WoE 2 LD Ch.4

Episode 4

Warnings: NSFW Content


“Spread it wider. Show me everything.” K-sama uttered while his eyes burned with desire. I hesitatingly spread my legs wider, albeit it was in that position ever since.

He told me to undress and after that, he bound my hands with his belt. He ordered me to lie down on the bed as my bound hands were put above my head and commanded me to spread my legs. I didn’t obey at first because the position he wanted was extremely embarrassing but I was afraid of what he might do to me, so I just acquiesced. 

His deep gaze was directed at my unclothed figure, so I couldn’t avoid my physiological urge to heat up and harden. I even saw how he marveled when my manhood twitched. 

“You’re hard already? You’re quite sensitive for a Beta. I didn’t even touch you yet or gave you any aphrodisiac.”

“Can you please let me go now?” I begged while averting my eyes. 

“Hmm?” He walked closer and gently held my butt, sending my body an intense yet strange sensation. “There’s a part of your body that is yearning to be pierced by a hard and huge object.” He taunted before inserting a finger inside my backside.

“Ngh…” A silent mewl escaped my lips when he played with it by slowly pistoning his finger. “Please, stop it.”

“You lack proper manners. I have to train and teach you how to beg me properly.” He said and neared his face on my cheeks and kissed with a feather-like touch. “Money doesn’t come for free, Hiroto Moriya. You have to work hard for it, okay?”

A shudder ran down my back when I heard his words. He spoke with a coaxing manner and gave me such a gentle treatment, but even with such unexpected privilege, I felt an intense negative aura coming from him.

It was like the fragrant scent he was emitting last time gradually dissipated and changed into a smell of danger and… death.

‘I don’t like this. I don’t like to be one of his toys.’

“Do you want it already… my cock inside your boy hole?” K-sama asked with a smirk when he noticed I was silent.

True, I couldn’t avoid myself reacting from his touches, but… but as much as possible, I don’t want him to treat me like this… like he just gave me this job just because to take advantage of my weakness.

“Let me go.” I weakly pleaded, and I saw him raise a brow.

He slightly pulled down his pants and revealed his member, directing it onto my opening when the door abruptly opened. I gasped at the sudden disturbance and frantically pulled my legs together to cover my shameful situation.

“Kyo, why didn’t you inform me that we have new recruits?” A man with a good figure hurriedly entered.

He looked wealthy and there was a huge difference to his aura compared to the men following K-sama. I couldn’t seem to grasp his strength, but I think he was powerful; the presence he was emitting was similar to K-sama’s.

I wonder what their relationship was? 

“Kazunari, you bastard.” K-sama irritatedly cursed, obviously displeased from being disturbed from the enjoyment he was doing and was forced to fix his clothes and bearing before facing the man he called ‘Kazunari.’

‘It looks like they’re familiar to each other.’

I flinched when the man’s gaze turned to me, a smirk forming onto his lips. “Is that your new toy? He’s… quite different from the others.” He commented and I felt a slight pang when he mentioned the word ‘toy.’ 

If so, was it really just being a toy that would be my role to K-sama?

“Fuck off, Kazunari. Why did you come here?” He asked.

“Hmph!” The man crossed his arms before speaking. “I just wanted to confirm the truth. You should have told me and I could have given him a position. More and more of our underdogs were seized by the authorities. They are already useless. I also killed the people who tried to spread information about us.

My blood ran cold from what I heard. Underdogs? Killing? Just how dangerous of a job these men have?!

“Don’t worry about this guy. He will be staying here.” K-sama said and the other man’s brows met in surprise.

“What?! Are you planning on breeding him?!” He exclaimed and I looked at K-sama’s extremely calm expression, feeling flustered.

“No.” He quickly responded and suddenly pulled my legs away from each other in a rough manner, revealing the shameful appearance I didn’t want to show the person he was talking to.

I have witnessed how the man’s expression changed. From being angry to desire, he even stared at my backside!

“K-sama, this is embarrassing!” I complained as my cheeks flushed.

K-sama smirked and looked at me. “This is Kazunari Shimada, my right-hand man. Whenever I’m not around, he is the boss. Why don’t you serve him a little?”

“Ser—!” I let out a sharp intake of breath and struggled in fear, but since my hands were bound, I wasn’t able to struggle free. “I don’t like this! Let me go!”

“Wow! He’s like a rabid dog!” Shimada marveled before licking his lower lip.

“Stop struggling. You’ll end up hurting yourself.” K-sama said and touched my manhood before bobbing his hand.

“Ngh!” I released a startled moan while I closed my eyes in pleasure.

“Kazunari, you can leave now,” K-sama said.

“Huh?” Kazunari turned his head in confusion.

“I still have to play with him.”

“What do you mean?” He confusedly probed and K-sama suddenly stopped his hand’s movement on my member. I cracked my eyes open.

“Fuck… off.” It was almost a whisper, but the authority from his command was evident.

“Tsk. You’re no fun.” The other man spoke back with a wrinkled forehead before slamming the door close.

‘Why did he send the man away?’ I wondered while covertly stealing a glance at K-sama’s reaction from the other man’s actions.

He remained calm before turning his look at me. And to my huge shock, he removed the belt binding my hands. Every time our skin even had the slightest of touch, my body reacts strangely and I felt myself arching. Between my blurred view, I saw him smirking, but he didn’t utter a word.

After my constraints were removed from my hands, he didn’t waste any second and pushed me onto the bed. He then knelt down over my body and covered it with his domineering shadow, bending over slightly before violently pulling my hair.

“Listen carefully, Hiroto Moriya,” K-sama whispered to my ears. “You can never leave this place. You will only take orders from me. Don’t do reckless things, otherwise, I’ll punish you. Even if you protest, you’ll be engraved by my everything until you understand that I own you now.”

Only horror and fear was brought to me as I heard each and every word that K-sama said. I was scared, but I couldn’t leave. I’m a Beta. After all, I had no use to an Alpha like him. I don’t suffer heats nor discharge enticing pheromones. That’s why I can’t comprehend why he wanted to compare me from his previous playthings. What would he gain from someone like me?

“It hurts,” I told him and he smirked.

“Hmph. Do you like pain?” He queried and I looked at him in alarm.

“And why did you even think of asking that? You’ve been hurting me since forever and it’s obvious that you are having fun at what you’re doing.” I angrily admonished, but my response was a mistake.

His hold on my hair got tighter and jerked my head, pulling my face closer to him before licking my left cheek. Then, he pushed me, making me go on fours. When I realized what he wanted to do, I started to struggle.

“No! Don’t do—! Argh!” I wasn’t able to finish my exclamation since he choked me.

“Stop running your mouth. You’re starting to annoy me.”  It was apparent from his voice that he was displeased. 

I felt something hard rubbing on my between my buttocks, it was even slightly moist. I was frightened since everything was happening so suddenly. He didn’t even prepare my body before this.

“K… K-sama! I’m still not—urk!” The hold on my neck only got tighter and I was stunned.

Using his other hand, he pulled my legs even wider. He once more rubbed his manhood between my backside before pointing it towards my opening. And he slammed his manhood into my insides without hesitation.

“Aah!” One sudden and pained moan escaped my lips while I curled my fists.

‘I’m not some Omega that makes a natural lubricant during mating, so this is painful!’

“Heh. You’re trembling and tightening.” K-sama commented and forcibly moved inside, but it only gave me intense pain.

“Ngh! K-sama, …hurts.” I cried, tears streaming down my face.

“It’s not your first time. You should be fine now.”

‘I know, but…! He was more careful when we first did it!’

“Haah! Mmfgh…” Only a strained mewl was my answer when he once more moved.

At first, he was slow, but his piston-like movements gradually quickened. I was going crazy from the pain and pleasure I was experiencing. The pain was overwhelming, but then my body seemed to recall the heat of his manhood that I subconsciously adjusted myself, changing the feeling of pain to pleasure as K-sama moved in and out.

“Oh… You’re starting to loosen up. Feeling good already?” K-sama asked and his choke on me tightened further.

“Aah… Ngh… Haah…” I moaned and tightly held the pillows near my head. “K-sama…! Aah… Ngh!”

“What?” He turned his head and looked at me, and he slammed himself inside more fervently. “As I said earlier, you are a Beta, but you’re surprisingly sensitive here, Hiroto Moriya.”

I didn’t know why but every time he mentioned my full name, I felt my whole body weakening and more hesitant to fight back. It seemed like I was under a love spell that he was able to lure me into listening to his wants.

“Aah… Mmfgh! Aah… Haah!”

I don’t like this. I don’t like any of this, but why? Why am I enjoying this?!

While he continued pleasuring himself into my backside, I felt that I was nearing once more. And if K-sama’s fast movements were already quick and unhesitating, it became more intense than I thought what was possible.

“Shit, you’re clenching again.” He remarked.

“Stop, please… Stop.” I begged, but not a moment longer, I just found myself shuddering while I released.

K-sama also climaxed after, but I was shocked when he didn’t release his essence inside. After evening his breaths, he gave me a light kiss on my cheek that was like a caress from a feather before removing himself on top of me. 

“Wash yourself up. We’ll be going somewhere.” He commanded.

“Huh? B-But…” I slightly protested, but I chose to just obey him.

I still didn’t know K-sama that well. How he treats me confuses me, but I want to know more about him and know why he was doing this kind of job.

And just now, I realized that Hino-niisan’s previous boss’s last name was the same as Kazunari Shimada. Was there a huge likelihood that there was a connection between them? If that’s true, how did he know K-sama and what was their relation to each other?

As I stay here longer, those unanswered questions inside my head were just increasing and increasing.

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