We have our own original Logo now!!! \o/

I’m happy here okayyy!! Its very moving to see this! We also have our own personalized banner and maybe in the future we can get more personalized onigiri stuff!!! Who knows! We may even be able to get some merch!!! Okay…that may be way off into the future for now….but I’m definitely excited! I mean…come on… your own onigiritlife hoodie??? Delish

Thank you so much Reine for making all of this possible!

The Onigiri

At OnigiriTLife, our hope is that you will experience life through a new lens, consider new perspectives, and have some fun while you’re at it!

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Although we may have different fillings that make some of us sweet or salty, we are all made the same way with a bed of fragrant rice wrapped with nori. We hope that although each of us may be different onigiris, we can appreciate each other for who they are. We hope to represent the Asian side of the world through entertaining stories, blogposts, and more, so stay tuned for what we have to offer!