WoE Chapter 6

Episode 6

Warnings: NSFW Content, Rape, Attempted Rape :<



“Izumi, how many times do I have to tell you to not enter my office?!” I irritatedly confronted Aki the moment we arrived at the lobby.

We had an agreement that I would be the one visiting him, but I didn’t expect that he would go into my office and the worst thing was that Okuda was there! So, to be safe, I dragged him out and went to a secluded place somewhere in the building.

“But, Kicchan…! I missed you!” Aki stressed out. 

“And don’t call me ‘Kicchan’!” I annoyingly rebuked him. “Anyways, why are you here? I told you last night that I’m going to stop by today.”  I said to change the topic and his goofy demeanor suddenly shifted. He narrowed his eyes and he became serious in a blink of an eye.

You know… I think that this doctor is bipolar sometimes.

“Kicchan, that guy… he’s your—”

“Don’t assume things, Aki.” I cut him off, my voice strained while saying his name so he would understand what I wanted to imply since I didn’t want to talk about what he was currently thinking about. “Um… So, what’s the result, by the way?”

“Of what?” Aki asked dazedly.  

I balled my fists in anger. “The fucking test, you idiot!” I slightly raised my voice and reminded him. 

Until now, I was still wondering how this guy passed the licensure exam and became who he is now. He looked stupid, absent-minded, ridiculously weird for his age, and childish. But, I couldn’t deny that he was reliable. He had already proven that many times.

“Oh, that one?” He recalled while fixing glasses. “The pregnancy test was negative; so chill.” 

I was then able to let out a sigh of relief. After Okuda released all of his essence inside me while I was in heat, I thought I would lose everything that I’ve worked so hard for.

It was not that I blamed Okuda on everything, but I was stupid too for not taking any medicine. I was painfully aware that my heat recurrents had became worse and I still went and let myself be done—day and night.

If only I hadn’t met him…

“Kicchan, why won’t you consider having a mate? It’ll lessen your sexual needs and help you lessen the agony of your heat.” Aki suggested. 

As a doctor and a friend, he was just concerned about my well-being. He knew very well what hardships I’ve been into. Suffering from irregular heats… Bearing with those painful days where I felt like I might lose my mind one day to the pleasure and ended up giving myself to an Alpha whom I knew nothing about. 

I didn’t want that to happen. After all of that humiliation and the insults they threw at me… it wouldn’t ever bring back the ‘me’ before anymore.

“Aki, we’ve been through this already. I have no intention to have a mate.” I clarified. He looked at me wearily. 

“I respect your decision, but… 14 years? Who the fuck can withstand fourteen years of irregular and intense heats without even being fucked by some Alpha?” He spoke in amazement while staring at me with his eyes wide open in disbelief. “Your case is dangerous, Kicchan. You once had a mate, and a retracted bond has bad effects on Omegas.”

“I’ll be fine. I’m always making sure to take my medicine and stay away from places that could expose my true identity.” I defended.

“You can’t hide this forever, Kicchan. There are already numerous changes in this society and these said changes that are happening have different effects for us. You must find an Alpha soon.” Aki said. “I know I told you that I can prescribe you medicines to ease the pain, but your body can no longer take it. I don’t wanna see you break down.”

“Thanks for worrying, Aki.” I smiled slightly. 

Since ‘that’ day, I lost everyone that I loved. I learned the meaning of ‘emptiness’ the hard way and so I was forced to shut my heart in order for me to survive and move on. 

“And one more thing. That subordinate of yours—Ryuichi Okuda, right? It’s not that I’m meddling, but—”

“Aki, please! Let’s talk about it some other time. I’ve got to go.” Cutting him off, he agreed to end our conversation after that.

[End of Flashback]




I was alright. I was fucking fine until that Okuda showed up. And after what he told me last night…

“Shimada-senpai… don’t you think it’s better if we stop this?”

‘How can I possibly tell him the ‘truth’ now?’

I jumped in shock when someone knocked on the door to my office. I gave a slight glance to my wristwatch and I frowned when I realized that it was lunch break. I didn’t remember telling anyone to submit a report. 

“Who is it.” I casually asked, assuming that it was just one of my subordinates.

“It’s me.”

I felt my whole body grow cold when I heard that very familiar voice. It’s been so long, but I would never forget that voice. That raspy, eerie voice…

“Fujiwara…sensei.” My voice almost cracked and in a blink of an eye, memories full of hurt and terror invaded my mind.

I lost all my strength as I tried to stay as far away from the man in front of me.

“Still reluctant as always.” He said while sneering like a monster and licked his upper lip as he walked towards me.

“S-Stay way…” I weakly told him.

My knees were trembling and it seemed like I lost consciousness due to my rapid breathing and the beating of my heart. My chest was tightening so much that I could barely breathe.

And the worst thing was, I could feel my nape throbbing!

“Hmm? But we had a deal to meet and tackle things, right?” He stated and stared at me with a heavy stare.

I unconsciously covered the back of my neck with my right hand and started to panic. “Don’t come near me!” I breathed in terror.

He chuckled; a clear sign that he was enjoying my frightened reaction. “How many years have passed? You’re still the same Kazuki that I once knew. Hmm… Do you still remember? The night when I took your virginity and claimed you as my mate… Kazuki?”





I was born from a prestigious family of Alphas. My family was both envied yet at the same time, hated. Never in their history did they have non-Alpha offsprings until I came along.

Confident that their firstborn would be a great successor that would become an influential Alpha in the future, they didn’t bother to have me examined. It was an early examination that should be done after an offspring was born to determine their gender. Results could be uncertain if parents were of different kinds.

When I reached the age of five, my parents started to worry. I didn’t show any signs of Alpha traits—possessiveness, dominance, high intelligence, and so much more—that an Alpha child should develop by a certain point.

Because of their pride, they didn’t give me any check-ups and overlooked things until I was ten.

By that time, I already had two younger brothers—one was seven and the other was three—who were all Alphas. Unlike me, they developed early signs of a dominant Alpha as early as two to three years old. Because of the huge differences, my parents finally brought me to their family doctor and my real gender was revealed.

They were devastated. I even remembered the look of their faces when they heard that I was an Omega—looks of disgust.

After that, how they treated me changed significantly. My father became so strict towards me and didn’t let me play with my brothers anymore. I was only allowed to get near them when my parents were around. They had me separated in an isolated room somewhere in our house to avoid unnecessary incidents. They also forbid me from bringing visitors over or going to my classmates’ houses.

No one knew when my heat would come. They were so scared to death that they saw me as a heresy. 

“Kazuki, you mustn’t tell anyone that you’re an Omega, understood?”

That was what my mother always told me. I managed to live a few years of my Omega life normally and hidden from society until Ichi Fujiwara came. I was sixteen at that time.

They introduced him to me as my personal mentor since they decided to homeschool me to secure our family’s reputation.

It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with Fujiwara-sensei. Despite the fact that he was the same age as my father who was 41 at that time, I felt comfortable around him. He taught me a lot of things. He was a gentle and kind person. He was very patient when there were times I couldn’t solve a single problem on an opinion-based set of questionnaires.

He was the first person to acknowledge me. That’s why I decided to tell him my secret, hoping that I could have someone I could talk to when I felt alone.




“S-Sensei, there’s something I need to tell you.” I weakly called while my cheeks flushed in mixed shame and anxiety.

“What is it?” He calmly smiled and turned his face towards me.

“Sensei… I’m an Omega.” I revealed. 

He was of course, astonished, but he didn’t speak much after that. I was even surprised because he quickly accepted the fact and didn’t even change how he treated me. I confessed my feelings to him, but he told me that it was too early for me to be falling in love.

Then one day, he came to our house. Coincidentally, I was all alone because my family went on a vacation and left me here at home. I was happy that Fujiwara-sensei visited, but I didn’t know that it was also the day that would change my life significantly. 

“Kazuki, are you wearing perfume?” Sensei asked out of the blue.

I just came back from the kitchen to get some food and drinks for us.

“Huh? No, sensei. Actually, I kind of felt unwell since this morning, so I’m happy that you’re here.” I expressed while smiling, not noticing the lusty gaze that Fujiwara-sensei gave me.

“Is that so?” To me who was stupid and innocent back then, it looked like a genuine smile, but it was actually a facade to hide his lust.

“Mm! Let’s eat, sensei. I brought some cookies and iced tea.” I urged him and happily reached for a glass and poured some iced tea, but suddenly, I unconsciously let go and felt tremors that I didn’t understand.

My whole body started to heat up and filled my whole figure with a strange feeling of desire. I frantically looked at sensei who stared directly at me. He was panting like a rabid dog before leaning on me.

“Sensei?!” I exclaimed in alarm, but I became terrified when an unfamiliar smile made its way onto Fujiwara-sensei’s lips.

“Huff! Kazuki… your scent is making me crazy.” He breathed out and suddenly held both of my arms and pinned my hands on the floor.

“Sensei? What are you doing? L-Let go of me.” I tearfully pleaded only to have my breath hitch in alarm when I felt his tongue licking my neck and smelling it.

“Kazuki… You’re in heat.” Sensei huskily informed and the world around me turned to black.




“Mmfgh! Haah! Aah… Sensei… Sensei…!” I cried and moaned.

During those moments where Fujiwara-sensei violated me. He tied my hands using his belt and made me go on all fours. I wanted to fight back, but my desire to taste an Alpha’s virility overrode my rationality.

“Kazuki… Kazuki!” He screamed out my name like a hungry beast while he devoured me completely.

It hurt. It was scary. It was disgusting. He devoured my whole being.

“Please… stop… sensei.” I begged. But instead of stopping, his movements became rougher and faster. It resulted in me screaming in pain.

“Aah! Argh! Sensei, I don’t like this! Stop! It hurts, sensei! Stoooooop!!” I wailed.

“Kazuki…” He called my name again before licking my nape. Before I could squirm in protest, I felt him biting my neck and at the same time, letting out a warm liquid inside me.

I convulsed in total shock. It didn’t end there. Fujiwara-san violated me in all sorts of positions and released all of his liquid inside me without a second thought.

My first time having sex while in heat was a nightmare.




My parents were enraged after finding out that I mated with my own mentor. They were so mad at me that they kicked me out of the house the following day and announced that I was no longer their son nor their firstborn. 

And because of that, I was compelled to go with Fujiwara-sensei. I thought he would apologize for what happened, but he continued mistreating me. I had no choice but to stay by his side because we were mates.

For the next two years, I endured the life of being violated everyday, beaten occasionally, starving for several days when sensei was upset over something, and clearly used as a slave.

Even if I was sick of it, I swallowed my sufferings—because I was an Omega that had no strength to fight back. Things took a turn for the worse when sensei started bringing home Omegas and doing all of them in my presence. That was when I realized that he was a two-faced motherfucker. Soon after, he got tired of me and just like that, he threw me away—leaving me with nothing.

And the rest was history.

[End of Flashback]




“Don’t touch me.” I gritted my teeth as I clenched my fists in anger

“Hmm?” He raised a brow and pinned me against the wall. 

I gasped at the quick change of events and was forced into facing him. “Ugh!” I bit my lower lip and felt the urge to cry.

How long had it been since I last cried in desperation to receive someone’s love and affection only to realize that they were just holding me because I was an Omega?

Fujiwara-sensei looked at my lips and smirked when I gulped “Your physical appearance has changed drastically. You used to be cute and innocent. Looking at you now kinda turns me off.” (Rika: The bastard! Lemme go get some weapon to kill this garbage—*was pulled and dragged away by Boss and Hammy*)

“Then shut the hell up and fucking leave!” I snarled at him. “The deal’s off. Your shitty business is way too suspicious!”

“Hah!” He scoffed and punched me on the left cheek.

I quickly dropped from the force of his punch. He then positioned himself on top of me and began stripping off my clothes. (Rika: Da fuuuuu—*was dragged away again*)

“Stop it! I’m not gonna let you destroy me again!” I exclaimed to him while pushing myself to fight back.

Even though he had become older, his strength was still incredible. I could easily push him away with this body of mine now, but a part of me was still terrified of Fujiwara-sensei.

“Why don’t we fuck again like the old times? What do you say, huh? He suggested while pulling my shirt off. “But to make things more exciting, let’s try this out.” He smirked. After that, he pulled out a small bottle from his pants’ pocket and let me sniff the contents.

“What the fuck—?!” I wasn’t able to continue screaming in protest because I felt my body heating up.

I doubtfully looked at Fujiwara-sensei while he insanely smirked before speaking. “Can you feel it, Kazuki?” He asked. “It’s a heat-inducing drug. It’s still in their experimental stage so it’s only sold in black markets. Can you feel your whole body throbbing? Soon enough, you will have to submit to me, because the side effects are quite… malefic. You might even get pregnant after this, so just enjoy the moment, okay?”

I went pale and lost all my strength all of a sudden. I felt my body being enveloped by an agonizing pain. My mind went numb.

‘I don’t want this! Someone…!’

“Okudaaa!” Then, I found myself screaming his name.

The door slammed open. There he stood, giving off heavy waves of Alpha pheromones that covered the whole office. This amount of pheromones could reach a long distance, making it even worse!

“Oh?” Fujiwara-sensei was forced to halt his actions as he turned his attention to Okuda, who was giving him a deadly glare. “You’re quite aggressive, young man. Wanna join the fun? (Rika: holy fuc—*was slapped*) This muscular Omega here just went into heat and really wants to get his ass fucked.” He invited and I also noticed that Okuda was also affected by the pheromones I was releasing.

“Leave.” Okuda commanded Fujiwara-sensei with an overbearing manner. 

“What?” The old man acted deaf.

“I’ll kill you if you don’t leave!” Okuda shouted.

Fujiwara-sensei froze while staring at Okuda with a strange expression. “You… You are his—!”


Fujiwara-sensei had no choice but to leave. Okuda hurriedly searched for something to cover me up before carrying me and ran out of the office.

“Where… are you taking me?” I weakly asked.

“Far from here.” Was his short answer.

While we were on our way to the elevator, it was also the exact moment where we met Moriya and Amamiya that just came back from eating.

“Okuda-kun, what happened? We can smell Alpha pheromones and Omega heat from our department. What happened to Shimada-senpai?” Moriya asked worriedly to Okuda when he saw the state I was in.

“Call the police. That Fujiwara bastard sells illegal heat-inducing drugs.” Okuda ordered.

“Huh? How about Shimada-senpai? Where are you guys going?!” Moriya asked in panic, but I heard Amamiya convincing him to call the police.

We were able to reach the elevator and my mind was still blurry. It was so damn hard to breathe and my whole body would throb even to the slightest touch. I wasn’t able to comprehend the expression that was painted on Okuda’s face… like… like he was in pain too.

“RIght now…” Okuda paused before continuing. “Right now, you are releasing a very nice scent.” He said and his grip on me tightened. “But I won’t allow anyone to see that face you’re making right now. I may end up hurting you today, but I’ll try to hold back.”

‘What the fuck is he saying? There’s so much going on that I can’t think straight.’

I held onto Okuda’s collar before speaking in a desperate whisper. “Please don’t throw me away.”

And after that, everything went black.

Rika: I hate this chapter… It was so hard to TL this because MY HEART IS HURTING FOR SHIMADA-SENPAI WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH TTATT

Oh, and excuse my comments at the side, I translate as I read, so I put my reactions. XD *coughs*

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