ITALQ Disclaimer

I Transmigrated As LIN QIANZI?! NOOOO!!! – DISCLAIMER. PLEASE READ. This is a story I wrote myself as a FANFICTION to an original Chinese translated novel titled Doomed to be cannon fodder. No part of this story is considered real or true. Any resemblance to a real life is purely coincidence. If you haven’t read doomed to be cannon fodder, please do so before reading this story as you would understand the story better because this novel is closely related to the original doomed to be cannon fodder. Please don’t bash me. I’m just a die hard fan of the novel and I’m not trying to gain any profit from this novel. You could consider this novel as a fan fiction, doujinshi or parody… Anyone wanted to look for the story could find it here Enjoy reading. THANKS


[ToC] [Next Chapter]

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