An Alpha’s Dilemma Ch. 8

Episode 8

Warnings: Unedited. NSFW Content


“Ngh! Aah…” I painfully moaned as Jirou thrust deeper inside me.

He then inserted two fingers into my mouth while pounding me from behind, making me stifle my moans.

“You’re so sensitive today, Aki. Is it because of Hanamichi-kun?” Jirou smirkingly whispered and moved even more intensely inside me.

“Mmgh!” I groaned and forcefully pushed his fingers out from my mouth and growled at him. “Stop mentioning his name!”

“Oh?” He snickered. “But you get tighter when I say his name.” He said in amusement and continuously his piston-like movement.

“Aah!” A loud gasp escaped my mouth as I buried my face against the sheets. “Fuck you, Arisawa.”

And just like that, Jirou laughed at me and messed me up until I almost passed out.




“Urgh…” I weakly groaned when I woke up.

I lazily grabbed my phone that was resting on top of the drawer at the side of the bed and checked the time. I winced when I saw that it was nearing at 2 a.m. When I looked at my left, I felt more irritated since Jirou’s face was what I saw.

“Fuck this.” I cursed and forced myself to get up and get dressed.

Jirou quickly awoke and rubbed his eyes before saying: “Where are you going?”

“Home.” I curtly answered.

“But it’s two in the morning.” He stressed out.

“So? I don’t like to be with you here all day long.” With slight irritation, I told him and when I got fully clothed, I turned around to face him while snickering. “Don’t get too cocky on me.”

“Hmph.” Jirou scoffed and let me leave.

I had no reason to stay any longer. Besides, Jirou already got what he wanted from me. We’re just fuck-buddies. Nothing more, nothing less.

I’ve got used to this.




The moment I stepped out of that love hotel Jirou and I went to, I met Chihiro’s figure which surprised me. 

He had a worried expression on his face and he looked like he’s been standing here for a while now.

“What are you doing here?” I tried to sound calm even though I was shocked to see him right after I was screwed by another guy. 

“I was waiting for you to come out, Sensei.” He honestly uttered and it stunned me even more.

“Huh? Waiting? You mean—”

“I followed you guys.” He cut me off and I gasped.

“W-Why?” I asked in confusion.

He doesn’t know that I sleep with random men. It’s the only thing I wouldn’t want Chihiro to know because I don’t like his view (or impression?) of me to change. A part of me doesn’t want to ruin his purity and ignorance of the harsh reality.

Chihiro is such a kind-hearted kid. Someone like me doesn’t deserve his admiration.

“I like you, sensei.” He uttered; but unlike his usual erotic way of saying it, the Chihiro that was telling me these words sounded hurt. He then began to cry.

“Why are you crying?!” I asked in a panic.

He then hurriedly tried to wipe off his tears. “No matter what do, Sensei, I still want you. I know that I’m still immature in your eyes and lacks experience, but what I feel about you is real sensei. Please believe me.”

Saying that while sobbing like a child really pricked my heart. Why does he have to fall for me?

“Chihiro, I…”

“I know your relationship with Arisawa-san.” He once more cut off, and my eyes widened. “I already heard you guys a few times talking inside your office. Sensei, that night before we went on a vacation in my place.”

“Then… why…?” I began to clench my fists and I slight;y bit my lower lip to stop my tears from falling down. “Why are you still saying that you like me even if you already knew I was a promiscuous person?”

“It’s because I really do like Sensei.” He said with a sincere smile on his face. And it gave me a strong feeling of regret.

“You’re so unfair…” I almost whispered and I finally gave up and cried in front of him.

Chihiro put me in his embrace and stayed put for a few moments before totally leaving the hotel.




For the first time, Chihiro brought me to his place. Since it was cold outside, he made coffee to warm ourselves up. We kept silent and no one brought up the conversation we had earlier. Seemed like Chihiro was also nervous like me.

After some time of sipping the warm coffee, I decided to speak. “Chihiro…” 

“Suki desu(1).” He once more declared and I saw him blushing. He was not blushing because he was horny, but rather, embarrassed.

“Let me be honest with you; your father hates me.”

“Huh?” He then looked at me with confusion as to why I suddenly mentioned his father.

“What happened between us…” I slightly averted my eyes. “Your dad warned me.”


“He talked to me and told me to stay away. Well, technically speaking, I won’t be able to not meet you since we’re in the same workplace, but he did tell me to not ever touch you or do those things with you ever again.” I explained.

“And you’re alright with it, Sensei?” He asked me with a pained look.

I stared at him. “I really don’t know.”

“I understand Tou-chan’s point. He’s worried about my safety and I respect that since he wasn’t strict with me even with what happened back then. But Sensei, you’re the one I really like.”

I slowly felt my cheeks getting hot after hearing that, but I tried to hide it.

“Please stop saying it so effortlessly.”

“I’m serious, Sensei.” He insisted and showed me a determined expression. “I’ll fight for you and I’ll do everything it takes for you to like me back.”

“What? Chihiro, stop joking around.” I retorted even when my heart was beating loudly.

“Sensei…” He huskily uttered and brought his large, warm right hand to my left cheek and caressed it with so much passion. “Please trust me.”

“But this is wrong. This is all wrong.” I insisted and started to cry.

“Suki desu.”

“I am a dirty person, you know?” I added.

“Suki desu.” 

“Stop it, Chihiro. Someone like me doesn’t deserve that love of yours.” By this time, my tears wouldn’t stop streaming down and my chest felt like it was going to burst.

“Suki desu, Aki-san.” He stated and even he started to cry, gradually making our forehead touch each other. “Suki desu. Suki desu. Suki desu.”

“Why me, Chihiro? Why…?” I sniffled.

“Because you are Sensei. Your past isn’t important to me, Sensei. There’s a reason for everything, right? You also loved and got hurt, right? I understand, Sensei.” He said, cupping both of my cheeks with his hands. “I may not know everything about love, but every time I saw Sensei hurting, the worry is slowly eating me and I just wish that I will be the one you’ll look for if you can’t take it anymore. I’m always ready to listen, Sensei. I’ll embrace all the wrongs and shortcomings you have. I’ll be the one to make you full of love that you weren’t able to receive from them. Please let me have the chance to prove myself, Sensei.”

Then I just broke down and lashed out all of my repressed emotions. Chihiro hugged me tight as he cried with me and silently listened to my deafening bawling.

That was the first time Chihiro looked so mature-like. I wasn’t used to witnessing such a Chihiro, but a huge weight was removed and totally felt light.

It’s all thanks to this Omega.

  1. As what was always mentioned before, “I like you.” favorite phrase of Chihiro to Sensei


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