WoE 2: LD Ch.8

Here's chapter 8 guys! Unfortunately, this is the last updated chapter in this novel. We gonna wait again! Sad. So as we wait, I have two new novels to work on! These are complete! XD Read chapter 8 here!

WoE 2: LD Ch. 6

Okay lol. I feel so guilty lmfao. I didn't notice that the schedule for posting this chapter got messed up. I thought I have posted this chapter already but when I checked, it wasn't. Gooods. This was supposed to be posted 18 days ago lmfao. Omg. I'm sorry guys. XD GODS IM LAUGHING SO MUCH … Continue reading WoE 2: LD Ch. 6

WoE 2: Lustrous Desires Ch.2

Here's chapter 2, everyone! Sorry again for the long wait (I keep on apologizing for late updates, huh). I will be extremely busy again this week. I was able to update because there was a sudden suspension of classes lmao. Have fun reading! Chapter 2 🍊

WoE 2: Lustrous Desires is now here!

HELLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! *shrieks and screams* This orange is very sorry for the long wait! Just had the time to post and finish tl-ing the 1st chapter! I may be able to finish tl-ing by the end of the week, but no promises! You can read them here! Main Charas Chapter 1 HAVE FUN! AHUEHUEHUEHUE-CHOKES 🍊