WoE Chapter 1

Episode 1

Warning: NSFW Content


I am Ryuichi Okuda and I am 26 years old. Today, I got transferred to another company branch that sells high-quality suppressants for Omegas. I was told that our new boss was strict and hated slackers. Truth be told, I didn’t expect much.

Born as an Alpha, everyone had high hopes for me. They expected me to excel in everything. I had many experiences where multiple people attempted to get closer to me solely because of my exceptional abilities. What people didn’t know was that I hated mingling too much–especially with Omegas.

Whenever I saw an Omega in heat, it reminded me of something I’d seen during my childhood; it was disgusting.

“My name’s Ryuichi Okuda. I’ll be in your care from now on.” I kindly introduced myself the moment I arrived at my new workplace.

“Welcome, Okuda!” My new workmates happily welcomed me.

To be honest, I could have been more than just a lowly subordinate in the Sales Department. With my good family background and high rank in society, I could be the CEO or even an owner of my very own company. But I chose this average way of living… in order to avoid the parties that most Alphas enjoyed when they were in the mood to get wild.

Alphas that had high ranks and positions in their work often took part in “temporary mating sessions”. This was an illegal practice and only the most influential individuals were aware of it.

Debauchery that you wouldn’t expect occurred here. They purchased Omegas and used them as objects to sate their thirst. Additionally, this type of job made most Omegas slowly collapse, especially those who had no mates, since they had no proper education and rights in society.

I didn’t want to watch their dirty practices and as a result, I chose to apply for a job that would often suit Betas and a handful of Alphas that weren’t well off.

“I am Kazuki Shimada; Head Manager of the Sales Department.” A tall man with a huge figure suddenly introduced himself.

He didn’t shake hands with me or greet me.

He had fair and smooth skin. And from his bearing, there was no doubt that he was an Alpha like me.

“Ryuichi Okuda. Nice to meet you, Shimada-senpai.” I formally greeted back. I turned to face him, only to find that he was only staring at me with a stance that suggested that he had no intention of furthering our conversation.

After we shook hands and greeted each other, he turned his back on me and went back to his area, facing his laptop once more. It looked like he was forced to greet me. From other peoples’ point of view, his treatment towards me was kinda rude, but I was more shocked to see that there was no reaction whatsoever from his co-workers.

‘So he’s actually very strict?’ I inwardly asked in my head as I took notice of the others’ reactions.

There were only a few that whispered to each other but everyone immediately went back to their own area. There were also some that gave me a look of pity. I waited for somebody to tell me what was that about, but it seemed like all of them were terrified of our so-called boss.

With that aside, I decided to just go to my new working desk and set up my things.

“Um… Hello.”

A voice suddenly spoke up on my left, making me stop fixing my things. I turned my head to look at the person who had such a small voice and who was looking apprehensively at me.

“Hi. I’m Hino Moriya. I’ll apologize for our boss, ah. He’s just really reticent to the new employees, but he’s a pretty good boss.” He said before fixing his round glasses with thick lenses.

“It’s okay.” I spoke back and continued fixing my things.

“I’m a Beta by the way. Um… Are you an Alpha?” He probed.

“Why?” I asked in confusion.

Did it even matter?

“N-Nothing. Your aura is pretty intimidating.” He answered back and avoided my gaze.

‘Was it really that obvious? Do I spread so much dominance that even if I act like an unremarkable Alpha, people still feel uneasy with me nearby?’ I thought to myself.

I shrugged the thought off. Then suddenly, my eyes went in the direction of our Head Manager. I could clearly see him from my seat. He was so focused on his work that he didn’t even notice my stare.

I didn’t know why, but this was the first time that I had become so intrigued towards another Alpha. He must be quite dominant in sex too. In my own opinion, he looked too classy to be in a place like this.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t stare at Shimada-san too much. I’m sure that he knows.” Moriya-san suddenly said.

I automatically removed my gaze and pondered to myself.

Why did a guy like him choose to work here?

‘Does he, by chance, have a similar situation as me?’


“Okuda-kun, here’s your first assignment.” Shimada-san said as he laid some papers on my desk.

He wore an expressionless face as if he were a robot.

“What should I do with these?” I asked him.

“Keep track of our sales today and give me a report tonight before you go home. I won’t accept any delays.” He instructed and went back to his seat.

‘Tonight you say…?’ I thought to myself, a little bit skeptical.

Guess I had no choice but to work my ass off.

The company I used to work at was really successful. Clients were satisfied with the suppressants that we produced. It’s not just the Omegas that needed suppressants, but also Alphas.

When an Omega goes into heat, they release a special kind of pheromone that greatly attracts Alphas. The moment an Alpha sniffs the said pheromones, their sense of reasoning would disappear. And when this happens, an Omega’s body would crave sexual intercourse. They could use toys to subdue the heat, but it would take longer. The heat would only totally calm down if an Alpha did it with them. And when I say Alpha, anyone would do.

That was how it always worked.

The only way to stop an Omega’s recurrent heat was to mate with an Alpha. Mating was done when an Alpha bites an Omega’s nape during heat sexual intercourse. From then on, the Omega could no longer mate with others aside from his Mated Alpha. Though a Mated Alpha could still have multiple mates if he wanted to.

Pregnancy was likely to occur if an Omega got penetrated during his heat. Getting pregnant without a mate was risky for an Omega, that’s why they take birth control pills.

That’s all I knew.

And I had no plans on walking on the same path as those idiots.


The evening quickly came. This was still my first day at work; but here I am, working overtime.

I never would have thought that this branch was just as busy as my previous one!

“Fuck; I feel so sleepy.” I said to myself while I finished typing the last bit of information in my report.

My eyes were hurting and I could feel my body shutting down. I should start getting used to this.

I took a glance at my wristwatch and became frantic when I knew it was near eleven in the evening.

“Ah! Come to think of it, I informed Shimada-senpai that I would leave my report here. I wonder if he already went home.” I recalled and looked around the area.

My coworkers told me that the boss had a separate office of his own. He was mostly there if he had too much work to attend to other than to monitor our work.

I forgot where that was but I think it was beyond this thick wall behind Shimada-senpai’s work desk.

Should I just leave my report here or try to see if he’s there?

After finishing everything I turned off my laptop, grabbed my report and headed towards the office (if my memory serves me right). I should make a good first impression if I wanted him to acknowledge my skills.

Besides, I partly hated his cocky attitude this morning, so maybe giving him exactly what he asked me for won’t hurt.

I found the door to his office. I instantly knew that it was his office because of the sign hanging outside that said DO NOT DISTURB.

I was about to walk closer when I noticed that the door was slightly ajar. When I walked closer, I suddenly jolted back.

‘This smell…!’

It was quite faint, but it was addictive enough to make me lose my balance.

‘Is he mating with an Omega in heat?!’

I started to feel nauseous when I began hearing soft moans from the room. I would’ve been able to suppress myself earlier, while I was in better condition, but now I was having trouble controlling myself.

My rut suddenly came! This was because I smelled an Omega’s pheromone!

“What a bastard. Doing it in such a conspicuous and dangerous place.” I irksomely and dismayingly stated and forced myself to stay away but I was being enticed by such an alluring smell.

It was eating my whole being.

I ended up knocking the door open while breathing heavily; just like a wild beast that’s about to feast on his prey.

I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but I was dumbfounded upon seeing my boss panting like a whore. He was lying all naked on the floor and all sorts of (sex) toys were scattered around him.

Presently, there was a dildo vibrator inserted in his backside and it was oozing so much love juice.

“What are you…?!” I could barely speak properly due to the rut and pleasant smell permeating the room.

Shimada-senpai was as shocked as me but his heat was rather stronger than his rational thinking. He kept playing with the vibrator and even came in front of me.

A huge sense of disgust overflowed inside of me and I quickly covered my mouth and nose to prevent myself from being controlled by his pheromones as I glared at him and exclaimed. “You’re a fucking Omega?! How disgusting!”

His eyes widened, staring at me for some time before forcing himself to stand up even though he was still obviously weak from having an intense orgasm earlier.

He threw the vibrator aside as if nothing had happened and went to his desk to get something. His movements made me furrow my brows, but I kept my guard on. He was still releasing such strong pheromones and I was already hard down there.

“You know… I don’t give a fuck if you’re an Alpha, Okuda-kun.” Shimada-senpai spoke suddenly, my ears ringing with the words he just said. “I’ve worked very hard to get this job I have right now until you showed up. I won’t let a mere subordinate like you mess up my life.”

“What are you trying to say?” I asked him in confusion.

He then took out his long wallet, showing me a bunch of dollar bills. “Twenty thousand dollars for every session. Have sex with me and keep your mouth shut.” He said without even blinking.

I was amazed by his words and raised a brow. “And you think I would fall for that lousy trick? An Omega like you doesn’t belong here.”

“Oh, you have to; I am your boss after all. I can fire you right here, right now.” He said in an authoritative voice.

‘Fuck this Omega!’

“I really hate people like you.” I said with gritted teeth.

Shimada-senpai scoffed. “As if Alphas are so great.” He spatted. “You shitty assholes keep on spouting nonsense about how filthy we are, but aren’t you just the same? I mean just look at yourself.” He looked at me with a disgusted look on his face. “Barely holding yourself back from tasting my wet ass. Even your cock is honest enough. In the end, you can’t resist me.”

“Die, you fucking bastard!” I snapped at him and almost strangled him with full force, but my rut took hold of my being.

He approached me and handed over the money. “You know you want me. Say it.” He seductively instigated with a husky whisper to my ear.

I gritted my teeth in anger. I had such a big advantage now that he was in heat right now. I fucking knew he was just using this opportunity to control me, but even though it was against my will, something inside me lit up.

“I won’t go easy on you.” I warned while I smirked.

He curled his lips back at me. “I know.”

I’ll be damned if I ever agreed to this fucking Omega’s useless deal, but I was rather interested to know why he was this confident. He acted as if he hadn’t experienced any worse situations like those others.

I will make him beg until he can’t come without my dick. However, until then, I’ll let him have his way and when I’m fed up, I will throw him aside.

‘I will never let myself be tempted by an Omega’s charms. They are filthy beings; unworthy of love.’

All they fucking do is act like victims all the time. They told you they didn’t need any other Alphas besides you and then one day, they suddenly disappear from your sight.

They’re untrustworthy people.

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