WoE 2 LD Ch.5

Episode 5

Warnings: NSFW Content (a little bit *pinches thumb and index finger* just like this, TL Notes in between cuz it’s still unedited.


I silently followed K-sama into his luxurious car. He didn’t tell me where we were going or what kind of place I would see. He had a serious expression plastered on his face, but there were some instances that he would suddenly smile at me. It was spine-chilling, but I just let him

“Do you want to eat something?” He suddenly asked, not turning his face so I looked at him in surprise. 

“H-Huh? Umm…” I embarrassingly averted my eyes. “Yes.” I was really hungry. Why would I reject such an offer?

“Alright. Let’s eat before we go to our destination.” He responded and changed directions.

‘Just where in the world does he plans he take me? And another thing, is he not scared of being found out? What if he’s a wanted person and his face got posted everywhere?’ I thought to myself before shaking my head and forcibly calmed myself down.

This won’t do; I’m too restless. I need to fix myself because if not, this guy might end my life a little bit too early to my taste.




We went to a luxurious Japanese restaurant. The moment K-sama and I entered, he was greeted by the employees like he was a regular customer.

The restaurant’s atmosphere was welcoming. It was like you just entered a house that had a traditional interior and how they served food was very simple. It was a bit embarrassing that K-sama let me come with since I looked haughty and like a delinquent, while the other blended in quite well.

“What’s the matter? Is this your first time entering a restaurant like this?” K-sama asked me with slight mirth in his voice when he noticed me looking around the place like I was surveying every nick and cranny of every corner.

“You’re wrong, ah!” I hurriedly argued as my face flushed in embarrassment. He was insulting me as if I was an ignorant person!

“Okay. What do you want to eat? What they serve are all homemade, but with class.” K-sama said while smiling.

“Whatever. What you will eat, I will eat too.” Were the words I just responded back since I wasn’t used to ordering food in these kinds of places.

How do I say this? I have only eaten in a restaurant like this twice in my life. Those were the times that Hino-niisan had a higher salary and saved up some money. He had a habit of treating the whole family to a delicious feast if he ever had money, so if ever there was a time that I earned a huge amount of money, I want to have a trip with my family in these kinds of places. I’m sure that Ma and Pa would be happy.

“You’re too tense. Just relax.” He tried to coax me when he noticed me being in a tizzy and bewildered.

Apart from not being used to it, having him with me like this with only the two of us was kinda uncomfortable. It didn’t help me either way that my mind was thinking that this was a date, but with only lies and madness. People like K-sama wouldn’t even think of this, me, being his date partner, a person who only listens to his beck and call.

“Serpent-sama, what do you want to eat?” An old man asked K-sama.

‘Serpent-sama? Does this mister knows K-sama’s job?’ Were the thoughts inside my mind while I looked at them in marvel.

Until now I was still confused why I call him K-sama and everyone else calls him Serpent-sama. But those Omegas he was playing with called him K-sama too.

“The usual.” He politely responded with a smile which greatly shocked me to the core.

I wasn’t expecting that he would be this polite to others. What I had in mind was that he treated people the same, haughty and had a superiority mindset since he was also a boss of illegal business.

“Understood. How about your companion?” said the old man and succinctly glanced at me before turning his gaze back to the other.

“Kung ano ang ise-serve mo sa akin, iyon din sa kaniya. Maraming salamat.” sagot ni K-sama at napangiting-tango naman ang matanda.

“He’ll be having what I ordered. Many thanks.” K-sama answered and the old man smiled as he nodded in understanding.

(Rika: It is kinda cool that this is also the literal tl of thank you very much in Tagalog lol. “Marami” lit tl = many and “Salamat” = thanks. Gods I just realized this fact. I am soooo dumb. Base this note on the bold text, I may leave something like this here and in the ff chaps of the original texts too if there are some notes to see)

“Many thanks too. Please wait for a moment.” The old man uttered and he then left, walking towards the place I think was their kitchen.

‘Such politeness! So much integrity! Am I dreaming?!’ I screamed inside my mind while blushing in kilig(1). 

Wait a minute, why am I feeling this way?! Who sexually took advantage of who again?! This man just did that, right?!

“Do you drink sake [Japanese Liquor]?” K-sama asked me.

“S-Sake?” I asked in alarm. “Um… I have a weak alcohol tolerance.”

“Oh?” He raised a brow in intrigue. “Never mind. If you become drunk after we eat here, you might not understand the things you must know about me.” He spoke to change the topic and suddenly, his mood changed.

“Just what is your business really…” And I couldn’t finish what I wanted to say because I wanted to call him ‘K-sama’, but at the same time, I also wanted to know his real name. It’s totally unfair of him that he kept on calling my full name, but then, K-sama was the only name that I was allowed to call him.

‘Just wait a minute! Why the hell did his name become so important to me now?!’

“Kyouya Sagano.” He finally answered like he was reading what was on my mind. “That’s my real name and only you know about it… well, aside from Kazunari.” He added and I was astounded.

“Why did you tell me?” I tearfully questioned. “W-What if I expose you if I escaped from your hands?”

‘And why the hell am I crying?!’

“Go ahead. Threats don’t fear me, Moriya Hiroto. I am a threat myself.” He fearlessly stated.

I audibly swallowed. “If that is so, will you tell me what kind of business you’re running?”

“I produce and deal with drugs.” He quickly answered. “Kazunari gathers clients from high-ranking bastard Alphas like us and he was also the one taking care of the people who betray us. He can make decisions without my consent if it means our identities will remain hidden.”

“Are all your people also Alphas?” I queried.

“The guards are. But our sellers are the only Betas.” He answered. “They have higher tolerance against Omega Heats. If they ever caught or witnessed an Omega suddenly going in heat due to our drugs, they’ll be safer and won’t be caught easily. Also, Betas don’t go into heats, so they are perfect underdogs.”

I slightly swallowed before asking again. “Then, what will you guys do to the Betas if there was an instance wherein they didn’t succeed or accomplish the orders they were given?” 

“You saw those guards who always followed me, right? If they failed a small task, they will be given to Alphas who are in a rut to be ravaged by them. They will be forced to inhale the artificial Omega pheromones so that they could be a momentary substitute for Omegas.” K-sama disclosed. “Those who fail big time are personally killed by me.”

Hearing his words, I almost passed out in terror. Was he serious? Isn’t killing against the law? How about his morality? He had already violated the law by selling drugs that didn’t bypass the safety precautions. 

“Are those things you sell harmful to the body? What if there’s a damaging side effect? Surely, the effect won’t be immediate, but through time, it would cause some bad aftermaths to those victims’ health.” I worriedly commented and the person I was talking to laughed softly. 

“That’s how we live; that’s how I live. Now… I’m giving you a second chance, Hiroto Moriya.” He said before crossing his arms. “You have two choices: accept the job and start to live as a whole new person, or leave right here, right now; but it won’t be easy.” K-sama gave me a hair-raising look as he spoke. It was as if he could read the thoughts running inside my mind. “You have to make sure that we wouldn’t ever find you. That way, you will be able to go back to your old life without worrying about your life. But if we ever find you… it’s the end. I know everything about you, Hiroto Moriya.” 

My brows slowly met in confusion. “What are you implying?”

“You are a family of ten. Your parents are both old and supporting eight children had become a burden to them. The eldest, Hino Moriya, who used to work under Kazuki Shimada which is Kazunari’s older brother, is now married to a fellow Beta woman named Chiaki Amamiya and they now how a child of their own, so you were forced to stop studying and tried every job to support your family and ended up being a tattoo artist.  The twins, the youngest in your family, have fickle bodies so you provide the money to buy them medicines no matter how small you earn. You once rented a cheap boarding house, but it was burned down, forcing you to stay at your friend’s place for the meantime. Your friend’s name… what was it? Nanami Naoya… right?”

Horror enveloped my body after K-sama exposed all sensitive details about my life. I was expecting that he might have found a bit, but I didn’t foresee that he would be able to dig those kinds of information! Did I choose the wrong people to trust?

“This is blackmail! Either what I choose, I have no escape!” I angrily snapped to him.

“Exactly.” A demon-like smirk made its way onto K-sama’s lips. That was the first time I saw him having an expression like that.

It was terrifying. 

I just wanted everything to revert back to what it was… where my life was simple that even though I and my family were stricken with poverty, we were happy and content to every favor we were given.

I wished that I have never met Kyouya Sagano.

“You’re so unfair,” I told him as I cried, hurriedly wiping the tears off my face.

“I know. You can’t survive in the underground business if you don’t think and act dirty. Etch that on your damn, fucking mind.” He said.

I furtively clenched my fists. It was too late. That day when I received that suspicious-looking card was the time I chose this kind of life.

The life of a person that would have no known identity.

Later on, we were served so many dishes on our table. K-sama’s demeanor once more changed as the old man and the other staff attended to us.

“Let’s eat.” K-sama smilingly invited. It was like he wasn’t even perturbed about our conversation earlier.

I weakly nodded. It would totally be disrespectful and rude if I go crazy here, even more so that the owner had worked hard for every dish they served. I’ll let this go for now.

All the dishes served were delicious, but it was a bit awkward eating because of the hard stare K-sama was giving me, so by the end, I only ate a little. After that, K-sama put down a few bills, the amount he gave was more than enough and there was still a considerable amount of change, but he didn’t anymore ask for it. The owner was elated so in exchange for the huge tip, he gave us a bottle of their valuable sake. K-sama gladly received the gift and we left.

While we were on our way towards the place, we didn’t talk with each other.




“We’re here.”  K-sama quietly told me and I jumped on my seat. He went out of the car without me and I hastily followed suit. 

We went inside a hotel. My eyes widened when I saw the logo that was situated on top of the main entrance; “Shimada Luxuries.” I looked at K-sama in alarm who was still the epitome calm like he was used in going here. At this moment, we passed through the entrance.

K-sama approached a front office clerk woman before saying: “I am Serpent.” He curtly said and the woman nodded, typing something on her laptop before gazing back at K-sama. She then gave him a pass to go to the place where he intended to go.

‘Just how many are their connections? Just thinking about it makes me crazy!’

“Walk beside me. You might get lost if you keep on looking around.” He suddenly told me. It was like I was a child walking around beside him, my cheeks reddened.

“Who owns this?” I asked him in a whisper.

“Kazunari owns this place. His older brother was supposed to be the heir to inherit their family business, but he was born an Omega, so he was driven out by his family after knowing he already had a mate by the age of sixteen. But that was a long time ago.” K-sama answered looking straight ahead, not turning his head to look at me.

“He had a mate so young?!” I exclaimed quietly. “Was he raped or forced by his physiological circumstances?” Asked by me, who had the gall to probe about this sensitive topic.

“The hell would I know.” He rebuked sharply. “Their family only consists of Alphas, so his brother was probably seen as a heresy.”

‘How harsh his family is! How could they disown their own child? Even if that’s what happened, it is not right for them to loathe the child just because he wasn’t born as Alpha.’

“Did you also come from a family full of Alphas?” I wondered.

And that was the moment K-sama looked at me and smile, answering me with a: “Find out yourself.”

‘Grrr! It’s infuriating talking with him!’

I just rudely averted my eyes and I heard him softly laughing before we stopped in front of an elevator.

I suddenly felt nervous when I recalled the first time I rode an elevator. I almost vomited and felt nauseous.

“Not again?!” I immediately cried even though the doors weren’t still open and K-sama looked at me curiously.

“Do you have some kind of phobia?” He asked me before pressing the buttons on the corner.

I scratched the back of my neck before denying his conjecture. “That’s not it. I just don’t like the feeling.” I defended.

“You took me in with ease. An elevator’s no big deal.” He commented with a smirk as I gaped at him in shock, the doors of the elevator sliding open. K-sama entered first.

He motioned me to come in but I remained stunned since I couldn’t believe that he just said those words.

Just how in the world did the ‘doing the thing’ connect to riding inside an elevator? Was he trying to be funny?!

I chose to stand in the very corner before leaning on the wall. Good thing there were handles on the side, so I held them tightly while taking deep breaths like I was on a verge of giving birth. K-sama ignored my restlessness and my eyes widened in distress when I saw him pressing the button with number ten written on it.

‘Does that mean we’ll be going to the tenth floor?!’ I screamed in dread while looking at the person I was with. 

“Are there no stairs?” A thought suddenly passed my panicked mind while my body got covered in cold sweat. I might have survived the first elevator ordeal but until the tenth floor?! 

All the food I ate was wasted!

“You’re such a scaredy-cat.” He even had the nerve to tease me.

“It’s because—uwaah!” I gasped and hurriedly gripped the handles tight when the elevator started to move.

K-sama didn’t laugh at my distress, but the mirth in his eyes was painfully obvious to my ignorant reactions.

“Here. Let me make you feel better.” He said, waving his hand as he walked nearer. He held my nape before pulling my head closer to his, kissing me on the lips.

I was shocked by his sudden actions, so I could only close my eyes and tightly closed my mouth.

He distanced himself a bit before saying: “Open your mouth.”

“B-But—ummgh!” My body froze when K-sama took advantage of my mouth opening and swiftly gave me an aggressive kiss.

I tried to struggle, but he coiled his arms around my back and waist, pulling our bodies closer to each other, feeling each other’s heat.

I could still feel the elevator’s movement, but my attention gradually focused on his kisses.

“K-sama—Mmfh!” I couldn’t even speak anymore.

Kissing was new to me, so I didn’t know how to move my tongue like how he was doing it, but even if that was so, he still breathlessly went on with his aggressive kiss while he carefully caressed my back. His hands even slid down towards my buttocks, but he stopped when I let out a gasp.

“K-sama…” Finally, I could gasp out his name when he momentarily stopped. “We’re inside an elevator—Aah…” I groaned when he once more kissed me.

The kiss probably went on for another long few seconds before he decided to stop.

“That’s better.” He said before giving me a wet kiss on my cheeks, and he then separated himself.

And I was there like an idiot who was left in the air(2) who was with his whole face flushed, uneven breaths, and who looked so obviously asking for more!

After that, the elevator opened and K-sama simply left who didn’t even glance at me. Even though I was still a bit dazed from the impromptu kiss, I hurriedly fixed myself and followed him.

We walked a bit of distance before we stopped in front of a red-colored door. It looked more luxurious than the others that were only colored dark brown when we passed by. K-sama knocked and I slightly jumped when a man with a low voice answered inside.

“Who is it?” It asked.

“It’s me, Serpent,” K-sama stated.

“Come in.” The man gave permission and K-sama pushed the door open.

“So… what brings you here, Serpent?” A giant fat man asked when K-sama and I entered inside.

I shuddered when I discovered a number of men in formal wear and all of them had scary presences. 

“I have a new underdog,” K-sama said and I looked at him in confusion.

“Betas don’t go into heats so they are perfect underdogs.” 

I suddenly felt uneasy when I recalled the common roles of Betas in their business. Was K-sama planning to make me an underdog?!

My body suddenly felt cold when the fat man showed an ugly smirk from the information and I flinched when all the attention turned to me. 

“Well done, Serpent.” Said the fat man and K-sama didn’t anymore answer back.

“What is the meaning of this?” My voice quivered and I turned to look at K-sama who was still an epitome of calm.

‘I thought he wouldn’t make me an underdog? But why is it that I’m feeling something is going to happen bad to me?’

Was all that happened an act all along?

  1. Kilig is romantic excitement. For more info, check this out: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=kilig
  2. Napag-iwanan sa ere = Left in the air it means like you were left hanging. I can’t really explain well… :< forgive meh

Rika: Wow, I never expected Kyouya to make a move inside the elevator! LOOOL. I don’t know if he was being a good man I was expecting him to do and let Moriya forget about his nausea and slight phobia in the elevator or he’s just being a mean boi. Haaaaays.

But who are these people?! Why did Kyouya let Hiroto come with? Awaaaah! So many questions… 

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