WoE 2 LD Ch.2

Episode 2

Warnings: NSFW Content


“You have one week. Find me or I’ll hunt you down, Moriya Hiroto.”

Those were the words from the man who molested me before he left. Every day, I was frantic and terrified of what might happen to me, but a month had already passed and I was still alive!

“Mmfh… Aah…”

And until now, I couldn’t deny that I hadn’t forgotten the sensation of the touches of that unknown man! That’s why every time I recall what I experienced at that time, my body unconsciously reacts and my manhood goes hard; then I just found myself relieving myself while I remember the heat from his hands. 

“Hi-ro-tooo!” Naoya weakly called my name as he opened the door to my room, literally finding me jacking off on my bed.

“Uwaah! Fuck, Naoya! Learn to knock!” I admonished before putting on my pants in panic.

 But Naoya simply ignored what he had seen and knelt in front of my bed before peeking below.

“Hiroto, did you see my suppressants?” He voiced out weakly.

“Huh? Where did you leave them?” I turned to face him and hopped out the bed and helped him look for the suppressants.

Naoya is an Omega. He’s different from other Omegas I know because he was unafraid to expose himself to anyone. It became easy for me to work with him because I am a Beta and I wasn’t considerably affected by the pheromones of an Omega in heat. Aside from that, Naoya’s easy to talk to even if he always looks tired and indisposed.

Both of us have tattoos and piercings on different parts of our body, but Noaya had more. I have piercings on two ears, navel, and a frenum piercing, while Naoya has on his tongue, between his nose bridge, two nipples, navel, frenum (but it was between the hole of his manhood), and even his dick has one(1).

As for tattoos, I have one on my back that’s designed after a fire all in black. From what I know, Naoya had one on his back and other parts of his body, but I didn’t know where since he didn’t show me(2).

“I bought ten pieces yesterday. I hid it in your room so I won’t lose them.” Naoya continued.

Until now, I was freeloading in Naoya’s home, but of course, I was still looking for a new apartment to stay in the long run. Another thing, if ever those men in black appeared again, my conscience wouldn’t be clear if Naoya was implicated in the mess I got myself into. It would be better for me to find a place to stay immediately and let him be away from all these dangers.

“Is your heat near?” I asked.

“I’m currently in heat now.” He mindlessly answered and even had the gall to confidently stare at me since I was the one with him.

I hurriedly scooted away from him and covered my nose. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?!” I asked in a panic.

“Ah, so you can smell it?” He asked like he didn’t even care and smelled himself. “I don’t know the smell I am releasing every time I’m in heat, you see. Is it true that it smells good, Hiroto?”

“Shut up(3)! Let’s find the suppressants, quick!” Were the only words I spat and continued rummaging.

Even though Betas aren’t really affected much from Omega pheromones, there was still a possibility that we would be enticed, depending on the heat intensity of an Omega or if we were too close to an Omega currently in heat.

As for my and Naoya’s situation living under one roof, there’s a huge possibility for me to be affected by his pheromones if his heat comes frequently and he doesn’t take the suppressants. He shouldn’t warn just me. There were also other people occupying this boarding house we were currently staying in. It would be a big problem if being this careless happened frequently. He didn’t even care!

“Make sure that you always drink your medicine, Naoya. You know that even in our shop, you could go into heat. There are even Alphas passing by. I don’t want to see you being raped by an Alpha. If that ever happens…” I scolded while trailing off, feeling extremely worried. 

“I’m sorry.” Naoya apologized as he weakly scratched the back of his neck, cheeks gradually flushing. 

“Naoya?” My brows furrowed when Naoya started to show signs that he couldn’t bear his heat.

“Hi… ro… to…” He panted as he called my name, trying to pull me towards him, on which he failed since I immediately walked away.

“Naoya, we’ll be able to find your medicine sooner or later!” I uttered in alarm. In those moments, I already could feel myself being affected by his heat.

How often did he forget to take it?! This careless guy! Good thing we weren’t at the shop yet. 

“Hiroto…” He once more called my name, but now, in a whisper. It was obvious that his heat was already making him irrational since he just started to touch his backside and shamelessly started to play with himself.

Even though I was starting to feel my body weakening, I was still able to rationally stop myself from doing something bad to Naoya. Not a moment later, I spotted a small pouch that looked familiar. It was covered by an old shoebox so it wasn’t easily noticeable. I hurriedly reached out to it and when I finally got the small pouch, I hastily grabbed the contents. It was a huge relief when the contents of the small pouch were really the suppressants. 

With quivering hands, I got a pill and let Naoya swallow the suppressant. Though with difficulty, Naoya resisted his yearning to relieve his heat. A few minutes passed before he was able to calm down.

“Many thanks, Hiroto.” Naoya feebly uttered who was sweating and half-naked from what just happened to him.

“Next time, don’t forget about drinking your medicine. Grabe(4), I thought something would happen.” I panted and wiped off my sweat.

Naoya laughed. “You just jacked off, ah?” He joked and my face reddened in shame.

“You crazy! You didn’t knock so you saw me like that!” I stressed and admonished, making him laugh more.

But his laugh was still weak. It was as if he acts delicately in everything.




It was kinda late when we opened the shop because of what happened to Naoya earlier that morning. His composure was so relaxed now as if nothing happened to him that morning. It also wasn’t obvious to tell from his facial expressions that he was just distressed from his predicament. Well, he always wore an expressionless face, a thing that I got used to from being his friend, so I don’t really care anymore.

While we waited for customers, I wore a face mask and made sure that all the things I use for tattoo-ing were clean. Tattoos and piercings weren’t that expensive, but we were making sure the service we render is good so that the customers wouldn’t be dissatisfied. 

“Hiroto, you have a customer. Serpent tattoo, whole back.” Naoya suddenly informed me and I stood up to see the said customer who wanted my service. 

The customer was already seated and free of upper clothing. Only his back was visible from the place I was currently on. Not a moment later, there were two giant men standing near the said customer.

“Are they Yakuza, Naoya?” I asked in interest. 

There were also times that we had Yakuza customers. They weren’t violent, but the thought of their competitors and enemies attacking them and destroying our shop was terrifying. As much as possible, Naoya mustn’t be hurt and implicated from the mess, but this was our job. We shouldn’t be picky with our customers or complain about what kind of people they were since we only have this small income every day.

“I don’t know. Just go there before they get impatient.” Naoya spoke carelessly as he pushed me out.

There was nothing I could do but to scratch the back of my neck before coming towards the man whose back was facing me. But when a familiar scent entered my nostrils, I felt myself automatically feeling the sense of yearning.

‘It’s the scent of that beautiful man!’ I screamed in my head and started to have second thoughts to have a look at the customer’s face.

I shouldn’t be wrong. This was his scent. I didn’t know why I was so confident that this was his scent even when a month had already passed. It gives me a strange feeling. Ever since I remember his enticing smell, I couldn’t help but yearn for his heated caress.

I slowly positioned myself in front of him. Even if terrified, I found myself looking at his face to check whether my guess was wrong. My breath hitched when our eyes met. 

“You?!” I exclaimed as my cheeks flushed red and unconsciously clenched my palms. 

The man smirked as he saw the horror on my face. Even though I was wearing a face mask, it seemed like he could see the look on my face.

“I’ve found you, Moriya Hiroto.” I could feel myself looking at him in horror from his dreadful voice. It was as if he was implying that he was here to take my life.

Taking a few steps back, I tried to run away. But my arm was tightly grabbed and forcibly pulled towards him. Because of this, I fell onto his lap while my back involuntarily leaned on his chest. He quickly coiled his right arm around my abdomen and the other slid towards my neck. He slightly tilted my head before sniffing my neck and consequently licked it, making my body subconsciously react as my manhood hardened.

“Ngh!” I mewled when he continuously licked my neck, his other hand on my abdomen slowly sliding downwards and touched the belt clasped on my pants.

The moment he removed it, he wordlessly inserted his hand and overbearingly grabbed my hardening manhood.

“W-Wait!” I hastily intervened while sweating extensively. “Why are you doing this to me?” I asked him.

Until now, I have no idea as for why he’s doing this to me, touching me like this. Is this part of a challenge before being accepted to work for them? Is this a warning?  If I spoke of this, there’s a possibility of me being beaten up, or worse, raped?

I don’t understand!

“Just keep quiet and be a good boy. I’m sure you don’t want your friend noticing anything strange, right?” He silenced me and I felt my whole body being covered in a cold sweat as I remembered Naoya. 

We’re in the shop. Good thing was that our rooms where we do our job were separated, but even so, he might notice something if we got too noisy!

“What will I get from this?” I tearingly asked. It’s not that I was hoping that I would be able to get a good job if I obeyed what this man wants, but my body couldn’t hide the yearning for his touches!

The man smirked and seductively whispered to my ears. “A huge amount of money.” His voice was raspy and it gave me a strange sensation to my body.

It wasn’t the money that made me horny, but the idea of being able to enjoy what might come.




“Mmfgh… Ngh! Mmhh…” Pleasured moans escaped my lips as I tightly held onto the chair where customers are seated when they ask for a tattoo. 

At this moment, I was bending over with my ass up while a man I don’t know was owning my backside. A feeling of mixed pain and pleasure covered my whole being as his member entered and left. He was huge and hard. And I couldn’t fathom myself as to why I had given up my virginity to him.

As he hit my deepest parts, I couldn’t control the moans I was letting out, but I must stifle them because Naoya’s room was just beside this room.

“Aah…” A small whimper left my lips when his manhood hit a sensitive part in my backside.

“Can you feel it?” Your hole is widening just to my shape.” He huskily said and consequently kissed my back while jerking his lower body and suddenly deepening his thrusts inside.

“Aah! Mmfgh…” I could only once more moan in surprise from the sudden action.

The position I was in was totally shameful, but nothing should be more shameful than the licentious moans I would let out. Why?

This was the first time that I really yearned for someone, and an Alpha, at that.

The man’s movements were gradually increasing in intensity and endlessly licked my neck and back. I felt that I was near, so I reached for my manhood, but to my great surprise, his hand was a moment faster and held my member, making me arch in extreme pleasure.

“Aah… L-Let go of—Mmfgh!” My words were cut off when his hands started to stroke. His hands were rapid and I was overstimulated.

My brain almost exploded in the pleasure and I felt myself nearing my climax. And when I let it out, I unconsciously bit the foam of the chair to hide my scream. Not a moment longer, he also climaxed, I coughed and gasped when I felt him letting it all out inside me. 

Betas don’t experience heat and there’s only a small percentage of being impregnated by an Alpha, but if a Beta’s fertility rate is high, there’s a possibility of becoming pregnant. In my case, I never knew how my fertility rate was since I never had a mate and never had sex with anyone. But now that I experienced making out with an Alpha, it was at that moment where I realized that I had made a dangerous decision!

“W-Why did you let it out inside me…?” My voice was trembling and forced myself to look at him. He wore an expression that said he didn’t care at all with what just happened.

“That’s your reward. You will now be working under me. From now on, just call me ‘K-sama’  and do everything I say, or else, it’s your life that I will take instead.” 

The words he just uttered gave me chills down my spine, making me pale in horror. I didn’t know before, but I just realized that it was more than trouble what I just get myself into.

Just who was this K-sama and why couldn’t I find myself rejecting him despite just how suspicious he was?

  1. I have no idea how Hiroto knew. :derpyblob:
  2. Uhh yes, he didn’t know where the tattoos were, but the piercings, he knew. :derpyblob: /tableflip
  3. Original: “Ewan ko sa’yo!” = Literal TL: I don’t know to you! But this phrase has many uses. It can be used in frustration, anger, and even kilig. It depends, really, can be also mean as Mind your own business! or I don’t care.
  4. Grabe – it’s a Tagalog word synonymous to Holy Cow, the expression! Not literally okay!

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