Rule: The Unspoken Love

Rule: The Unspoken Love

By: mhtalento

Translated by: Reine/MeguMiya
Edited by: Rika, HSM, and Cheetahbreeze


Some people want to find their lost memories.
Some just want to forget it all.

But what if two people come together, one who wants to forget while the other wants to remember?

Is it possible for the two of them to find the answers that they’ve been waiting for so long to find, from each other?
Will the other person forget while you start to remember?


Chapter 1: I Meet You
Chapter 2: Together with the Stranger
Chapter 3: The Simple Rule
Chapter 4: Strange Feeling
Chapter 5: A Story Behind
Chapter 6: Can You Catch Me If I Fall?
Chapter 7: A Dream for a Reality
Chapter 8: I… Goodbye!
Chapter 9: Confused Feelings
Chapter 10: A Sad Surprise

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