WoE Chapter 8

Episode 8

Warnings: NSFW Content


I really thought that I would never have the chance to see Shimada-senpai again. Even though he was the one who initiated the idea of bribing me while we became sex friends, I was stupid enough to call it off and even left him hanging.

As I slowly found out about the story behind his actions, I realized that we were no different. It also dawned on me that I was a bastard for hurting a person that did nothing bad to me. I accepted his offer because I thought I would be able to take my revenge on Omegas. I said mean things to him and that made me think of what he felt back then.



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I slammed the door open when I arrived at the four-eyed freak’s clinic. I was carrying Shimada-senpai who had already fainted, shivering badly.

“Okuda?!” The doctor turned his head and exclaimed in apprehension. He hastily covered his nose and mouth when he took a whiff of Shimada-senpai’s pheromones. “What happened to Kicchan?! I just gave him his medicine the other day!”

“Stop asking. Make this stop!” I panted and lost my balance a bit, fortunately, I was supported by the doctor as he helped me carry Shimada-senpai to a vacant bed.

When Shimada-senpai was put onto the bed, the doctor quickly looked for some medicine that would improve Shimada-senpai’s condition and stop the rut that we both were experiencing right now.

“What happened? Usually, I don’t get affected easily by Omega pheromones, but Kicchan’s smell right now is so strong. What caused it?” The doctor asked in worry and intrigue while rummaging the medicines inside the cabinet.

He also took some injections and vials with different colored liquids in it.

“I’m not sure. His client came today… to tackle some matters and when I began to hear loud noises, I entered Shimada-senpai’s office… but he was already like this when I saw him.” I brokenly explained, breaths labored. 

I wanted to hold him so badly. My body was dying to ravish this man’s body, without even caring if he was conscious or not. My instincts were killing me!

“Fuck! I feel dizzy!” The doctor bellowed. “Ah, found it!” He exclaimed and showed me a vial that had a blue liquid inside it, however, his eyes widened when he saw me above Shimada-senpai and already stripped his upper clothing. “You fucker! Get away from Kicchan!” He growled and attacked me without hesitation.

He pulled me hard, causing the two of us to fall on the ground. I had the advantage to push him down and even tried to strangle him. The doctor fought back, but my body was bigger and stronger.

“I will kill you!” I warned him, tightening my grip on his neck.

He started to choke. “Don’t… do this… you shitface! Kicchan… He needs to be… taken care of!”

“Shut up! I won’t let you lay a hand on my Omega!” I roared.

‘My Omega, huh? Since when did I become possessive?’

The doctor was about to push me away when I felt two large hands grabbing me by the shoulders and was literally tossed aside with full strength. The impact when my back hit the wall made me cough out some saliva.

“Fuck…” I weakly cursed and looked at the person who dared to stop me.

“You okay, Aki-sensei?” Said a guy with a mild voice.

I was facing his back, but I was pretty sure that it was the same guy who listed my name when I first came here.

“I’m fine.” The doctor uttered in a weak voice before coughing.

I pushed myself to stand up and silently lunged at the giant man. We both tumbled onto the floor and rolled, arguing who could triumph over the other. 

“Chi-chan!” I heard the doctor’s voice in worry. “Okuda, stop it! Don’t let your Alpha instincts destroy you! You’ve got to help Kicchan!” Exclaimed the doctor that made me freeze and my focus was redirected to him.

The huge guy had his chance and pushed me away real hard. Once again, my back hit the wall and that was the moment I felt the agony and exhaustion.

When the doctor saw me losing my strength, he told the man to tie my hands as he attended Shimada-senpai.

Later on, he took care of himself and me. He also gave the other guy some pills to calm him down. After a few hours of difficulties in fighting off the instincts to ravish a weakened Omega, everything finally calmed down.




“Still alive?” The doctor jokingly asked while he looked at me.

He was sitting next to Shimada-senpai’s bed and I was placed on a corner that was a bit further away from them.

I saw him rub his left forearm that was now riddled with needle marks, specifically five of them. It was obvious that the heat’s effect on him was no fucking joke. “Whatever happened to Kicchan was an extremely strong heat. I know that he was diligently taking his medicines and this is the reason why I am doubting that he would willingly intake or inhale an illegal drug.” He deduced.

I irritatedly clenched my fists. “His client made him sniff something from a little bottle.” I admitted. 

“But you said that you didn’t—” The doctor didn’t continue his words he wanted to say, and instead balled his fist until it turned white, releasing a loud sigh after a few moments. “If you have no plans on making Kicchan your mate, just fucking leave.”

“What?” I asked in confusion.

“The guy who attacked Kicchan… was it Ichi Fujiwara?” He sidetracked to change the subject, it succeeded because the question made my eyes widened in astonishment.

“Yes.” I answered and just hearing the bastard’s name was making my blood boil.

“That was Kicchan’s first Alpha and probably the only mate he had since he got his heat.” He divulged and his shoulders slacked as his face made a sorrowful expression.

My vision almost blacked out when I heard that bit of information. So that was the guy that caused Shimada-senpai so much suffering?

“I know about you and Kicchan. He bribed you to have sex with him while you keep his secret.” The doctor started. “I don’t know the reasons as to why you are acting like a bastard, but as Kicchan’s friend, I am telling you to fuck off. He suffered enough. He’s more than broken. I know how pathetic he is now, but even so, he deserves to be happy. That’s all I want for Kicchan. I have been telling him to get serious with you and ask you to become his mate, for his own sake, but seeing you like this now? I’d rather keep him away from you than see him suffer even more.” And just like before, he gave me a deadly vibe.

“Do you have feelings for Shimada-senpai?” I suddenly asked.

He didn’t answer right away. He momentarily averted his eyes before fixing the glasses he was wearing. “And if I say ‘yes’, what will you do?” He said and tested my patience.

“I’ll fucking kill you.” I said in a low, stern and determined voice.

Then the freak showed a crooked smirk. “Then it’s settled.” He stood up and approached me, handing me a box of disposable injections and small bottles that had blue liquid contents.

“What’s this? You’re gonna tell me to commit suicide?” I laughingly said in a dry manner. He scoffed at me.

“If you really want Kicchan to be yours, then collect yourself, asshole. You can brag to me all you want when you’re in the right mind, Ryuichi Okuda…chan.” Then he snickered. The crazy bastard.

“I really hate the way you put ‘chan’ on every person’s name, but wait and see. I’ll become Shimada-senpai’s one and only Alpha.”

[End of Flashback]

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Since that night when I saw him moaning in pleasure while playing with himself, I already knew that Shimada-senpai was my Fated Pair. All that curiosity, hatred, cold treatment towards him… were just lies to mislead myself.

After my parents went their separate ways, I began to smell a scent. It was faint and fragile. But it was also sweet. I had no idea where it was coming from, but I endlessly searched for it without me being conscious of what I was doing. I thought I hated Omegas, but I was searching for an Omega’s scent all along.

The scent came from Shimada-senpai. It was addictive and irresistible. I was scared to accept that he was my Fated pair and that’s why I hated him. So, knowing that he, too, was longing for me made me realize that I was the only one who could free him from his suffering and myself too from hating my mother.

During these two weeks where I didn’t have Shimada-senpai beside me was the time I gave myself some time to think, and there I understood the lessons and hidden meaning of my mother’s letter.

“Okuda, I know this is so sudden, but I haven’t told you the reason yet as to why I am here.” Shimada-senpai started.

“I already know.” I smiled as I answered back. 

His eyes widened in confusion. “Huh?”

“You are my Fated Pair.”

A moment later, his face flushed and tears welled up on his eyes. “S-Since when?”

“Since the day I became your subordinate?” I answered with a questioning voice and the tears from his eyes finally streamed down.

“Then… Then why didn’t you tell me?” He asked me as he cried, wiping off his tears.

“Because I didn’t believe in Fated Pairs or Soul Bonds. My mother left me to be with her Fated Pair when I was still young. I knew nothing and grew up hating Omegas. So… when I saw you, I got scared and skeptical.” I explained to him.

“Oh, I see…” He whispered, discouraged.

I neared closer to him and caressed his left cheek and wiped off his falling tears . “But I’ve already decided.” I said and looked straight into his eyes. “I will no longer be your subordinate and sex friend. From now on, I’ll just be Ryuichi… your only Alpha and you’re going to be my only Omega.” (Rika: SHRIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-*is dragged away*)(hammy: *tosses the orange into an unmarked vehicle* and now back to your regularly scheduled love)(Rika: >.>)

After those words, I eagerly hugged Shimada-senpai inside my arms and kissed him deeply.  He didn’t push me away but welcomed me, putting his clasped hands on the back of my neck. 

We shared a torrid, passionate kiss—our first kiss. I slowly brought out my tongue and licked his lower lip, inviting him to play a little and he took the invitation as we tasted each other’s salivas mixed with sweetness and pleasure.

After catching our breaths, I pushed Shimada-senpai against the wall. I continued kissing him, from his lips down to his neck while occasionally licking and sucking on them. He let out soft, sweet moans as he tried not to arch his body too much because of the pleasure he was feeling.

Then, I intentionally made him feel the hardening of my member and Shimada-senpai’s body became hotter.

“Okuda… Let’s do it on the bed.” He panted and moaned while trying to hold back his obvious eagerness to feel more.

“As you wish.” I obeyed him while smirking and carried him towards my room.




The moment we went inside, I quickly pushed him down onto the bed and started licking him all over while taking his clothes off.

“Aah… Okuda, take it slowly.” He pleaded, but his body’s reactions were contrary to his words as I touched him.

He was already stiff as a rock and his body trembled, as if it was hungry for me. I didn’t waste any time and removed his underwear. He let me take it off until I was able to see his manhood and ass dripping with so much love juice.

I stared at it with fervor, feeling extremely feverish. “Look who’s impatient.” I said then suddenly putting my hands on his sensitive thighs and pulled them apart.

“Wha—What the fuck are you doing?!” Shimada-senpai flustered and instantly covered his chrysanthemum using both of his hands.

“Hey, get your hands out there.” I told him.

“But… But it’s embarrassing.” He reasoned out and averted his eyes.

“Really?” I asked, amused. “But we’ve already tried various positions. How come you’re embarrassed now?” With my voice full of teasing, I smirked.

“Today’s different!”  He persisted and covered his face in embarrassment, leaving his asshole defenseless.

I took that clumsy mistake of his as an opportunity and licked his hole. 

“Aaah!” Shimada-senpai screamed a shocked moan and at the same time, he pulled my hair in pleasure. 

When we did it before, I didn’t bother to prepare him nor make love to him properly. I took advantage of his body which was fast to react from the simplest of touches and carelessly inserted my member into him without thinking if he was hurt or not. But this time, I wanted to properly make his body feel only pleasure bit by bit.

I continued licking his wet hole and Shimada-senpai replied with his sweet moans. He even got wetter and more sensitive when I moved my tongue inside and out. While drowning myself in pleasuring this part, I suddenly smelled a sweet scent, making me dizzy. I halted my actions and caught myself staring at Shimada-senpai, which he was doing too.

“Shimada-senpai… you’re in heat.” I uttered as I grit my teeth because I felt myself going into rut. “I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to hold back.” Warning him, I removed the last bit of my clothing and finally revealed my hard member. I then pointed it at his entrance.

“W-Wait! It’s not wet enou-AHH!” He could only groan when I slammed my rod inside.

It was slightly painful, but as soon as my cock rubbed the insides of his ass, Shimada-senpai’s scent became stronger. As though his body knew I was inside, he got even wetter and began clenching around me, giving me maximum ecstasy.

“Shimada-senpai…” I called out his name while thrusting my way in and out.

With every thrust, he would tighten around me.

“Aah… Mmfgh… Ahh… Ngh!” He moaned while holding onto me.

As I went deeper, I could feel him opening up more, completely adjusting to the shape of my dick. He was still in pain, but he chose to accept me in a reason that I couldn’t explain. I think I’m near, it usually took some time for me to come, but the sweetness that wrapped the whole room made it impossible for me to think straight.

“Shimada-senpai…”  I called out again and thrust even harder.

“Aah! Okuda… Aah… Why are you getting bigger and bigger? You’re filling me up too much. Aah!” He groaned and after a few moments, I felt something weird from inside.

I was hitting something hard. It would likely open when I went deeper and it was pulsating. 

“Shimada-senpai, I feel like coming…” I announced to him and put my attention to hit that part. 

“Call me Kazuki.” He softly whispered.


“It’s Kazuki, you idiot.” He repeated then looked at me with his smiling face. It was still flushed though. 

Mesmerized by his adorable smile, I flipped him over and made him go on all fours. 

“Okuda?!” He screamed in panic and moaned when I moved again. “Wait! Wait! It’s too deep! It hurts!” He cried and moaned, trying to change his position, but I stopped him. “Aah!”

“Kazuki…” I whispered his name then licked his nape, sucked on it while pounding into his ass harder. “Kazuki.” I repeated and felt myself being jealous when I remembered that there was already someone who had touched and felt this sweetness.

I wasn’t his first, that bastard Fujiwara got the first sight and taste of this dazed and pleasured expression. Even the pleasure I’m giving him right now could not be enough, but still… I want him.

I want Kazuki. I want his everything.

Once again, I licked his nape and he jolted when he realized what I was about to do. For a second, I waited to see if he was going to cover it up again with his hands, but I was overwhelmed when he didn’t.

I made a final lick, then bit his nape with so much force. Kazuki shuddered and just seconds later, we both came together. I released all of my essence inside him, but we were both shocked when he accidentally knotted up.

“Fuck! Okuda, take it out!” He screamed in pain, trying to pull himself away, but the knot was too tight that it only brought him agony. “Aargh! Fuck!”

“Shit! Fuck! I can’t stop coming!” I added.

“Aah… Fuck. What just happened?” Kazuki breathlessly cursed. 

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what to do or how to pull this out. I might hurt you if you struggle too much.”

“J-Just leave it like that. Calming ourselves will be better for us so we can finish this.” He suggested, and I felt him relax slightly.

After I stopped coming, the knot gradually loosened up until I was able to pull out my cock. Kazuki lied down and panted, the liquid flowing down his thighs. It was so thick. (Rika: C:)

‘That amount should be enough.’ I thought to myself and felt suddenly smiling. 

“Why are you smiling?” He asked me dubiously, catching me in the act.

“I’m happy. We’re finally bonded. You are officially mine.” I said with a smile and his face flushed.

“Stop smiling! It’s creepy!” He scolded and literally kicked me in irritation, but instead of getting angry, I lied down beside him and hugged him tightly.

“Kazuki…” I called out his name in a loving tone before feeling the bite marks on his nape. “My scent is already engraved into your body and soul. You are really mine now. I love you, Kazuki.” 

He was still sulking, but I saw that his face got beet red and his neck had heat up due to extreme happiness. To me, it was his cute way of telling me that he loved me too.

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“Oh yeah. Okuda, are you from a well-off family?” Kazuki suddenly asked in curiosity.

We found ourselves resting after another five rounds. (Rika: wow… wth…)(hammy: exercise C:)(Rika: PFFT!)


“Considering the job you have, you can’t possibly own a house like this or have luxurious cars or whatsoever. So, what’s the truth?”

I smiled at his persistence at the topic at hand. “I’ll tell you everything if you call me by my name the next time we do it.”

“Huh?! What’s with that?!” He screeched and yet, he felt extreme bliss at the idea.

“So…?” I smirked and he showed me a defeated expression.

“I really hate that attitude of yours.” Acting like he was irritated, he harrumphed.

I gave his forehead a light kiss before he moving him near to hug him. “This feels like an illusion. I’ve never thought that I would be able to hold you like this and give you kisses.”

“You see… I have prepared myself from being rejected by you and if you did, I promised myself that I’d rather choose to live alone my whole life than become someone else’s mate. But…” His voice started to crack, burying his face against my chest. “In the end… I can’t imagine my life without you. This is not influenced by us being Fated Pairs. It’s just that… my heart also yearned for your love. I have been subconsciously searching for you.”

“I know. We were meant to meet each other. We both have our histories and we were badly scarred from it. But now that I finally understand the real meaning of love and sacrifice, I will never let you go through the same pains ever again.”

Kazuki cried after that. He kept on crying and crying and I listened silently while holding him in my arms. I, too, started to shed some tears because after we bonded, I was able to have a special connection to his emotions. It was both overwhelming and painful, but this was the reason that I lived this far.

To make this Omega happy.

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There are still two extras to look out for! \o/ 

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