WoE 2: LD Ch.1

Episode 1

Warnings: NSFW Content


“Hi-ro-tooo! You have a customer.” My co-worker and friend named Naoya Nanami weakly called me.

I momentarily stopped the making of a new tattoo art on a woman customer, pulling down the face-mask I was wearing and turned my head to Naoya. “A regular?”

“Uh… no.” Naoya answered.

“Alright. Please tell ‘em that I’m almost done.” I replied and wore the face-mask once more and continued drawing the tattoo.

I’m Hiroto Moriya, 20 years old, and a Beta. In our family, all 8 of us children in the family and both of my parents were now aged. Ever since Hino-niisan had a wife and started his own family, I was the only one left who could give support to our finances. And since our lives weren’t that great and I had a lot of people to feed, I was compelled to stop studying and became a tattoo artist. My salary wasn’t really enough and my parents aren’t forcing me to help and support them, but as a child and with a sense of indebtedness and gratitude for all the care and love they’ve given us, I will do everything I could just for the sake of supporting them back, even with the exchange of my life.

The first time I learned about drawing tattoos, I thought I would lose interest really quickly. It was difficult, but eventually, it became a part of my life and served me as a way for me to give way to my hidden talent.

Not all were fascinated to have a tattoo made. Many said that it was unclean and only people that had no plans in life were interested in these kinds of things. My co-worker, Naoya, was someone who makes body piercings. We make several variations of tattoo arts and body piercings. We have available samples for our customers who were having theirs for the first time. Of course, there are personalized ones too. 

And from doing this type of work, there were multiple types of people that I have met and came to know. They had different personalities, but they only had one reason as to why they were asking to have a tattoo or piercing made—to express who they really are. Either a positive or negative reaction came from the people they know, it didn’t matter. What’s important was that they are happy.

There weren’t many customers so it was hard to make ends meet. We always share our income equally even if I got more customers than him or vice versa. But if I had a larger income than normal, I give half of it to my family. As for the other half, I use it for my other needs.

When I turned 18, I left my family so that the expenses of my parents would lessen even a little bit, but I didn’t stop visiting them. Once or twice a week I would visit them, bringing some food and things that they might need. Even my younger siblings are already doing their utmost best to be resourceful and find jobs for the sake of helping our family expenses, so I know that our family and my parents wouldn’t be in any worse shape than it is. 

“Only this?” I said in dismay, staring at the measly income I earned today. “This isn’t even enough to pay my rent and I still need to give Mom some money for medicine since the twins were sick.” I said, feeling vexed.

Naoya was busy setting aside the items we were using in the shop before suddenly replying. “It’s not like your family is forcing you to give them money, right? Put the payment towards your rent first before you lose a place to live.”

“I know, but the twins are frequently getting sick. Ma and Pa can’t continuously buy maintenance medicine, our money isn’t that much.” I defended while feeling disheartened. 

“You’re too kind. You’ll die early like this, Hiroto.” He weakly uttered before he softly snickered and reached for his bag, walking out with almost no energy. “I’ll go first. See you…”

“Thanks for worrying.” I laughingly replied back and fixed my things so that I could go home too.

But when I got home, I witnessed the boarding house I was staying at was on fire. That night, I had no choice but to bother Naoya for the night.

I was really at my wit’s end, but then Naoya told me that I would be able to overcome all of this.




The next day while I was out walking by myself, I bumped into two gigantic men wearing black suits and a matching pair of shades. Based on the bearing and scary appearances, there was no doubt that they were Alphas.

They just passed by me, but I couldn’t help myself feeling terrified, albeit with an inexplicable reason. Not all Alphas are cruel, but they just normally had strong impressions and even without saying or doing anything, their presence was really exuding dominance.

I was about to make a left turn when a huge hand suddenly grabbed my right shoulder, making me jump in extreme shock.

“Wah!” I frantically looked back and saw that the two men earlier were now right in front of me.

Because of the shades they were wearing, I had no idea if their gazes directed at me were bad, but I felt myself getting cold all over in fright as there was a possibility that I might be played with.

“Hey, are you in need of a job?” One of them, who was bald and looked like a wrestler because of his huge body, asked me.

“H-Huh? H-How did you guys know?” I stuttered.

It was true that I’m in dire need of a job with a high salary right now!

The other man grabbed something in his pants’ pocket and handed the item over to me. Even though I was suspicious, I still received it and looked at the small card doubtfully.

There was a logo on the card that I wasn’t familiar with—most likely it’s a logo of a corporation? The name written here was probably the organization’s business name or whatever. There were also other details like contact number, address, etc. It looked like a legitimate business card.

“We will give you 24 hours. Go to the indicated address. Don’t tell anyone about any of this or that we had this conversation and no one must ever know that you have something like this, capiche?” The man who gave me the card said.

“W-Why? Is your business illegal?” I nervously asked and I started to take steps backward due to fear since maybe, I would find myself surrounded and killed by these men.

“Listen, kid, you can possibly earn big bucks here. You will totally overcome poverty, but if you want to enter this business, you must make sure that you will obey everything that I tell you if you don’t want something bad happen to you.” The man with a body of a wrestler threatened and a chill ran down my spine and my body ran cold in terror.

After that, they quietly left me. They, of course, still gave me additional information and it dawned on me that there is a huge possibility that their business is illegal, but… 

‘I really, really need money! For my family… I’ll do anything.’ My fists were curled as this thought passed my mind. 

During that same day, I really contemplated if I would ever accept their offer or not. And it seemed like they were not kidding when they threatened my life. I didn’t mention any of this to Naoya or anyone. Even if I felt myself passing out in extreme apprehensions and fear with the knowledge that it would put my life at risk, I forced myself to act normally. I don’t want Noaya to notice anything suspicious and for him to try to stop me or tell it to others. 

I will lose nothing if I try this, right? Maybe I was just pranked by those Alphas because they noticed that I was troubled.




Bringing that mysterious card with me, I went to the indicated address; but I was dismayed when the said address was only an abandoned lot. There were no people around, quiet, and was extremely far away from the city. I felt like I was inside a horror movie and killed by serial killers in isolated places then they would chop me into pieces and the next would be… I don’t know… I suddenly found myself turning around and I was about to run away when a black car suddenly halted behind me.

I hurriedly stared at the car and started to sweat when the door in the front of the car was pushed open. Another man in a black suit and shades exited the vehicle and opened the other door at the back. Another man exited the vehicle. He was tall, yet his body didn’t look fragile or delicate, the aura he was emitting was extremely different from the man who opened the door for him. A moment later, three more men exited and all of them silently followed the peculiar man. Apart from his bright blond hair and white suit, he left the buttons of his shirt near his collar unbuttoned revealing a red polo underneath, a typical rich man.

That was the first time I saw a man, like myself, attractive. I said beautiful, but what I meant was in a manly way. The mole below his left eye was vividly enticing because of his fair skin. I could feel a very strong aura from him, so most likely, he was an Alpha.

One of the men who was following him came up to me and pushed me towards the beautiful man. 

“You took a kid?” This was the first question before observing my whole being.

I couldn’t avoid myself feeling embarrassed from his serious gaze, that it felt like I would melt if his gaze stayed in my direction longer.

“Seems like this one’s easy, Serpent-sama.” One of the huge men said.

‘Serpent-sama?’ I questioned in my mind.

“Get in the car.” He suddenly ordered me and gave me a chill-giving gaze before turning his back on me.

“Ugh!” I could only swallow in extreme fear and nervously obeyed, no idea to where I would be brought to.

Maybe I would be kept and salvaged?!




We arrived at another abandoned lot but now, there was an old building standing in the middle. I was put in between the two men before holding both of my arms and pulled me towards the building. I wanted to struggle to get free, but I have no idea what’s currently happening. It would be unnecessary to make trouble and better to stay low for now.

They dragged and brought me to the 5th floor and after that, they covered my eyes with a torn thick sleeve and roughly pushed me forward.

“W-What are you guys going to do to me? Are you members of a gang? Is this hazing?!” I started to panic and circled the place I was standing.

But instead of them answering me, they tied me up with rope and forcibly removed my clothes. Consequently, they pushed me towards a concrete pillar and tied the rope to a chain.

“Let go of me! LET GO OF ME!” I repeatedly screamed before struggling. But my cries were heard by deaf ears and was ignored.

Not a moment longer, I heard soft footsteps walking closer to the place I was confined to. I immediately realized who was it because of his scent—it was the beautiful man!

“Who are you?! Why are you guys doing this to me?! Are you a murderer?!” I endlessly questioned. Then it dawned on me that asking them was useless because if these people were really criminals, they wouldn’t be that idiotic to declare if they are bad guys or not.

The man didn’t answer me. Then, I heard another pair of footsteps, but this time, away from me. It was the two men who tied me up here in this place, so I got more terrified of what’s to come. 

‘I don’t want to die yet! What will happen to mama and papa? To my siblings?!’ I screamed in my mind in terror as tears streamed down my face.

Not a moment longer, my body jumped in horror when I felt the man’s hand on my chest. I couldn’t help shuddering when the hand moved and slid slowly towards my neck before holding my chin and roughly pulled it to face him. Even though my eyes were covered, I knew that we were facing each other because I could feel his hot breath and wonderful scent.

“Aah!” I involuntarily let out a high-pitched moan when he started sniffing my neck. My body was cold as I was naked, so the sensation I was feeling from his hot breath felt strange.

With my utmost strength, I forced myself not to feel a sense of longing from his scent and occasional touches on my chest, but my manhood hardened when his hand moved towards below. And since my vision was blocked and he was silently playing with my body, my mind involuntarily went to what he could possibly do to my body next.

“Nyaah!” A surprised whine left my lips when he played with my member with a finger. 

I heard him snickering so softly before whispering near my ear and said: “A frenum piercing(1), huh? Interesting.” Consequently, he continued teasing the tip of my member by playing with the piercing that was placed below at the end of my manhood.

It gave me a strange sensation to my body, making me arch in pleasure. “Ngh. Aah…” I once more moaned when his hand—that was just playing with my member—glided towards my abdomen and then to my neck. “Mmfh!” I was then astonished when I felt him kissing my lips. 

I didn’t know how to react to his kisses, so I simply struggled, but he just continued giving me kisses when I tried to avoid him.

‘What is happening? Why is a stranger doing this to me? It’s as if my brain’s melting from the pleasure I’m feeling. I can’t think straight!’

“Mmfgh! Haah! Mmfh!” All I could let out was pleasured moans because the kisses he gave me was simply befuddling and numbing. 

I shouldn’t be feeling good from what was happening to me, but I couldn’t understand why my body was responding to his caresses and kisses!

He wordlessly inserted his tongue inside my mouth and suddenly made me drink some kind of pill. When I tried to struggle, he quickly strangled me, making me gasp and involuntarily swallowing the pill. 

“What did you make me drink?!” I angrily exclaimed to the man.

“Relax. It’s not poison. You’ll soon feel good.” He answered back as he licked my neck and kissed me once more.

The numbness I felt gradually covered my body as I felt hot and heated. And then, I felt him touching my right thigh and slightly lifted me up before rubbing a hard object near the opening of my lower back. I almost lost consciousness due to shock when I realized what it was and struggled fiercely. 

“No! No! No one has ever touched there!” I cried and screamed as I begged the man.

What I really thought was that my whole being would be destroyed, but a gasp escaped my lips when I felt the hot liquid being squirted out from the hot object that was rubbed on me earlier. I also heard a stifled groan as he let out a huge amount.

My breaths were labored as I tried to comprehend what had just happened.

When the man finished relieving himself, he let go of my thigh and forced a kiss on my left cheek. “You have a week. Find me or I’ll hunt you down, Hiroto Moriya.”

The words he left me with gave me chills on my whole body. How did he know my name? From what I could remember, the two men from yesterday didn’t ask for my name…

After saying those words, he finally left me. The two men who chained me came back and removed my restraints. They also returned my clothes and allowed me to escape safely.

I was alive… and nothing bad happened to me, but why did I feel dismayed when the man who almost raped me didn’t even introduce himself, and who were they anyway?

Just what kind of mess did I go into?

  1. Frenum piercing – just look this up lmao. This is the first time I heard of this sht and I was dumbfounded. GOOD THING I WAS ALONE WTF.

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    1. Hello! Thank you for appreciating my translation! This is a huge thing for me! As for translating this in your language, of course it’s okay! You just need to put my translation as a reference and give credit to the author as this is not my own work.

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