WoE 2 LD Ch. 7

Episode 7

Warnings: Gore, Rape, NSFW Content (I’ll put a warning before the rape content. I really hate that part. ;-;) And also same with before, there are notes in between to explain tidbits. UNEDITED.


The next day, Kyouya have me brought to that “Bear” leader who was said to be the leader of the South Turf. I was still in the dark about how they ran their business and at this time, there were different people who were with me to send me there.

He wasn’t there anymore when I woke up. His right-hand man, Kazunari Shimada, was the one who welcomed me and gave me the task I was assigned to do. An unknown address, one backpack, and a few clothes for me to wear were the things handed to me. He strictly reminded me not to talk with the people who would send me to the said address. He also told me that if I arrived there and I was confronted by Bear’s people, I would immediately say my purpose.

I was nervous and afraid, but I think this was a punishment Kyouya had given me.




We arrived in front of a building that was covered in graffiti. The noise inside must have been deafening as screams of numerous people could still be heard here outside. There was no hesitation from any of the men who were with me and made their move, so when I went out of the car, I tensely looked for the entrance.

A few people were outside, sitting dazedly like their consciousness was somewhere else. All of them looked like addicts. Well, I am an addict-looking person myself (Rika: since Hiroto has piercings and tattoos, well, his appearance), but they looked more haggard and hollowed-eyed. Their eyes followed me as I walked and passed by them. Even though I wasn’t looking back at them, I could feel the tension in the atmosphere.

Not a few steps away, there stood a door. It was made of metal that was already rusted. I padded closer and checked whether it was unlocked. Turning the doorknob, a strained smile made onto my lips when it wasn’t locked. I then laboriously pushed the door open since it was covered in rust, making it heavy and a herculean task to push. It made a very irritating sound that hurt the ears.

What met me was numerous people screaming and total chaos, some were fighting even. Due to the countless occupants of the room, I couldn’t even see what they were doing, or more like having fun with.

“Sige! Tapusin mo na siya!” dinig kong sigaw ng isang lalakeng may malakas na boses pero hindi ko alam kung kanino ang boses na iyon.

“Go! End him!” A man roared with his booming voice amidst the cacophony of noises, I didn’t even know who screamed within this nausea-inducing number of people inside.

(Rika: Sige(1)! Tapusin mo na siya(2)!

(1) Sige is generally a word for confirmation. Allowing someone to do something. But in this case, it’s encouragement.
(2) Siya – is a general pronoun. No indication whatsoever whether it’s a guy or gal.)

“Smash the face! Slam the head to the wall!” This time, a woman’s shrill voice rang and prodded.


“Gang bang! Gang bang!” 

(Rika: this is kinda off-putting… ^^;)

“Cut his throat!”

“Slit his throat!”

(Rika: and now we have a pronoun XD)

‘What is going on?’ I asked myself in total disconcertment.

I was in total dismay who to approach or ask, having me with no choice but to force and hustle myself into the chaos. I was almost flattened into a pancake amidst the pushing and pulling of those people. This place was somewhere you cannot throw a pin!

(Rika: Di mahulugang-karayom -> lit. = “somewhere you cannot throw a pin!” It means that [a place is] too overcrowded.) 

“Bear—holding a pipe with a sharp end and body riddled with injuries—was with a demonic smirk while violently pulling the hair of his opponent who was on the brink of death. And basing from their current features, there was a fight and chaos going on; but was it really necessary to hurt each other? 

“You ready to die, scumbag?” Bear gloated as he looked at the pitiful man, his expression obvious with smugness for he was the one who remained standing.

The other man’s face had already swollen so much from the beating he received and the state he was in, it was highly unlikely for him to retaliate back anymore. Of course, Bear also received some damage, but it wasn’t anything that needed the man’s dire concern.

“Spare me, Bear.” The bloodied man begged before wailing loudly. 

“Haha! Tell that to them!” Bear gleefully laughed as he slammed the sharp end of the pipe onto the man’s head.

I almost lost consciousness when I witnessed how the blood gushed out resulting from the sudden attack. And the people screamed—glee and excitement that the aftermath they were expecting happened. The man convulsed on the ground and I could only helplessly watch as life was slowly drained out from he who was just alive a few moments ago. 

Bear then complacently raised his two arms as a celebratory gesticulation from his one-sided victory. His audience roared excitedly and Bear unhesitatingly followed.

On a side note, I couldn’t help myself but cry. What befell to Bear’s opponent was extremely pitiful. I didn’t know him, but whatever reason why the situation escalated to that, it was still wrong for Bear to take the other man’s life.

‘How can Kyouya put up with these kinds of people?’ I asked myself, stopping myself from shuddering, whimpering silently as tears streamed down my face. My eyes were glaring at Bear’s menacing figure who was unrepentant and looking at the lifeless body with not even a hint of remorse.

And not a moment later, I remembered the matter I was supposed to be undertaking. I wiped my tears off and observed the whole place. It was too populated, so I couldn’t help myself but be extremely cautious of my surroundings, especially when there would be people curious, and consequently ask me some questions. If there was even a single wrong answer I utter, Kyouya would be definitely be implicated.

“Hey, kid; what the hell are you looking at?” A man with a wrestler-like figure abruptly asked.

Swallowing in apprehension, I slowly answered. “Um, I’m new here. I still don’t know what I’m supposed to do so I’m observing how they… fight.” A slight quiver made its way onto the middle of my statement.

The huge man’s brows met in contemplation and a doubting expression painted his face. “You seem familiar to me.” He said and tried to discern what it was.

I hurriedly shook my head. “It’s true! It’s really my first time arriving here!” I bluffed. Though, it was true that it was my first time coming here.

“What’s your codename?” He asked, his stare not leaving my body.

‘Codename…?’ Abruptly freezing, I recalled Shimada-san’s instructions just this morning.

“From now on, you’re Black Phoenix. I came up with that name since I based that from the design of the tattoo on your back. It looks like a Phoenix Bird in flames.”

“B-Black Phoenix.” Stuttering a bit, I answered to let my interlocutor know.

“It’s also my first time hearing the name Black Phoenix. Are you Phantom’s people?” He asked in interest as his gaze gradually lowered to my lower body.

I immediately admonished him, feeling indignant at his rude gesture. “Certainly, it isn’t necessary for you to check that part?” I spoke in a scornful manner. 

He hurriedly returned his gaze on my face, his face flushing from shame for I caught him staring. “Forgive me. Your presence is a bit… peculiar. Are you an Omega?”

My forehead wrinkled. “Eh—?” I feel myself freezing the moment I recalled yesterday night’s events with Kyouya, and about his bite mark on my nape. “Yes, why?”

“I knew it.” He spoke with an expression that might have looked like desire, though I wasn’t really sure since it changed rather quickly. “I can smell something in you.” He added and then looked at me with a face painted with a debauched expression. 

Hurriedly taking a few steps backward, I exclaimed a: “Don’t stare at me!” with a strong urgency in my words.

He was slightly bemused at my actions before shrugging. “If you’re looking for Bear, he’s usually at the very back of this building.”

“T-Thanks,” I said and hurriedly left.




I followed the man’s directions and headed towards the said destination. As I continued walking and got closer, the people slowly lessened and a spine-tingling silence permeated the area. 

When I was near the very back, I sighted Bear; I gasped in shock and hurriedly covered my mouth. His face was in a frown as he wrapped the wound he received earlier on his arm. He didn’t even concern himself to clean it. His face was covered in sweat and was obviously in pain, but he didn’t let himself be affected by it.

“Damn it. We already had a life and duel, I wasn’t even satisfied.” He said to himself in disdain and his look shifted to his right. and I watched him reaching for a bottle of beer then vigorously shook it.

‘Does he has no subordinates?’ Were the words passed my mind as I covertly watched him.

“Fuck.” He weakly cursed before promptly pouring all the contents of the bottle to the wound he had on his leg. “Aargh! Fuck! Fuck!” He cursed loudly. 

“Do I show myself up now?” I whispered to myself and inaudibly swallowed. 

Not a moment longer, Bear sniffed; and without warnings, he jerked his neck and turned his head towards me. My breath hitched when our eyes met. He was surprised at first, but afterward, his smile curled up into a salacious tilt.

“Oh, you’re Serpent’s bitch.” He uttered and released his hold on the bottle from the very reason that it would shatter into pieces, making me jump in surprise.

“Serpent-sama has something he wants to give you.” A quivering voice left my lips as I spoke and my heartbeat hastened from fright.

He faced me with the smirk still onto his lips, making sickening and resounding slow steps toward me. “So he had finished what I requested?” He commented in bewilderment. I froze when the realization hit me that he had me trapped in a corner.

With my body in agitation, I reached for the backpack I brought and handed it to him. “Here.”

Bear looked at the bag with a glower and returned his gaze at me. “Hey… Are you really an Omega?” He, out of the blue, asked; the interest and intrigue painted on his face was glaringly obvious.

Swallowing the fear welling up inside me, I felt myself being covered in cold sweat. “I-Is that necessa—”

“I am asking you, so you must answer.” He cut off and gave me a terrifying glare.

“Yes,” I answered and quickly averted my eyes, unconsciously hugging the bag I was holding.

His attention then shifted toward my neck. I jumped in fright when he smelled me without any warnings.

“I can smell Serpent’s scent on you, but it’s rather faint. Did you two quarrel last night?” He asked in interest.

“Would you please just get the thing being handed to you? I really need to get back.” I lied, even with my heart slamming back and forth inside my chest from the thought of the possibility that Bear would find out that everything was just a pretense.

Bear smirked before gripping my collar and said: “I will let you go after I have a taste of you.”

I eventually felt myself weakening in resignation and it was too late for me to escape since he viciously pushed me onto the ground before I could run. I was slammed and how I fell was harsh, making me whimper in agony, my arms still hugging the bag. Bear approached me and towered over me.

“Don’t you—ugh!” Almost losing consciousness when Bear slammed my head on the ground, I felt a sudden cold infiltrating my body when the larger man slowly removed my shirt, taking advantage of my momentary daze and weakness.

“Your body is emanating a really enticing smell right now. Did Serpent possibly used some drugs for your pheromones to ooze stronger scent?” Bear elatedly thought to himself while he busied himself removing my clothes. After removing all my clothes, he just carelessly threw them anywhere.

I couldn’t find any strength to answer back. I just found myself crying as I realized what would happen to me thereon. 

Kyouya should’ve thought of this likely happening to me, right? He knew, but he still let me be brought here.


“Eek!” A restrained scream escaped my lips when he licked my neck, on the place where Kyouya bit yesterday.

“Whoa! You are very sensitive.” mangha niyang turan bago ito napakagat sa ibaba niyang labi. “They say that bonded Omegas can’t have sex anymore besides their mate. Gusto kong malaman kung gaano iyon katotoo.”

“Whoa! You’re surprisingly very sensitive.” He commented in fascination before biting his bottom lip. “They say that Bonded Omegas can’t have sex with anyone other than their mate. I want to know whether it’s true.”

(Rika: “Gusto ko malaman kung gaano iyon katotoo.” = literal tl >>> “I want to know how true that is.”)

After hearing those words, my whole body shook in anxiety and terror.

I’m not an Omega!

Bear continued harassing me. I couldn’t comprehend why, but I was so disgusted as his tongue touched my skin. He was never gentle on his actions, like Kyouya, but my body’s reactions were totally not the same.

‘I don’t like this. I don’t want to be touched by anyone besides Kyouya!’ I tearfully exclaimed inside my mind while I forced myself to cover my face with both of my hands.

“I think I shouldn’t bother preparing you since you are already wet down there.” Bear remarked and I found myself taking a peek on the part he was mentioning. I let out a hitched gasp.

“Don’t do this to me. I’m Serpent-sama’s property!” I anxiously said to protect myself, but my exclaims were all but ignored and he forcibly pulled my legs apart. “Hii!”

“Fuck. You’re soaking wet; did you think of Serpent while I licked you?” He uttered in awe and I furiously shook my head.

He took no notice of my fear slowly being painted on my face and mindlessly pulled out his ramrod member, subsequently aiming it onto my opening.

“Wait, no—Aah!” One loud howl involuntarily left my lips when Bear sheathed his member inside. 

“What’s this? Haha!” The demon gleefully laughed as he thrust himself more inside me. “You are sucking me in perfectly! Weren’t your body supposed to reject my entrance?!”

“Ngaah! Aah!” ungol ko na lang sa magkahalong sakit at kaunting sarap na nararamdaman ng katawan ko.

“Ngaah! Aah!” I moaned, mixed with agony and a bit of pleasure that my body was feeling.

‘Why…? Why am I feeling good?!’

“Haha! My assumption is correct! You aren’t a real Omega!” Bear howled and he started to move roughly.

“Aah! Mmmfgh! Stop this!” I pleaded as I cried.

“Fuck! Haha! Before you and Serpent left, I noticed that you had no mark on your neck, so I assumed. I really had no intention to rush the production of the drugs to him, but I got interested in you.” He revealed and he violently pistoned his member.

“Ngh! Aah… No more! Aah!” I begged, but all my cries were ignored and disregarded.

I wanted to scream Kyouya’s name in order to ask for help, but he wasn’t here. He was the one who ordered people for me to be brought here, so why bother?!

“I will come inside you, Serpent’s slave. I’ll impregnate you! Hahahahaha!” Bear declared in a deranged manner and I felt myself gradually becoming numb.


If this was what would happen to me, surely, it wouldn’t be bad to call out his name?

Tightly closing my eyes, I gathered the remaining strength I had before screaming out his name as I wailed. “KYOUYAAA!”

I dazedly cracked my eyes open when the abuse I was experiencing abruptly stopped (don’t presume that I wasn’t grateful, on the contrary, I wanted to sigh in relief, but everything was just happening so fast that I couldn’t react appropriately). I gasped in horror when I witnessed the gushing of blood from Bear’s impaled neck. A sharp metal speared Bear’s neck and my eyes widened when I could make out Kyouya’s figure behind Bear’s frozen build. Then, I felt stricken in horror when I realized that he was the one who did it.

“Kyouya…” I was only able to call for his name before I totally lost consciousness.

Rika: (*^‿^*) 
          ( ˙▿˙ )
      ヽ( `д´*)ノ

Me as I translate this chapter. :>

I will post chapter 8 in a few days. I think. No update from author yet. So we gonna wait for a long time. I found a new novel to TL so I hope you guys will like it! I’ll show you guys the novel next chapter. I haven’t prepared it yet. LMFAO

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