WoE Chapter 2

Episode 2

Warning: NSFW Content


“Haah… Aah…” Shimada-senpai moaned in pleasure as I pounded his ass on top of his office desk. 

Our session began after everyone left.

It’s been a week since that night. After finding out his dreadful secret, my boss prevented me from ruining his image by paying me twenty thousand dollars for every fuck and keeping my mouth shut.

I had never imagined that I would be meeting a guy like him—an Omega who would pay someone for sex.

“Quit tightening around me. I’ll end up coming too soon. You wouldn’t like that, right?” I teased while grinning. “It’s going to be another twenty thousand.” I arbitrarily added.

“Shut the fuck up and end it-ahh!” He snarled in anger and pleasure.

“Hah?” I raised a brow and pounded him harder, making him moan even louder. “Is that how you treat someone who knows that you’re a filthy Omega who pretended to be an Alpha to receive respect?” I huskily said to intimidate him.

“Aah…” He got tighter and clenched his fists. “I don’t need anyone’s respect.” He gritted out.

I was screwing him from behind. In this position, I had all the advantage to molest him. Additionally, I could even reject his offer all together at that time, but I didn’t know why I got myself into this trouble.

I chose this kind of job in order to avoid these kinds of situations, only to find out I had already become a part of this disgusting ordeal.

What did I want from this guy?

I could earn three times more than what he had offered me, so why?

‘I want to see you break into pieces until I’m satisfied; that’s why…’ I thought to myself and after a few more rough thrusts, I came… inside him.

“Fuck, I came inside you again. Did you take your pill?” I breathlessly asked as I slowly slid out my cock.

Shimada-senpai weakly stood, not even bothering to answer me. I guess that meant ‘yes’.

He walked towards his seat and grabbed his clothes, putting them on. I watched with a confused expression. I mean, we just finished and I just came inside… Did he have no plan to clean himself up?

“Don’t you need the toilet?” I asked out of slight concern.

“Mind your own fucking business.” He spat. He took his things and left, leaving me alone in his office.

He gave me a spare key to his office, so I could come and go anytime I want, but what gives? Why did it look like he wasn’t satisfied after giving him what he wanted?

I just disregarded his actions and followed suit after I finished putting back my clothes on.

‘That shitty Omega, taking me for a fool.’


“Good morning, Shimada-san!” The workers greeted smilingly the moment our great and magnificent boss had arrived.

“Morning.” He indifferently greeted back and went straight to his office.

As expected, my co-workers seemed to understand that he was in another fit of bad mood. Well, he had always been. I never saw him actually smiling to his subordinates either.

So how could they say that he’s a good and capable boss?!

“Okuda-kun, there’s a client that’s interested to give a huge investment in exchange for a supply of a million Omega suppressants. It’s the highest type of suppressants that the client is looking for.” Chiaki Amamiya said. She was one of my co-workers that was a female Beta.

“One million? Will our company be able to produce such a large quantity?” I asked in awe.

We have countless stocks on the go, but super expensive ones were limited. Those suppressants were so concentrated that it might harm an Omega’s body, especially those who have just experienced their heats.

Selling these medicines were forbidden years ago, but since Omegas started to gain tolerance against the suppressants, it was legalized in order to secure both the Omega’s safety and Alphas that would be in contact with that Omega.

‘But this client here sounds suspicious. Why will they buy such a large amount? Is he a part of some illegal Omega trafficking?’ These were my thoughts while contemplating whether to report to Shimada-senpai about this.

This had become my role. Before the deals were to be directed to our boss, the details would be passed onto me first. My job was to dig deeper into that information and decide whether I should consult his help or make the decision myself. I was easily promoted to this position because this was similar to my previous job. The reason they transferred me here was for Shimada-senpai to have more people working on such complicated tasks.

My old company told me that the workers here were having difficulties in meeting the demands of the buyers and received complaints.

“What’s the client’s name?” I asked Amamiya-san.

She frantically turned the pages of the document she was holding before she answered. “Ichi Fujiwara-san; 57 years old. An Alpha businessman. He’s running a club that’s selling exquisite Omegas for Alphas collecting multiple mates for breeding purposes. From the given documents, he’s a legal dealer.” Her voice trembled while reading the information.

Obviously, she felt pity for the Omegas involved in the said dealings. If I were her, I would probably feel pity, but… no.

‘I just hate them to the core.’

“Okay, thanks.” I said and she nodded. Then, she went back to her work desk.

I glanced at our boss’s desk, who was now within our sights, quietly observing each and every one of us. His stare didn’t seem intimidating to me. They looked rather… dead, for some weird reason.

When I got a proper look at him, it was as if I’m looking at a shallow and empty body. 

Amamiya passed me some of the additional details about the client Ichi Fujiwara. I looked through his biodata and began my thorough research.

We would be in big trouble if it turned out that this old man’s a fucking scam.

“If he really sold Omegas for breeding purposes, why would he provide them such suppressants? Wouldn’t it damage them at some point in their lives?” I curiously asked myself while scrolling down to read the information.

Omegas that were sold for breeding purposes should remain untouched as much as possible. They were only given suppressants and birth control pills if they happened to experience heat while still in their handlers’ care to avoid spoiling their ‘quality’.

They usually put Omegas in a special area until they were bought. Rejected ones would end up being thrown to low-class establishments where they became slaves and sex tools for free. (Rika: holy- my goodness…)

But due to the rapid increase of Omega population and certain changes in their heat periods, you could no longer leave an Omega in heat for too long without helping them out. The time would come that an Omega would certainly look for an Alpha’s presence, whether they wanted to or not. 

This was the unforgiving shitty reality about life.

No matter how you look at it, Omegas have the highest rate of successful pregnancies, thus making them essential for Alphas who wanted to produce many successors.

Betas could withstand an Omega’s heat but could never make a bond with an Omega. They could have sex with an Omega in heat to relieve them, but a Beta wasn’t enough because of the intensity of an Omega’s need. They also couldn’t impregnate an Omega. In this society, Betas are like normal people. They were free to choose what life to live and who to spend it with. As long as the couple was both Betas, their status wouldn’t be taken under scrutiny. 

There was also this so-called ‘Fated Pairs or Soul Bonds’. This was a rare case and only happened for Alphas and Omegas.

Most Omegas wouldn’t find their Fated Pair throughout their entire life, but when they do, they wouldn’t be able to resist them no matter what they did. Even if they love them or not, they would always find themselves attracted to their fated Alpha. They would have this urge to want that Alpha. The bond could either be done during childhood if the fated pair somehow met each other during that time.

It was so rare that it soon became a legend.

And again, that was only what I know.


“Shimada-senpai, we have an interesting client.” I said to him the moment I entered his office and put down a brown folder on top of his desk. 

He gave it a quick glance before going back to focus on his work. I disliked how he just ignored me, so I opened it for him and showed him the first page of the gathered files.

“What’s the name?” He simply asked, not concealing his indifference to the topic at hand as he didn’t even give a damn on even looking at the file.

“Ichi Fujiwara.” I answered as I frowned.

I was getting annoyed by this arrogant boss of mine!

But my annoyance swiftly turned into curiosity when Shimada-senpai’s eyes widened in shock.

‘Heh. Familiar with the name, are we?’ I thought to myself while sneering.

“Is there something wrong?” I asked, acting like a worried prick. But the truth was I was fucking curious as to why he showed such a reaction!

He tried to shrug off the awkward feeling and forced himself to respond with, “I’m fine.”

‘As if I believe you!’ I screamed in my mind.

“Would you like me to read the details for you?” I offered, wearing a silly smile to tease him a little.

“No.” He immediately declined. “Just leave it there. I will read it later. I’ll call you if I have decided to take his proposal.” He answered back, doing everything to not look my way.

“If you say so…” I trailed off.

“Tonight…” He suddenly uttered.

“Hmm?” I turned my head to look at him.

“We will do it tonight.” He added.

A wide smirk made its way onto my lips from what I heard from his lips. I intentionally closed onto him and whispered to his ears. “You love my dick that much, Shi-ma-da-se…n-pa-i”? 

He literally went pale and shivered. Seeing him react so intensely from that got me all excited. I suddenly felt an urge to fuck him right now. I didn’t care if the others would find out. I’m an Alpha. I could either tell them that he bribed me or went into heat and there was nothing I was able to do. Or rather, that he seduced me.

His entire secret’s safety was within my hands.

“Let’s fuck.” I imprudently retorted.

Shimada-senpai’s eyes widened and were forced to meet my eyes. He was in total disbelief, but I knew that this situation was to my advantage. With us still on duty and our co-workers who were just a few meters away, fucking in broad daylight would be a brain-whacking thrill!


“Ahn… Huff… Ughh…”

“You suck.” I bluntly commented while being sucked by my boss.

Still, he kept bobbing his head up and down and at the same time, occasionally sucking and licking my cock. Right now, I was sitting on his swivel chair. He’s been doing it for ten minutes already and I was only half hard.

“Use your throat. Go deeper. I can’t even feel your tongue.” I complained, but I was half-lying too.

He was unskilled, yes, but the sensation of his soft tongue brought small spikes of pleasure against my cock. It wasn’t so satisfying, but the way he looked right now made me excited. 

Feverish, almost crying every time the tip of my dick hits against the wall of his throat, his pained expression, and even his deadly glare directed at me was enough to make my lower-half react.

“Umfh…” Shimada-senpai continued sucking as if he wanted me to come so that he would be able to taste my essence and cock.

“I’m almost—!” Just before I could pull his face away, I already shot all of my hot liquid inside his mouth.

He attempted to remove my hands holding him, but I cupped both of his cheeks with one hand and forced him to swallow my come.

“Swallow, or they’ll know.” I threatened him so that he would have no choice but to follow my command.

What I’m doing was fucking lame, but I wanted to see this arrogant bastard submit to me. 

“You piece of shit!” He softly cursed and roughly wiped his mouth and chin that were covered with saliva and come that was still streaming down because of its quantity.

He then stood stiffly before sitting down on my lap. My hard dick rubbed against his ass every time he moved.

“Let’s end this quickly and fuck off.” He stressed out and took hold of my thing. 

With little assistance, Shimada-senpai took me all in.

“Ahh!” Suddenly, a gasp-like moan escaped his mouth when my tip reached the deepest parts of his insides. He absent-mindedly wrapped his arms around my neck, holding onto me tightly. 

“You are so wet, you slut.” I said, intensely staring at his feverish face.

“S-Shut up-Aah…” He reproached as he started moving.

“Ngh! Mmfgh! Ahh!”

“Should I assist you?” I offered.

“No-ngh! Aah…” He declined and forced himself to focus his attention to make himself feel good. 

“You should keep your voice down. They are just outside.” I reminded him and Shimada-senpai instantly stopped his movements. But I felt the burning insides of his tighten.

“I fucking know, so shut up!” He growled. 

I slowly caressed his smooth ass and fondled them. “Would you like me to suck your nipples?” I suggested and his face got more flustered. 

At first, he was still hesitant, but eventually, he couldn’t do anything but to nod.

“Aah… Mmfh… Aah… Ngh!” Shimada-senpai repeatedly moaned like a bitch as I sucked, licked and bit one nipple at a time.

There was a deep hint to his voice but during sex, it would automatically soften that tickled my ears. He tried to act tough, but his reactions were clearly telling me to fuck him more.

I wonder why he was this desperate to protect his reputation, as far as paying me for sex. 

How many Alphas did he have sex with?

Who was his first?

Was he like this to the other guys too?

These wild questions would always cross my mind every time we did it. And thinking how desperate he was irritated me. 

“Coming already? You’re twitching so much inside.” I remarked with a smirk. 

“Mmfgh! Haah… Aah… S-Shut… Umfgh! Ngh!” He couldn’t even speak because of how extreme the pleasure was.

He began to intensify every thrust and I could almost feel my dick throbbing. His arms holding onto me tightened even more. I just allowed him until he finished. Not long after, I came too. 

Shimada-senpai let out labored and uneven breaths. His arms were still around my neck. After gaining some strength, he slowly stood up, letting my dick slide out. He took his clothes and went to the toilet. 

“That was quick.” I monotonously observed. 

After a few minutes, he got out and told me to clean myself too.”

“Here.” He said as he handed me the money. “Let’s cancel tonight’s plan.”

I received the money and hid them. “Why?” I asked him.

“I remembered that I still need a lot to do today. You can head home early later.” He explained, not facing my way.

“Okay.” I carelessly answered and left his office like nothing happened.

Before fully shutting the door close, I accidentally caught him with a sorrowful expression on his face. I was dumbfounded to see such an expression from Shimada-senpai, but I forced myself to ignore him.

He could just be feeling lonely for not having my dick tonight. (Rika: wtf. Such ego)


I arrived home early and took a bath. Consequently, I found myself grabbing the bag that I use for work and unzipped it. I took the twenty thousand I got from him and stared at it for some time.

Then, I gritted my teeth in irritation. I opened the huge drawer under the cabinet and threw the money inside before I slammed it close.

I let myself fall into bed while I spat the words: “I really hate Omegas.”

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