WoE Chapter 3

Episode 3

Warning: NSFW Content (Rika: Yeeeees… This novel kinda has a lot of it… ^^;)

Episode 3

“Ryuichi, listen. If you ever find your Omega mate, love and take care of him, alright? Always remember, Omegas are fragile.”



I jolted awake, hastily sitting up while panting as though I just ran a marathon. My body covered in cold sweat. 

“Shit…” I cursed softly, as I brought my right hand to my forehead and gently massaged it while frowning.

‘Why did I have that dream again? I thought I’d forgotten all about it…’ I irritatedly thought to myself and sighed.

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When I was a child, I was showered with so much love and kindness. Both my parents made sure to give me everything I wanted and tended to all my needs.

I was happy back then… and was too young to understand the real meaning to something called ‘kindness’. 

“Kaa-san, what is a fated pair and soul bond?” I asked curiously while holding a book about the Omegaverse, simplified for kids, and showed it to her.

I was eight years old when I asked that stupid question.

My mother who was calm and smiling, carefully caressed my cheek before she giggled. “Are you interested?” She asked as if she were testing me. 

I nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, yes! Please?”

She once more giggled before speaking. “Alright; listen carefully, okay?”

“Okay.” I agreed and waited anxiously for her to tell me the details.

“Fated Pairs or Soul Bonds are extremely rare. Some say that it’s already become a legend. It has different effects for every person. You’ll know it when you find your fated pare. Somehow…. You will find yourself attracted to that person even without any reason.” She elucidated without breaking her smile.

“Why can’t Betas be someone’s Fated Pair?” I asked in a sad tone.

“Betas have their own reasons too, Ryuichi.” 

“Kaa-san, are you and Tou-san fated pairs?” I asked in both curiosity and hope that they were.

How I wished I didn’t ask that.

For a moment, she stayed quiet and just stared at me. I was wondering why, but as always, I would just have to wait for a few moments before hearing her responses, like she always did whenever I asked her random questions. 

“Ryuichi, listen. If you find your Omega mate, love and take care of him or her, alright? Always remember; Omegas are fragile.”

Those words left me puzzled. She didn’t discuss anything further and encouraged me to study instead. 

My mother was an Omega and my father was an Alpha. As long as I could remember, I have never seen them argue over trivial things. They were always happy. They totally loved each other.

Until that day came…


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“Kaa-san, I’m home.” I excitedly greeted, holding a medal I received after becoming valedictorian in my class.

I usually saw her in the kitchen, cooking our lunch, but I was shocked when I didn’t find her there. The ingredients were untouched and raw. 

I decided to go up to my parents’ room. Maybe mom was just tired and didn’t notice the time because she took a nap. I tightly held the medal. I was about to open the door when I heard a cry of pain. I involuntarily took a step back and gasped, hastily covering my mouth, using my hand that was holding the medal. 

“Please, stop.” A voice tearfully begged, 

‘That was my mom’s voice!’ I exclaimed in my mind as my tears streamed down my face. 

“Why are you like this, honey? We do this every single day.” Another voice spoke back, it was Tou-san’s voice.

“Please, Ryuichi will be home soon. He might see us like this.” Kaa-san once again tearfully begged.

“Why are you scared that he will see? Or maybe that you don’t like the thought that the brat will know that his own mother is such a slutty omega?” 

“Stop it! Please!” Kaa-san’s voice got slightly louder. “Argh!” One painful howl suddenly pierced my ears, making me more anxious.

At those moments, I wanted to just burst through the door and help my mother, but I felt myself freeze in my tracks when I heard Tou-san talk once more. 

“How do you think Ryuichi will see you when he finds out that his beloved mother is tied to another man?”

I could only gasp in shock from the sudden discovery I overheard. Then, I heard my mother calling my name, it seemed like I was caught eavesdropping. 

“Ryuichi…?” Mother spoke in terror. “My dear Ryuichi, i-is that you?”

I stood there, unmoving. I couldn’t comprehend what was happening. This was the very first time I heard them being like this, like there was no love in their conversation, no love between them. 

“Good timing!” Tou-san exclaimed. “Don’t you think our son deserves to know the truth?” 

“The truth…?” I slowly uttered before sniffling. 

“Please—don’t! This is not the right time for Ryuichi to know about this!” Kaa-san defended.

“Shut up!” Tou-san burst in anger. “Ryuichi, get in here.” He suddenly commanded that made me stumble in dread.

“But…” I nervously replied.

“Come here.” He continuously urged.

“Ryuichi, don’t come in! Please!”

“Shut up, you shitty Omega!” Tou-san cursed.

I was afraid to go in. What would I see and realize the moment I obeyed Tou-san?

“Ryuichi, please! I’m begging you! Go to your grandparents! Leave us!” Kaa-san desperately exclaimed to drive me away, but my curiosity about the ‘truth’ Tou-san was talking about got over me. 

I unhurriedly pushed open the door. Beyond it was something that changed my life forever. I knew it, but still… I didn’t want to be an ignorant person who didn’t know anything.

The moment the door revealed the occurrence inside the room, there she was—my Omega mother—being pinned down by my Alpha father while naked. She had white, sticky stuff all over her body and she was crying heavily. My father looked like a psychotic maniac, snickering for no reason.

If you aren’t reading this in onigirilife.video.blog, it’s stolen! boo, boo!! Go read it there!

My eyes were wide open in total disbelief while my mouth hung open. I involuntarily let go of the medal that I was excited to show to the woman that had always given me kindness and unconditional love.

“You see, Ryuichi, your mom had been deceiving us for such a long time now.” Tou-san began speaking while staring intensely at me. “All along, she made us believe that we were the most precious people to her. But just this past year, I caught this bitch having sex with another man!” Tou-san exclaimed in a deranged state, his rationality gradually disappearing due to his extreme anger. He looked so livid that the only thing lacking was to strangle Kaa-san to death.

“Kaa-san… Is this true?” I unbelievingly asked. 

“Ryuichi—!” She tried to explain, but Tou-san’s hold on her neck tightened and began strangling her.

“Shut the fuck up! Unfaithful whore!” Tou-san growled.

“Kaa-san!” I terrifyingly called mother and attempted to get closer, but a stabbing glare came my way from father that made me take a few steps backward. 

“Ryuichi! I’m so sorry, my child! I’m so sorry!” Kaa-san howled and asked for forgiveness, trying to fight back only to fall back because Tou-san was obviously stronger. “Ryuichi… Please… Don’t look…!” She pleaded before bursting into tears once more.

“You bitch! I will fucking kill you!”

“Tou-san, don’t! Kaa-san is hurt!” I tried to plead for her safety, but I was immediately restrained by Tou-san’s piercing glare that was burning in anger.

It was like those eyes were telling me that I would also be killed if I even thought of intervening. 

As a child that lacked strength, I had no choice but to watch my mother being beaten black and blue and molested by my father numerous times while she cried.

I called out to her until I went weak, horrified by this traumatic scene.

A few days later, my grandparents arrived to pick me up. Everything was a blur. They explained everything to me.

They told me that my mother suddenly met her Fated Pair two years ago. You see, whether you were already bonded with someone and happened to see your Fated pair, you would end up being drawn to them. That’s what happened to my mother.

Tou-san loved her greatly. He couldn’t accept the fact that he lost the person he cared for so much in a blink of an eye. They promised to love each other no matter what happened. It just so happened that Kaa-san met her Fated Pair at a wrong time and place.

The shock caused too much emotional damage to my father and he had a mental breakdown. He was no longer capable to take care of me. They had told me that Kaa-san was safe, but she already decided to leave us. All she left me was a note saying:

I’m sorry for lying to you all this time. I am an Omega, after all. Ryuichi, forget about me and move on. I’ll be living a happy life now… without you in it.


(Rika: wow… talk about rood >.>)

If you aren’t reading this in onigirilife.video.blog, it’s stolen! boo, boo!! Go read it there!

I thought that maybe they were trying to brainwash me, but this was definitely her handwriting. My heart broke into a million pieces. This made me trust no one.

From then on, I promised myself to never trust an Omega anymore. I hated her since then and wished that she never became my mother.

[End of Flashback]


“Aah! Hmmfgh! Ngh! Haah…” Shimada-senpai cried as he moaned beneath me.

I thrust even more vigorously. This made him tighten around me. Right now, we were doing it on his office floor. It’s already past twelve in the morning, but we were still on it.

“You are such a slut.” I commented with a snicker.

He blushed and covered half of his face with his forearm, leaving his nose down to his chin bare.

“Shut up,” He uttered. “Aah…” He moaned again when my movements got quicker.

‘Why act all tough? I know you want it.’

“You’re so conceited. Why are you doing this?” I suddenly asked on impulse.

“Why?” He asked me back before clenching his fist. “As if an Alpha like you would understand.”

I grit my teeth and suddenly grabbed his arm, flipping him over.

“Wha?! Wait, I can’t anymore! Stop it!” Shimada-senpai begged frantically.

I put my weight on him and pushed him down. “Hey, you’re in heat right now, aren’t you? I’ve been smelling your pheromones for a while now.” I intended to tease him until he loses his calm and finally succumbs to the pleasure.

As expected, Shimada-senpai’s face was colored beet red and felt him twitch inside.

“Just finish it already, you prick!” He snarled at me, but I roughly held his chin and forced him to face me. “Ugh!”

“I wonder if you’ll get pregnant if I shoot all of my come inside? You didn’t take your suppressant today, did you?”

“No! Do it outside!” He pleaded in panic, his face was clearly telling that I was damn right. 

I pounded harder and the more I did it roughly, his reactions were splendid. He’s now more sensitive since I felt him trembling all over. 

“Haha! Look at you! Devouring my cock like a hungry dog!” I insulted.

“Haah! Don’t come inside! Do it outside! Do it outside!” He pleaded over and over again.

I could already feel that I was nearing climax. As Shimada-senpai kept telling me to come outside, I focused on thrusting my dick even deeper. For a split second, I closed my eyes. When I opened them again, the sight of his nape gave me the urge to bite it.

Unknowingly, I licked his nape that made him shiver. Shimada-senpai hastily covered the back of his neck using both of his hands. I was annoyed by his actions and my thrusts became rougher.

“Hiyaa! Ahh! Aah… Okuda… no more. Stop it…” He weakly pleaded, but I didn’t listen. 

Instead, I put all my remaining strength into thrusting and let out all my essence inside his lustful backside.

“Hmph. Serves you right.” I said with no speck of pity while I gave him an insulting look. “If you ever get pregnant, feel free to fire me. I will gladly leave, ‘boss’.”

“No…” He groaned. “No…” He repeated and curled himself, slowly reaching for his asshole. He let out a gasp when he felt my semen oozing out.

I saw his face turned pale. Fear engulfed his whole being. 

“Better check for sudden changes before your other subordinates find out.” I told him and walked away like I had no care at all. “And oh, you owe me eighty tonight. See you.” I added while grinning malevolently and finally left.

Then again, just before I could close the door shut, his expression once more became solemn and sorrowful.


“Omegas are fragile.”

Whenever I started to feel guilty for hurting Shimada-senpai, that woman’s voice and words would haunt me, reminding me what Omegas truly are.

“I will never fall in love with you.” I said to myself and went home.

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