An Alpha’s Dilemma Chapter 7

Okay, guys! Here's chapter 7! I won't hinder your reading. So, go read it now! Have fuuuuuuuuun! There's something to take note of after the chapter, so go read it! It's not that long. LMAO Read it here! ๐ŸŠ

ITALQ ch. 2

Did you wait long? Did you even notice a wait??? Well if you did or didn't HERE is the next chapter to I Transmigrated As Lin Qianzi!? NOOOOOO!

An Alpha’s Dilemma Chapter 4

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An Alpha’s Dilemma Ch. 3

Sorry for the wait everyone!!! With all of us being so busy that its hard to keep up, I will be stepping in for awhile to post! Well, without any further ado... HERES CHAPTER 3 of Alpha. What kind of things will happen I wonder... ENJOY!!!!