazuki right now is my baby… our baby.’

“I’m so happy, Kazuki.” I said, smiling and weeping in tears of joy.


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