An Alpha’s Dilemma Ch. 7

Episode 7


“Where the fuck do you think you’re touching?” I cursed at Jirou in irritation when he fondled my backside after entering my office without permission. 

“I’m touching your ass.” He sarcastically answered and continued fondling, not minding that I was busy finding some liquid Omega suppressants.

“If these bottles fell and shattered, I’ll smack the broken pieces in your face.” I snided in irritation, but of course, the bastard, Jirou, ignored my remarks.


“Stop calling me ‘Aki’!” I cut him off in extreme anger. “I never gave you permission to call me by my given name!”

“But I like calling you ‘Aki’.” He argued back and slightly pressed me onto the shelf where I stored the liquid suppressants and other medicines.

“Ngh!” I groaned as I elbowed him. “Get away from me, you pervert!”

“Oh? Why so hasty today? You act like an Omega who just made a pair with some Alpha.” He uttered in amazement and I felt my blood boil.

“Fuck off, Jirou! It’s work time! If you really want to do it, then go find someone else!” I growled. 

Jirou smirked at what he heard and pressed me even more onto the shelf. “This is the first time you denied me. Did you start to have feelings towards your Omega secretary” He queried in interest, making me gasp in surprise. How did he know that Chihiro was an Omega?

I smirked and intentionally spoke with haughtiness. “What the fuck are you saying?” 

“You never learn.” He said and I jolted to that. “You already failed once, but now you plan to do the same thing? Are you an idiot?”

I roughly pushed him away and when there was a distance between our bodies, I slapped Jirou while frowning, tears building up in the corner of my eyes.

“Stop talking as if you know me that well.” I said with a trembling voice.

Jirou could only laugh hoarsely before raising his hands in a placating manner. “Okay, I surrender. Just call me if you need something.” He finally ended this madness and left.

I combed my hand through the strands of my hair in frustration before fixing the glasses I was wearing and breathed deeply.

‘Am I that easy to read?’ I voiced out inside my head. 


Almost losing my hold on the bottle, I was shocked when Chihiro suddenly entered without even knocking. 

“Shit! Don’t you know how to knock?! Geez…” I scolded him and the lunatic scratched his head.

“I’m sorry, Sensei.” He flushed in embarrassment as he excused himself before fixing himself. “Ah, Sensei, you have a visitor.” 

“What? Who?” My brows furrowed as I asked.

Kicchan didn’t tell me beforehand when he would visit because lately he’s been so busy with Yuu-chan, so who could it be? One of my sex friends? No; I already turned them all down and only Jirou kept in touch with me.

“It’s me.” And I felt myself almost shuddering the moment I heard his familiar voice as my blood began to boil when the evil monster Ryuichi appeared. 

“Oh, it’s you.” I deadpanned, obviously, I had no interest whatsoever to talk with him.

His forehead wrinkled from my reaction. “What a nice way to greet me.” He sarcastically upbraided.

“Chihiro, you can go now.” I told the lunatic, his cheeks reddening as he nodded, leaving the room.

“That guy is still here?” He inquired and his gaze followed the burly man.

“He’s already my regular secretary.” I said before crossing my arms. “Well, what brings you here?” I scowled at him.

The nuisance smirked before speaking. “Is it really bad of me if I told you that I wanted to see how you were doing?” He asked.

“Huh?” I exclaimed while raising an eyebrow. “Go die.” I rudely told him.

Ryuichi Okuda asking how I was faring? Haha! When I’m in my coffin, maybe. This guy literally hates me. No problem, it’s vice versa.

“Seriously, Kazuki sent me here.” He finally confessed before sitting down on a vacant seat. “He’s worried.”

“Kicchan always worries about me.” I defended.

“I know.” He said and I suddenly remembered that this was the bastard(1) that told Kicchan about my feelings about him.

“You!” I uttered in rage and pointed a finger at the bastard. “How did you know that I was in love with Kicchan?! Since when did you notice?” I asked trying to change the topic, feeling myself becoming ticked off when I saw the idiot smirking.

“Why bring that up? Did you chicken out when Kazuki told you, huh? Four-eyed freak?” And the bastard had the gall to be smug!

“You’re still calling me that?!” I snarled.

“Because you are.” He insisted.

You’re the freak! If you already noticed for such a long time already, why did you tell Kazuki of all people?!” I exclaimed.

“Because I felt that you would never tell him. You are pretty obvious, you know? When it’s about Kazuki, you are so damn soft and quick to  support him no matter what, but you are entirely different towards other people. I easily understood, but I didn’t say anything because I somehow wanted to see if you would try to put up a fight, but you didn’t. I was really disappointed.” He painstakingly explained.

“What are you, a kid?!” I shouted. “I knew right away that I had no chance.” I answered back, but this time, my voice was calmer.

“That’s all?” He uttered in a bored tone.

“No!” I quickly denied and continued. “Pursuing an Omega who already met his pair is suicide.”

“You knew him way earlier than me. You had all the chances you could ever have.” He said.

“But he was deeply hurt by his past relationship!” I emphasized and curled my fists. “There was no moment where I wanted to receive his affections for me from that kind of method.”

“Oh? So you’re a romanticist?” He teased and laughed.

“Fuck no, I’m not!” I stressed. “Stop laughing or I’ll kick your ass out!” I threatened, but as expected, he wasn’t even moved by my words.

Ryuichi was a really determined Alpha who never lets go of something that was already in his grip. We, Alphas, were supposed to be like that as early as three years old. I do have my own pride as an Alpha, but mine was not as strong as Ryuichi’s. I wonder if my upbringing had something to do with my incompetence.

Was it because I had everything someone could ever wish for, but never really got what I wanted?

“Whatever. Since I know that you’re still alive and had a chat with you, I’ll leave. I hate looking at your face for too long you see. It makes me sick.” Ryuichi remarked before standing up and fixing himself.

I instantly flinched from his words and rebuked back. “You know, I would really be glad if I saw you get plowed in the ass one day.” I changed the topic.

“Nail me.” He rudely snickered and opened the door.

“Fuck off…” I weakly cursed.

“Be more honest with yourself.” Ryuichi smilingly added, causing me to stare at him. “I will take care of Kazuki and Yuuki for my whole life. It’s about time that you look after yourself already, Aki Izumi.” Then, he finally left.

‘Look after myself, huh? That was the first time that he called me by my name.’ I laughingly said inwardly and I didn’t even notice that I was already falling on my knees and covering my tear-stricken face.

“I’m so pathetic.”

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Night came quickly.

“Thank you very much, Izumi-sensei.” An old woman joyfully said her gratitude as I supported a young woman who was a bit weak on her knees.

“You’re welcome. Just make sure that your granddaughter takes her medicine.” I smilingly reminded the older woman.

She nodded and slightly teared up. “I really thought that something bad would happen to my grand-daughter(2). 

“As long as she has her medicine, she’ll be fine. Although Omegas who experience their heat as early as twelve is a rare case. She might become pretty shocked.” I elucidated.

“Naku(3)! She kept on crying, Sensei. Yuri-chan is still so young for her to suffer like this.” The older woman cried.

“I know.” I agreed while smiling bitterly.

‘Chihiro and his twin brother experienced the same fate and Chihiro was suffering his whole life, feeling the remorse of not helping his beloved twin.’ I thought to myself and discretely looked at Chihiro.

We continued to talk while heading outside because they were already planning to go home and work also ended for the day. We just needed to fix everything up before leaving.

“Thank you very much again, Sensei. I’m sorry for bothering you. You should have closed the clinic ages ago, but we troubled you.” Said the old woman and I hurriedly shook my head.

“It’s okay, really.” I defended and she once more thanked me before leaving.

When they left, Chihiro hurriedly walked towards me.

“Thanks for staying behind.” I told him and the idiot sparkled in glee.

“Anytime, Izumi-sensei!” He smiled idiotically as he answered back. And it also looked like that area around just brightened more.

Chihiro still freaks me out when he does that, but he was consistent, so I kind of got used to it.

“Anyway, you can go home now.” I urged him and reached for the key of the clinic inside the pocket of my pants.

“Um… Sensei?” I turned my face towards him, raising a brow.

“Suki desu!” His face flushed.

I was taken aback by his sudden attack once more and unconsciously blushed, averting my eyes from him. “You… idiot.” I whispered and gritted my teeth.

How can I possibly treat this huge ogre as my ordinary secretary after what happened to us? I am still uncertain of my feelings, but I didn’t want to take him for granted.

I can’t.

Just when Chihiro was about to talk again, Jirou rudely appeared with a smirk on his face.

“You’re still here?” I asked him in irritation.

“Yeah. I had to clean my office thoroughly.” Jirou casually explained before looking at Chihiro’s direction. “Hey there.”

Chihiro just nodded as a greeting and I caught him averting his gaze, remembering that he felt uncomfortable when the Alpha talked with him.

“Wanna grab a drink with me?” Jirou suddenly invited me and Chihiro and I were both shocked.


“C’mon, we haven’t done it in a while. I feel lonely.” He smirked as he cut me off, sounding really creepy.

I frantically turned my gaze towards Chihiro, who had a sour expression, when he heard Jirou; but he acted like he had no business about what just occurred. I knew that he was just trying to be polite towards Jirou since he was older.

“I don’t want to.” I declined.

Jirou then walked towards me, openly tracing my back with his hands before pulling me closer to him, intentionally bumping our private parts. I felt his hardness down there and was pissed off to see that he was still able to act normally.

“Come on. I’ll be gentle tonight. I promise.” He whispered into my ear and it brought a tingling sensation to my body.

“Arisawa-san, it seems like Sensei doesn’t like to come with you.” Chihiro suddenly interjected when he noticed that I didn’t like what Jirou was suggesting.

Jirou gave a deadly glare to Chihiro before saying: “Mind your place, brat.”

Chihiro automatically swallowed, obviously irritated at what Jirou said.

“Leave my secretary alone, Arisawa.” I scolded Jirou in annoyance.

“Only if you come with me tonight.” He conditioned.

Even though it made me feel bad, I could only agree. “Fine! Let’s go.”

“That’s my Aki.” Jirou smirkingly commented and let go of me.

“But, Izumi-sensei—!”

“It’s okay, Chihiro. I’ll be fine. Go home and rest.” I told and cut off Chihiro.

I saw him make a sad face, but I had no choice.

‘Even if I wanted to, I can’t be with him.’

Jirou walked out first and I followed him.

“Sensei…” Chihiro softly called out. His voice was trembling, obvious that he was on the verge of crying.

I stopped for a moment and slightly turned my head towards him. “Thank you for your hard work.” I uttered before restarting my steps.

Chihiro didn’t reply, but I felt guilty for showing him a side of me that I didn’t want him to know. Until now, I never really cared about how people saw me or what they thought of me.

Chihiro was the first to make me feel uneasy like I was cheating or something. I shouldn’t be feeling guilty because we didn’t have anything special. So why?

Why did I feel hurt when I caught a glimpse of him crying as he watched me disappear from his sight?

  1. Kumag – small insect, well… I can’t find a good term to use, sooooo. XD
  2. Apo = grandchild. This Tagalog word has no gender. 
  3. Naku is similar to Aigoo(KR) or Aiyaa(CN). It’s like saying “Oh my!”

Rika: Well guys, the author updated only until this chapter, so we gonna wait together!

Edit: Chapter 8 is now translated! \(*^o^*)/

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