R:TUL Chapter 2: Together with the Stranger

Julia’s P.O.V.

It’s mid-morning, but until now I still couldn’t figure out where we were going. I don’t even know where we are now. Why did I go with him in the first place? He’s not a snatcher or anything is he…? Oh my gosh! Maybe he really is a rapist, then he’ll kill me. Isn’t that what the suspects do to their victims? After raping you, they’ll kill you and leave your corpse in a remote place.

“Hey! Wait a moment. I thought we were headed to the beach? Where are you going?” I yelled at him after my mind began racing with an array of thoughts.

“There!” He pointed along the border of the path we’re taking.

“What are we going to do there?” I asked while slowly feeling nervous.

“To buy something.” he shortly answered.

To buy something? I wonder what? Oh no! Maybe a knife? Maybe he’ll really kill me? “What are you going to buy?” I asked again.

“You ask too many questions.” He irritatingly said.

“That’s because your answers are so short.” I said. Why? It’s true anyways. He’s giving short answers.

He stopped walking after a while. I couldn’t bring myself to move closer to him, I’m almost one meter away from him.

“What are we going to do here?” I asked again.

“To buy something?” He answered as though he questioned my thought process, but  then I noticed that we were just outside of South Emerald(3). He should’ve told me that we’re only going here. I ended up thinking too much.

“Hehe!” I laughed.

We first went to the baggage counter of the grocery store to deposit my suitcase and any other bags, then we entered the store. After depositing my things, Mike, I think that’s his name, walked straight inside while I decided to grab a shopping cart.

Mike’s P.O.V.

Once we had our things turned in at the baggage section, I went straight for the junk food aisle. Wandering around, I took notice of the woman I’m with, pushing a food cart with her.

“What are you doing there?” I asked her.

“What does this look like to you?” She answered with another question. Look at this girl. Is she really like this or is she just messing around with me?

“A food cart. You’re so rich, but you don’t even know what it’s called?” I answered.

“Stupid! I know what it is! What I mean is, what is it doing here? What is going to be put in here?” she said.

“Food! That’s why it’s called a food cart right?” I went along and messed around with her as well.

“Hehe. Says who? Then why does that girl have soap in her food cart?” she argued back, continuing to mess about.

Ahh! Is that how she wants it? Fine, here! “Well, how would I know? You’re asking me, but I’m not the one who invented that.” I answered her.

“Tssk. Use your CS.” she ordered.

She told me to use my CS! “CS? Call Sign?” I said.

“Siraulo.(4)” She says as she walks away with the food cart. That was uncalled for!

I suddenly thought about it. “Siraulo?(4) Then it’s supposed to be SU. Sira then Ulo. SU, Sira Ulo! That woman’s so foolish.” I said to myself.

Here we are now, waiting in line to the cashier. If you guys could only see or imagine how this woman was like. Struggling so much from pushing the gigantic food cart and accidentally bumping almost every person when she passes them. It’s making me wonder why she had to bring along a food cart when there’s only a few things in it. I’m only buying a few junk foods which I’m carrying.

“Oh look! Now what? Are you having a hard time now? All because you brought a food cart when you’re only going to buy so little.” I said to insult her.

“What do you care!” She sternly answered.

A few minutes passed before we finally got through. I gave the junk food I previously held to the checkout operator.

“It’s Php113.50(5) sir!” Said the operator then I handed her a five hundred peso bill.

“Do you have 14 pesos sir?” She asked.

“Ahh… I don’t!” I said as I try to feel around my pockets.

“Ahh… that’s all right! Here’s your change, it’s Php386.50(5)! Thank you!” She said then I took my change.

After paying for my food, the woman I’m with was next. She placed the things she wanted on the counter while struggling to put the cart back.

“It’s Php198.40(5) ma’am.” said the checkout operator.

She took… it’s annoying that I still don’t know her name eh, anyway, this woman took out her wallet. I noticed that it seemed like she’s trying to get a hold of her money. I wanted to laugh, but I chose to hide my delight instead. I’ll act like I don’t know what’s going on. I’ll act like I don’t know her. I’ve never met this woman in the first place anyway!

After a brief moment, I noticed that she was staring at me with a pitiful look. What’s this? Acting all pitiable to me? That won’t have any effect on me! “Hehe. You’re on your own.” I added as an insult.

“Mike…” She seriously said. Wow? Are we even close? She really even called me out by my name. “Please… hurry.” She pleaded again.

I couldn’t bear this woman giving me such looks so I had no choice but to get money from my wallet and handed it over to the operator. Just what is up with this woman?

“Miss, here you go!” I said to the cashier operator.

“Yes. Thank you!” This woman’s so happy.

“Sana all!(6)” I heard the checkout operator said and it looked like the woman I’m with heard it too.

“Huh? Oh he’s not my boyfriend! That’s a monkey. Sus!(7) My boyfriend is more handsome than him. We don’t even know each other.” She mentioned to the operator.

“Wow ah? You’re one to whine so much. See this face? Many will fall for this. Remember that.” I told the woman with me.
“Oh my gosh miss! This hateful person is like an old woman, cackles so much as if she’s always on her period. My gosh, if only you knew. My girlfriend is so much more beautiful than her. Do you know Liza Soberano(8)? Her! She’s my girlfriend. Not like that woman.” I said to the operator while making sure that this woman hears me.

She just scrunched up her face to make faces at me. The cashier operator turned aside, holding herself back from smiling and that woman apparently noticed.

“Do you have a problem miss?” She asked the operator as if wanting to start a fight with her judging from the tone of her voice.

“Ahhh… Nothing at all ma’am!” Said the operator. Good thing she had patience or else this might turn into a mess.

“Oopps, take it easy!” I tried to calm this woman down.
“Sorry miss, she’s on her period.” I apologized to the operator.

“Here it is ma’am.” The operator handed over the things she bought then this woman just took it and walked away while making a face.

I noticed that the operator turned aside once more as if holding her laughter again. Good thing that woman didn’t see it.

“Haysss(2)… Ha!”



(2) Haysss – This is a sound or an expression equivalent of a frustrated or relieved sigh.

(3) South Emerald – A small supermarket in the Philippines located in various places.

[image credit: isabang.bidastar.ph]

(4) Siraulo – This is an insult in Filipino that means “crazy” or like something’s wrong with the person’s head. Literal translation is “broken head”.
Ka – means “you” in English.

(5) Php – Currency of the Philippines. “Philippine Peso”.

(6) Sana all! – It’s an expression meaning “hopefully all is like that”. It’s a bilingual phrase with “sana” meaning “hope” or “wish” and “all”.

(7) Sus! – It’s an expression showing disapproval of something.

(8) Liza Soberano – She is a Filipino-American actress whose beauty surpasses many! ❤

[image credit: fashionpulis.com]

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