Hey, Please Go Out with Me!

It was a nice afternoon. The sun wasn’t too hot, and the gentle breeze had a cooling sensation that made him feel a little bit drowsy. And now that he just finished eating, the feeling of sleepiness was more evident than before. 

He was lying on the soft yet prickly grass in the university quadrangle. Since it was lunchtime, numerous students were hanging around. But no one would dare to disturb his time of peace since most people knew that he wasn’t the type of person who would accommodate people, especially when they were thinking of vying for his favor. 

He wasn’t a special person, but he wouldn’t deny that he has a bit of power than most of the people on the campus. 

Of course, he got all of these from his hard work and didn’t use any backdoors. 

And as a result, he became the admired person of most. 

Hearing the rustling of grass, he stilled, a bone-chilling frost gradually radiating from his body. Soft footsteps were getting closer and the feeling of anger and frustration covered his whole being. 

The quadrangle suddenly became silent. 

“Hey, Brian! I like you! Please go out with me!” When a very familiar voice resounded around the quadrangle, he removed the arm covering his closed eyes and gave the woman a deadly glare. He let out a frustrated huff and sat up. 

Looking at the woman with eyes full of anger and frost, he reached out for his bag and stood up, leaving the area as his peace was rudely broken. 

“Ah! Hey, Brian!” The woman shouted hastily and ran after him. 

Brian walked faster. 

“Hey! Wait for me!” 

The woman was wearing round-framed glasses, but it wasn’t able to conceal the grey orbs that were radiating with joy as she looked at the figure she was catching up on. Her auburn hair was made with a simple high bun that made her look a bit nerdy, but her fit figure that was giving off a sporty look became a beautiful contradiction. She wore a green shirt that was a size bigger than her with brown khaki pants that only reached until her shins. Her feet were wearing a pair of dark grey trainers that bounced with every step she made to run after him. And even though it was warm, she had a thick jacket covering her upper body. 

Brian scowled and ignored the woman. It’s been a few aggravating months since that woman appeared in his life. 

During that time, he was just happily talking with his friends about their hang-out the previous day when she suddenly appeared and confessed in front of many people. 

“Hello, Brian! I like you, please go out with me!” 

Many were astonished at the woman who had the gall to confess to him. Because even with many admirers, no one really had the courage to confess as most of them had already learned the lesson from the previous confessions as they would only be greeted with an icy glare and a heartbreaking no. But it seemed like this woman didn’t get the freaking clue.

And of course, with a hundred percent guarantee, the woman was rejected with a royal and icy “No.” from him. That was his reply to every person that would confess to him. Just one heartless word that didn’t give any mercy. 

He was expecting to see her look at him in concealed agony of heartbreak and try to stifle her cry, but to his shock, he saw her grinning widely with a joyful expression on her face. “Is that so! I’ll come again tomorrow!” Then she hastily left.

True to her words, she came back the next day with another confession coming from her. It happened when he was eating in the cafeteria. 

“Shit Brian, you look so hot eating! Please go out with me!” 

The friend he was with choked loudly from the crude confession and coughed harshly as he tried to remove the food stuck in his throat. 

He answered again with a cold “No.”

With a huge grin once more, she exclaimed and laughed loudly. “Is that so! I’ll find you again tomorrow!” 

And she really did so. 

Every time she met him, she would confess. But as always, it was answered with a ruthless “No.”.

She was stubborn as always and replied with her usual: “Is that so! I’ll come again tomorrow!”. 

He would totally commend her determination and stubbornness if only the receiver of this persistent woman’s confessions wasn’t him! 

This continued every single day when the woman got a glimpse of him. 

The good thing was that every weekend was his only reprieve. He definitely savored the time he had and appreciate the peace of his room. 

Then one day, he finally knew her name. That persistent woman was named Claire. She was a student in the Business Department. Apparently, she was pretty popular within their department. 

She was part of the council that only the best students could get into. And to break his ego, she was the president of that said organization!

When he learned of this information, he felt that he was such a loser. Her prestige was higher than his! Sure, he got some power and connections within the campus, but he really couldn’t accept the fact that such persistent and eccentric woman was above him! 

And to add more to his wounded ego, he also learned that she rejected the offer to be part of the National Federation of the best students in the country! 

He gritted his teeth in rage. How could that crude woman reject such a good offer?! Becoming part of that board was a sure-pass to every opportunity! 

If he was sent an invite, he would automatically accept! 

Because of this bit of knowledge about the woman, he felt more inclined to just ignore her. Also, the rage within him didn’t dwindle and instead increased considerably from learning that she felt she was too superior to accept that meager invitation. 

But to his increasing frustration, such cold and ruthless treatment didn’t discourage the woman. And to make matters worse, she even changed the way she made her confessions! 

“Oh my gosh, your serious look while reading is so handsome, Brian! Please go out with me!” 

“Wow. How I wished that I’m the sandwich you’re eating. Please go out with me?” 

“You know, I’m no photographer, but I can totally picture us together.”

“Dang! My time is in this world is slowly ending! Can you give me a bit of yours?” 

“For some reason, I was feeling a little off today. But when you came along, you definitely turned me on.” 

Is she joking with him?! How could she continue with this crap? Love is sacred and she’s just casually spouting such things! Is she really in love with him or she’s saying those just to spite and mock him?! 

Apparently, his patience just snapped.

It was, of course, inevitable.

But it became one of his biggest regrets in his life. 

He and his friends were on their way home when it happened. 

“Oh, hey Brian! I got something to–“

When he heard her cheerful voice once more, his mind blank and felt an inexplicable rage. Why is she still so cheerful after so many ruthless rejections from him?! Why is she still so full of joy even with such harsh treatment?! 

He turned towards her and looked at her, extremely livid. No more of this crap. If she ever continues this nonsense, he would definitely snap. 

And snap he did. 

“Shut up!” He roared, making her suddenly stop in her tracks and her smiling expression froze and her body stilled. 

He didn’t notice the public’s eyes on him. 

He didn’t notice the shock of his friends’ faces. 

And he didn’t notice the strangeness of her demeanor and bearing. 

“Shut up! I’ve had enough of this crap! Can you just please stop this?!” He screamed. 

“Why aren’t you stopping this crap? I am sick of it! Are you this shallow to ever continue with this madness?! I’ve already told you many times. NO. I won’t ever accept your confession. I won’t ever be your lover. And I won’t ever accept you. Do you understand?!”

He panted from exertion when he finally finished letting out all of his rage and frustrations. 

“Hey, Brian…” One of his friends called out to him weakly. 

“What?!” He hissed, the anger still not dissipating. 

As he finally turned his gaze towards his friend, he saw his solemn expression and urged him to look at the woman in front of him. He glared at him and refused. He clicked his tongue, turning his body to make his way out of the campus. Never considering the woman’s feelings. 

“Brian!” His friend exclaimed in admonishment as he tried to stop him. 

The friend looked at Claire with panic and concern. “I’m sorry, Claire! He’s been on the edge lately and frustrated because of exams.”

Claire shook her head silently and smiled with a strained expression, her face strangely pale and sweaty. She laughed hoarsely and waved her hand. “No worries!” Then she handed him an envelope, her hands shaking. “But please. Give him this for me.” She pleaded. 

The friend looked at her in confusion. “Can’t you just give this to him? You can still meet him tomorrow.”

Claire let out another laugh. “Just give it to him, please?“

The friend could do nothing but say yes. 

The smile that Claire gave out was the brightest and most beautiful that the friend had ever seen. 

And was the last. 

The next day, the campus was in a buzz from the sudden news that Claire had left and dropped out of college.


When I finally got permission to go out and experience life, I immediately asked my parents to take me to college. 

I have never experienced something grand as this. I was only confined in a white, white room with needles inserted in my body, never allowing me to step foot outside the threshold of my cold and lifeless room. 

Of course, my parents stopped me with all their might. But I never gave in. Because I have a mission. 

And that’s to meet him. 

I couldn’t really remember his face anymore, but I still had an inkling. Though, I could still vividly remember what had happened before.

You see, when I was young, I was abducted by people who have ulterior motives. They bargained my safety for my parents’ company secrets and assets. 

I was a frail child, to begin with, so with the sudden change of environment and the stress I was under, I inevitably collapsed. 

The kidnappers got terrified of my condition and threw me out, leaving me behind. 

I thought I was going to die, but then, a small warm hand clutched my cold ones and woke me up. 

“Hey, hey! Wake up!” A voice suddenly exclaimed. 

I weakly groaned as I cracked my eyes open with my utmost strength. 

The voice let out another exclamation. “Oh great! You gained consciousness!” 

My vision was blurry and I couldn’t really see clearly. I was also extremely exhausted and couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. 

“Hey, no! Don’t fall asleep! Stay awake, you got me?!” 

“I… eel… ired.”

“NO!” He cried out. “My dad is nearby and we already called for the ambulance, you need to stay awake okay?!” As my eyes slowly closed, I felt him patting my cheeks to keep me awake. 

“Wake up! Look at me, look at me!” 

He urged me and told about my family, trying his best to keep me awake. But I was just so tired. I felt so numb, and I felt myself losing strength. 

“What is your name?” He desperately asked. 

“C… ire…” I answered on impulse.



“Okay, Claire. I know you want to sleep, but open your eyes for me okay? Look at me.”

Opening my eyes painstakingly slow as I tried my best, my vision gradually cleared and saw his face. I smiled weakly. “… ‘s your… ame?” 

The boy smiled with a strangled face. “Brian.”

That was the first time I met Brian. Sappy, cliche, and almost with no originality, I know. But this happened. If not for him, I would have died before my expected time. 

I was really thankful to him. If not for him, I would not experience the happiness I could get from simply reading a book inside a library. The feeling of the prickly grass when I lay down on them. And especially the warm feeling in my chest when I met the person I loved with all my heart. 

Of course, before this could happen, I lived in total hell with so many therapies and rehabilitation. So, as a result, I got a bit fit and made me energetic. This was a huge improvement. And if I meant huge, it was really huge. 

The people never knew what I had to go through before I could meet Brian. Well, I never really expected for him to love me back, I just wanted to let him know about my feelings, you know. 

I asked my parents to look for him. And when I got an answer, I immediately begged them to send me there. 

My time was limited, and my body really couldn’t go on any longer, so this was my final mission in this life. To meet him and hopefully, be part of his memory, albeit even a little bit. 

When I finally arrived on the campus, we were both freshmen. Sadly, we were in different departments. I was in business and he was in medicine. How typical of him. 

I didn’t want him to see me full of medicinal scars, so I hid it with wearing long-sleeved clothes. Even though it was a bit warm, I need every cover I could wear. My body wasn’t that strong. 

Since I was only in our home, reading books all day long, I somehow gained more knowledge than most. I was then given the president position of the organization in our department. Well, I thought it would be fun, and it was so. I met so many people and we helped each other. We all became good friends and had fun together, improving our department in the process. 

And when I was given an invitation to join the National Federation of something, I respectfully declined. I won’t be able to commit myself anyways. I might be dead before I could actually join. 

They were shocked at my rejection and desperately asked for a reason, so I told them the truth. It wasn’t really a secret and I am not hiding it from anyone. 

I was met with horror and I could only laugh heartily. 

“Why the hell are you laughing?!” 

“It’s just that… I feel really glad that I never let myself slowly die in my room. I’m really happy that I went out. Thank you, guys. Thank you guys… so much.” 

So, after that, I started my courtship toward Brian. Hehehe. I know that I had no tact, but beating around the bush wasn’t really my style, so I just did it. 

So I pestered and pestered him. Never giving up. 

Well, I think I went too far. 

Hehe… he. 

I had no choice, I guess? 

I got desperate.

My condition suddenly worsened and my time shortened even more. 

So I just… you know? 

Well… I think I should have run to catch up to him again when he snapped at me. Just to say sorry and tell him one last time what I wanted to tell him. Well, it was my fault for him to become like that anyway. Who wouldn’t snap at the person pestering him with words uttered to him that were almost the same every single day? 

But I guess, I got terrified. 

I was rejected numerous times, you know. 

I don’t want to die feeling horrible, you know. 

So, I didn’t run after him anymore. 

But, you know. Brian… I really loved him. 

Laying down on my cage, I felt my body slowly losing its function. “Hey, Brian…” I weakly called out even though I know he wasn’t here, hearing my parents’ cries outside my room. I requested them to never watch me die, you know. It’s really painful for parents to have their children die before them, you know. 

It’s difficult to hide your anxiety about all these things, you know. Was my anxiety really that obvious? I still don’t want to die, you know. I still want to do so many things, you know. 

Hehehe… I said too much ‘you know’… I’m really scared. 

I haven’t held his hand yet. I haven’t hugged him yet. If there was a good opportunity, I also wanted to kiss him, you know… Well… It looks like I wouldn’t be able to do any more of that. 

I laughed weakly. “I hoped that I was able to go out with you. You know. Even just a date.”

Then, I finally took my last breath and closed my eyes, slowly making my way towards my eternal sleep. 

Rika Commentary:

Thank you for reading this one-shot! Though there were noticeable cliches, I can say that I’m pretty okay with this. Proud even. I got an okay with Mr. Editor! YES. HAHAHAHA.

This one-shot was made and written because I thought to myself that what if?

What if there was one woman with so limited time that she wanted to make memories outside of her cage and hopefully, make a bit of mark and be remembered, especially by the person she likes?

I’m incredibly amazed at Claire’s bravery and strength. I won’t be able to keep a happy facade if I knew that I have a few short time to live, moreso that she was able to accept her fate and move on and be able to freely do whatever she wants.

If I were Claire, I will totally be in my own shell, never able to get past by my inner demons.

And on the other side, what will the other person feel if someone so noisy suddenly invaded his quiet and peaceful life?

And this is about Brian.

For me, I think this is how Brian will react. Especially when that person could say such words so easily and even repeatedly.

Normally, people would doubt others if it’s about something so serious like ‘Love’. And someone that can say out words like ‘I like you’ or ‘I love you’ so easily like you are saying ‘Good Morning’ to people, they will be, without a doubt, be a receiver of doubt.

Brian was also ignorant of Claire’s condition, so maybe he thought that she was just a really stubborn woman.

Secretly, he has huge respect for Claire as she was a great person. But he can’t show it to her since she’s so jolly and stubborn. Also, he was really thinking about Claire’s confession so much that he slightly felt inferior. Like why him? She’s such a great person, why will she go for someone below her? He got frustrated at himself, and to her.

So, don’t get mad at him ah. XD

Lastly, Brian will not really know anything because Claire is tightlipped about everything, because Claire wanted Brian’s love, and not pity. She thought of the possibility that Brian will like her because of pity.

What they really lacked was communication, :C

I felt bad for these two.

After finishing writing this, I read it as a whole and my heart ached so much. So hurt. QAQ

I even asked myself why I did this.

Well, I didn’t have the heart to delete all this. IT’S A FEW HOURS OF HARD WORK, Y’ALL.

I hope you guys read until here. XD

Thank youuuu! ❤

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