R:TUL Prologue

“What is it? Nick? Can you please just tell me the truth? Is it true? Is there really something going on? Please answer me! ‘Cause I’m going crazy.”

I got out of the car after fighting with Nick. I hastily entered my room so that mom and dad wouldn’t see me crying. I went to my favorite spot inside my room, a corner that I can squeeze myself into, where I went whenever I feel lonely. I feel like that all the time anyway. I always try to fit in with the people I love.

After scrunching and sulking in the same spot, I grabbed my clothes from the closet and place them inside a green suitcase that I pulled out from under my bed. I also packed other things I needed like my toothbrush, my hairbrush, my lipstick, my foundation powder, my eyeliner, and some other things.

I left my room once I finished packing. I first made sure that my parents were already asleep before going out of the house. I took a ride on a tricycle(1) to the bus station. Honestly, I had no idea where I was supposed to go. The only thing I’m carrying now is one heavy heart and I just want to be alone. 

I didn’t know which bus I took. I just chose one and fell asleep, so that I could rest.



(1) Tricycle – A motorized tricycle, kind of like a rickshaw. A common means of public and private transportation in the Philippines. For more info: http://ffemagazine.com/filipino-icon-tricycle-pedicab/

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