ITALQ Chapter 1

I Transmigrated As LIN QIANZI?! NOOOO!!! – Ch. 1 Another Transmigrated Woman


Sue had finished doing all of the house chores she had to do for the day. The groceries were put away, the house was spotless, the laundry was finished and the baby asleep. Even today’s lunch was made.

She glanced at the wall clock, it shows 12.30 pm. She knew she had an hour just for herself before her husband, who works as a teacher, gets back from school with her 5 year old kindergartner.

She slumped at her favorite sofa in the living room, she clicked on the browser and continued reading her favorite novel at the volaire website.

It was a story about a botanist who somehow got transmigrated into the novel she read after getting pricked by a cactus.

But unlike the other transmigrated stories, the female lead is not an assassin or a doctor. Thus, it gave a very fresh feeling into it. Especially when the female lead does everything in her capability to ‘survive’ in the novel she transmigrated into.

Why survive? The female lead actually transmigrated as a supporting female character who would soon be punished with death because she schemed against the actual ‘female lead’ to get the male lead’s attention.

While she did her all to survive, she unwittingly flipped the whole plot upside down and ultimately became the female lead herself at the end of the story.

Sue loved this particular story very much, it was actually her second time reading it. The first while it was still ongoing, and now after a year since it finished.

She was at the end of the story already. The female lead, Bai Xiangxu and the male lead, Long Heng had their ‘happily ever after’ after all the hardship which they had gone through in order to obtain it.

Sue heaved a deep breath, clearly feeling deeply sentimental over the story. She was the type that was emotionally sensitive since the beginning. The story left deep marks in her heart.

I wish I was as great as her’ she thought. In the end, it was not the beauty that made a person remarkable. But the character.

Amongst all the characters inside the story, the original female lead affected her the deepest. She was truly a pitiful character. As a reader, she saw from a different perspective. She could actually understand how Lin Qianzi ended up so tragically.

She was but a sheltered lady, so pure and untainted in the beginning. But her naive personality is the reason why she ended up so tragic.

Coupled with the anomaly called Bai Xiangxiu who is a transmigrator who knew what would happen in the future, she was doomed to be the cannon fodder instead.

Her thought about Lin Qianzi continued even when she had finished the whole story.

what would I do if I were her?’ played inside her mind.

She got up and walked to the kitchen. Her husband would be back any minute now.

She served lunch at the dining table as per usual. She made sure she did it every single day without fail. Her husband would be back, greeted with lunch on the table.

‘a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ is what she believed true.

She walked to the kitchen to wash her hands. She had a little ‘OCD’ problem. Every time she finished with a task she would go and wash her hands.

After she wiped the floor she would wash her hands, after she finished with the laundry she would wash her hands, after feeding her baby she washed her hands. It had became a hard to break habit for her.

While she washed her hands, her mind were drifted of thinking about Lin Qianzi. She imagined what she would do if she were Lin Qianzi and so when she was reaching for a hand soap, she actually pricked her self on the cactus. She had planted a cactus on the window sill. Startled from the pain, she saw her blood drip onto the cactus before she suddenly lost control of her body.

‘What… What happened?’       

She saw her husband run up to her but she couldn’t hear him anymore as her vision went dark.    


“Eldest Miss, it’s time to get up” a female voice was heard.   

Sue opened her eyes with difficulties as her head felt like it was splitting in half.    

She recalled fainting while washing her hand, but where is this place?    

The bed, the table, the room. It all seemed as though she was transported into an ancient Chinese room. How did she ended up here?   

“Eldest miss, we need to hurry, the Master had called for you to go to the Ancestral Hall right now,” the girl said again when she seen how groggy the eldest miss looked.    

“I don’t feel well, my head is hurting so bad” she truly felt like she couldn’t get up at all. Moreover she was confused as to how she ended up in this place.    

Suddenly she realised something… ‘could it be?’ she suddenly opened her eyes widely and get off from the bed to look in the mirror.     

Her shocked expression frightened the maid as she asked carefully “is there anything wrong miss?”    

She ignored the maid as she carefully looked at the unfamiliar face reflecting back. Her hands trembled and her headache became worse.   

‘I was just transmigrated‘, was what she thought before she fainted.    

The maid became panicked. She ran outside and called for help immediately.    

News of the Eldest miss fainting so soon after getting up this morning traveled fast inside the Manor.    

“She must have been shocked to know that she was betrothed to that cold and cruel man”    

“Hush, what are you talking about? Be careful of what you say or you might lose your head.”    

“But it’s true, everyone in the capital knows how cold and heartless he is”    

“Still, we servants are not in the position to talk about such matters. You better finish your task or else we’d be punished for gossiping around”    

Such talk was occurring between the servants. Life inside the Manor is just too dull. It was gossip like this that enlightened their dull life. How can they stopped themselves from talking about it?   

Meanwhile a doctor had already been sent to check on Sue.     

“The Eldest Miss is having symptoms of grievance. She needs rest and maybe someone to talk to” The doctor said after he checked on her.     

“Thank you doctor. Xiao Li, Xiao Mei, you two stay and look after the eldest miss.” The Madame soon left with the doctor with a heavy heart. How would she be able to convince her daughter about the marriage?    

By the time the doctor arrived she had already come to, but she still pretended to be sleeping to let herself gain a better understanding about her surroundings. She still didn’t know anything about her new identity.     

“Eldest Miss reacted strongly last night when she found out she was betrothed to Prince Li” a maid whispered to the other.     

“Who wouldn’t? The rumours about him at the battlefield truly made one shiver. I heard he had let a female enemy spy get raped to death!”    

The two maids soon left the room while talking about all the circulating rumours about the highly famous Prince Li, leaving Sue alone in the room.     

Prince Li! could it be?’ Sue had accepted that she truly had transmigrated. She just wasn’t sure where.     

But when she heard this key information, she immediately thought of one story.

It was precisely ‘doomed to be cannon fodder!’     

‘This is a big problem!’ she thought. As she sat down on the bed. She kneaded her head and took a deep breath. How did she ended up getting transmigrated into the story? She kept remembering her sweet and gentle husband and her two sons. With the youngest still breastfeeding. She couldn’t help but cry. ‘I need to find a way to get back!’ But if its just like the novel, she won’t be able to go back until next year’s ghost festival!     

She found herself in a dilemma. She forced herself to stop crying. It’s not going to solve any of her problem anyway. She begins to recall the story line.     

The story ‘doomed to be cannon fodder‘ is one of her favourites. But the character she got is truly problematic.     

Doomed to be cannon fodder‘ is a story about a transmigrator. She transmigrated into a novel she read titled ‘The Lord’s Escaped Consort‘ after she pricked her finger on a cactus.     

But unlike the usual transmigration novel, she did not get the female lead character but instead a female supporting character that was doomed to be killed later in the story due to her efforts to get the male lead’s attention.     

She did all she could to stay alive. Yet unknowingly she had change the entire story plot.     

The character Sue got is the supposed female lead in the novel ‘The Lord’s Escaped Consort’ .     

But in the ‘doomed to be cannon fodder‘ this character is one of the female side characters that would get a truly bad end!     

The female lead, Bai Xiangxiu is truly a sweetheart. She did not want to separate the male lead and female lead at all. But to do that, she needed to act closely to the story line.     

But she despised how the writer wrote her character. She knew it was needed for the story to progress, but having her be the ‘prostitute’ is just too much.     

Later in the story her character would meet a lot of male supporting characters that would fall in love for her left and right. She would be sleeping with most of them as well.     

‘No. I won’t sleep with any of them!’ she became determined to change how she would act but she needed to do it subtly. She had to be the ‘bad fiance’ if she wanted the two to be together.     

She still needed to go back to her family so she can’t be tied to any of the male characters.     

Putting aside all that, right now she had to find one more important item.     


In the story, the character Bai Xiangxiu had the ability to talk with the cactus. She wonder if she would have the same ability. She had to find a cactus first!    

She got up from the bed. Ignoring the pain she felt and left the room.     

“ah, Miss… Where are you going looking like that? L-let us dress you first!” one of the maids, Xiao li showed a horrified expression.    

How could she forget. This is the olden times where clothes were worn layers upon layers. Although she is covered, to others it’s as if she’s walking around in her underwear.    

She sighed and turned around. “Dress me up. I forgot due to my headache”    

What a lame excuse, but she couldn’t think of any other excuse. Luckily the maids didn’t think too much about it. In just a few minutes she was done and ready to go.     

She walked with two servants in tow. But then realised she didn’t know the way around the house at all.    

She turn around and said “xiao Mei, go tell the coachman to prepare a sedan. I’m going to the pier to search for something”

Gladly this was the olden times, it’s the servants job to serve their masters and mistresses so she just had to follow the servants.     

It didn’t take long before they reached the pier. If its not for the headache she had, she might even enjoy and treat this like a vacation.     

She let the servants put on the veil cover before she got out of the sedan.     

The first thing she saw was the scene where Bai Xiangxiu was looking all over the place for the cactus.    

So now she knew she had transmigrated around the same time as her.     

She watched as the scene from the novel developed in front of her eyes. It’s like watching a play so she became excited to see it.     

Bai Xiangxiu is truly beautiful. Now that she saw her by herself, she found that not even the novel had done a good job describing her beauty.     

Right now she was watching the scene from the novel where Bai Xiangxiu first met a male supporting character, Song Jiaoyue from the sideline.     

It’s the scene where Bai xiang xiu had bumped with the male supporting character accidentally.     

“I’m sorry, cough…I was thinking about something.” Bai Xiangxiu sweet voice could be heard from where Lin Qianzi were standing.     

Song Jiaoyue seemed like he didn’t mind. He just continued to look at the girl who seemed to be looking for something on the ground around his vicinity.     

Lin Qianzi saw how Bai Xiangxiu noticed a piece of cloth behind the supporting male’s shoes. A strange, black spiky object was sticking out from it. She then lightly pushed Song Jiaoyue aside. “Excuse me, make way.”     

Song Jiaoyue was expecting this young maiden to be bashful, but he was shoved aside to his great surprise. The next thing he knew, she was squatting on the ground, reverent and cautious as she stared at a pile of rags. The corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch. Since when was he less important than a heap of discarded cloth? He wanted to leave, but this girl’s strange antics had a magnetic pull, drawing him in. He didn’t know why, but he wanted to stay and see what she was doing. Sure enough, she carefully picked up the rag then cried out in pleasant surprise. “Found it! I didn’t expect to actually find it.” She reached out to grab the object that lay underneath, then leaped up with a cry.    

Song Jiaoyue couldn’t help the frown that creased his forehead. It was clear that the object had thorns, but she had tried to pick it up anyway. This girl is really too careless. See how her hand’s been pricked… hmm? She seemed startled as well as she stared unmoving at the blood trickling out of her hand. She made no move to treat herself. “Miss, is your hand seriously injured?”    

He was only being helpful, but it frightened the girl into backing up a few steps. She possessed none of her earlier joy and shook her head distractedly. “I’m fine.”    

“That thing is full of painful spikes, you might as well leave it,” he warned as he saw her reach for it again.    

This time, the girl picked up the rags along with the item. Though she was still in a poor mood, she thanked him and raised the bundle of tattered rags. “Who does this item belong to? I want to buy it.”    

Unknowingly Lin Qianzi walked closer to the two. She was mesmerised to see her two favorite character right in front of her.    

“Is this your’s miss?” Bai Xiangxiu asked her since she saw her get closer to them. She was partly hidden behind the veiled hat so the others should not know who she was yet.    

“a..ah.. No. It’s not. Umm. I was looking for that plant as well actually. I heard its good to alleviate sunburn but you managed to get it first. So of course it’s yours” Lin Qianzi tried to control her surging emotions. It was like seeing her two idols right in front of her. How could she not be nervous?     

Song Jiayue noticed her as well and looking over in her direction said “maybe there is more if you ask around.” Suddenly she just felt overwhelmed by it all, topped with her headache, she just suddenly fainted.     

Luckily there’s Song Jiayue, he caught her before she could fall onto the streets. But her fall made the veiled hat fall and her face was revealed     

“ah…” Bai Xiangxiu exclaims. She was shocked to see someone faint so suddenly. Even her two maids showed a frightened look on their faces.     

Song Jiayue however felt like he was struck by something in his heart. This weak and sickly look paired with that beautiful face made him unconsciously want to protect her with all his might.    

“which family is your miss from?” he asked the two maids,     

“it’s the Minister Lin’s huangfu” they answered.     

“so, she’s Miss Lin Qianzi?” Bai Xiangxiu asked in honor. Today’s events were never mentioned in the book she read. She still remembered that Song Jiayue would fall for her during the old madame’s birthday banquet.     

“I’ll help send her back home. She’s fainted and there’s nothing else we can do.” he said, trying to justify his action.     

He knew that the girl in his arms right now is his best friends betrothed. So he felt obliged to help her.     

Bai Xiangxiu on the other hand felt conflicted. What would she do if one day she found out that the cactus the female lead looked for was in fact in her hands? Won’t she die because of it?     

“umn, here… Please give this to Miss Lin. I’ll look around for some more. For her to go out while sick to look for this must be because she needed it.” she said tactfully.     

Xiao Li took the plant carefully from Bai Xiangxiu and gave her thanks before leaving with Song Jiaoyue back home.     

Lin Qianzi came to when they were still on the way back home.     

Seeing as there is another man with her inside the small sedan made her flustered.     

“ah, I’m sorry. Did I trouble you?” she said with worry on her face.    

“you fainted just now. I was just helping”, he said with a slight smile on his face.     

“Thanks for the help, sir Song. But I’ll be fine now. It would not be good if others saw us together”, she replied. She was truly afraid to make the same mistake Lin Qianzi had made in the original novel. Because of her unbridled act, her whole family became implicated by it.     

Song Jiaoyue understand her perfectly. So he didn’t make it difficult for her either.    

“Then I’ll take my leave now, Miss Lin” he stopped the carriage and got off.    

Lin Qianzi continued to look at his back until she could not longer see him.    

He really is…  She thought.

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