An Alpha’s Dilemma Ch. 6

Episode 6


A deep yet dismayed sigh left my mouth in the early time of this morning while gazing at the distance. I was currently drinking coffee while standing near Chihiro’s desk. 

I slightly jumped in surprise when the clinic’s door opened and what I immediately noticed was his wide doggy smile.

“Good morning, Izumi-sensei.” He energetically greeted and I once more let out a sigh.

How should I put this? Ever since that day we did the thing… uh…



“Hmm? Something really smells in here!”

Chihiro and I jolted upright when we heard his father’s booming voice.

“T-Tou-chan?!” Chihiro screamed in shock and covered his exposed manhood, using his pillow, in embarrassment. “I thought you guys weren’t coming back any time soon?”

“Oh? Your mom got a little bit too emotional, you see? So we decided to return immediately.” His father smilingly spoke before darting his gaze towards me. “Did you guys enjoy yourselves?”

We couldn’t deny it; I was naked too! I ended up sleeping on the sofa while Chihiro slept on the floor. But, no matter how you look at it, we clearly did the thing!

“Um, let me explain.” I tried to save the situation by speaking as my face flushed, covering myself with a blanket. “Don’t blame Chihiro. I got pretty—”

“My heat came, Tou-chan.” Chihiro cut off and we all looked at him in shock, eyes wide.

 “Huh? You didn’t take your medicine early, Hirocchi?” Chihiro’s mom asked in worry as she turned her face to look at him.

Chihiro shook his head weakly. “Please forgive me, Ma-chan. Sensei didn’t hurt me; he even gave me bliss, ah!” And immediately after a beat, the idiot’s mood immediately changed and he was like a lunatic being so excited as his eyes formed like hearts. “He cried and moaned under my body and Sensei was in so much pleasure from my big—”

“Chihiro, stop it! You don’t have to narrate everything!” I angrily cut him off, my hands forming into fists before standing up.

I almost lost my balance due to Chihiro’s huge figure and because it was also his first time, he wasn’t that gentle or careful of the condition of his partner. And that’s why I was here like this, it was as if my whole body was hit by a truck as I was in total pain all over. 

“Are you okay, Sensei?” Chihiro hurriedly supported me, his face obviously in worry and regret.

“Y-Yeah.” I answered before turning my head once more to face his parents. “Hanamichi-san, I’m sorry for spoiling your son’s first time. None of us wished for it to happen. I tried not to get enticed by it, but in the end, his scent was really arousing.” I explained, full of regret.

I did enjoy most of it, but still, Chihiro’s family were good people. I didn’t want their son to be like me, a useless human being.

“Sensei…” Chihiro trailed off, tears welling up in the corners of his eyes.

“Thank you for being honest, Izumi-sensei.” His father smilingly thanked me. “But I hope you didn’t become mates with my son. Chihiro is too young to have that kind of responsibility.” He added and it was like I was stabbed multiple times as to what he wanted to convey from his words.

His dad had a point. Chihiro was too young and stupid for this huge of a responsibility. Having a mate with that kind of mentality would only cause him trouble. As an adult, I should understand, but… why did I feel a stinging pain in my chest when his father told me to my face that someone like me doesn’t deserve to be Chihiro’s mate?

He was just being overprotective as a father and as a fellow Alpha, he knew too well how hard it was to become mates that didn’t include feelings. I shouldn’t be bothered by it. 

It’s not like I have romantic feelings for Chihiro.

“Yes. Don’t worry. His nape is safe.” I assured them before covertly smiling in bitterness.

“Hirocchi, my son, it will be better if you go wear some clothes and look after Izumi-sensei. Your father and I will go for a morning walk in the meantime.” Chihiro’s mom suddenly interjected, hooking his arms into his husband’s and pulled him towards the door leading outside.

“Morning walk? We never do morning walks.” The husband complained in confusion, but all his whining were all but ignored and they finally left.

‘Maybe Chihiro’s mom noticed my discomfort.’ I thought to myself before looking at Chihiro who was ignorant that I was just warned by his own father.

It wasn’t directly stated, but what he wanted to express was that he wanted me to put some distance between me and his son. Maybe he sensed that I was no good?

After that awkward situation, Chihiro remained attached to me like a dog. And that was also the moment that I noticed the deadly glare that his father directed at me. He started giving off negative vibes and glances of disapproval towards me. There was a possibility that he caught on that Chihiro topped between the two of us, but that didn’t change the fact that he was still an Omega. Any Omega who gets bitten on their nape during heat sex was always a complicated matter.

While Chihiro and his mom were in a daze when his father started assessing me, it was totally given that my vacation with them was over.

They sent me off with sincere smiles on their faces—but Hiromi Hanamichi’s gentle smile freaked me out to my core.

[End of Flashback]

And now that we’re back into our daily life, somehow, I get goosebumps when I see Chihiro smiling like an idiot, unaware that his father only recently warned me not to engage in any sexual interactions with him anymore.

Well, everything will be fine as long as he drank his medicine.

‘But why do I feel guilty every time I recall that day?’

“Izumi-sensei, are you okay?” He suddenly asked me. Maybe he noticed that I was spacing out.

“What” I was like an idiot that turned my attention to his person while sweating. The fuck?!

“It seems like you’re thinking deeply about something, Sensei.” Said Chihiro before closing in on me and pressed his palm onto my forehead, continuing to press his other to his own, frowning. “You don’t have a fever but you’re sweating, Sensei. Are you feeling hot?”

My cheeks automatically reddened from his oblivious attack and I irritatingly pushed him away before he could notice my reaction.

“Huh?! I’m perfectly fine, so go away!”

“Eh? But, Sensei…” He whined like a child and even had the gall to follow me when I started walking towards my clinic.

“Don’t follow me, you idiot!” I chided him, making Chihiro jump and halt his steps.

“Okay(1).” Was his only reply and went back to his area, pouting like he was totally feeling wronged that I drove him away.

I was about to open the door to my clinic when someone arrived. My eyes widened when I saw this familiar visitor suddenly. 

“You… What are you doing here?” I asked the man in astonishment, walking towards the place I was standing with a smirk on his lips.

“Good morning, Aki.” He casually greeted and even attempted to give me a peck on the cheek, but I quickly backed away from him.

Then, I just felt myself glancing at Chihiro and to my huge confusion, I saw him intently looking at him with a shocked expression on his face.

“Why are you here?!” I chastised as I once again turned my attention to him while curling my fists in anger.

He smiled at me but he still looked intimidating before me while answering. “Remember the unused room in the back? I will be using it from now on. I’ll start working here, Aki Izumi.”

“Wha—?!” I couldn’t seem to gather the strength to say the words I wanted to say when I caught a glimpse of his face that had a smile with a licentious feeling underneath. I was about to ask him but he walked away and went to Chihiro instead.

He reached out his hand to my secretary before saying: “Hi. I am Jirou Arisawa.” He introduced, extending his open hand to Chihiro.

 Even though he wasn’t talking to me, I felt the tension slowly increasing between the two. I have no clue about Chihiro’s reaction because from what I could remember, this is his first conversation and meeting with the man named Jirou—the Alpha that I often have sex with.

And I felt myself gaping when Chihiro shook hands with him. “Chihiro Hanamichi…(2)”

“Nice to meet you, ‘Hanamichi-kun’.” Jirou smirkingly answered back and I irritatingly cut in between the two. 

“What exactly are you here for, Arisawa?” I asked Jirou causing him to veer his attention to me.

“Oh? I haven’t told you? “I’m an OB-Gyne and a pediatrician.” He disclosed suddenly with a wide smile and both Chihiro and I were dumbfounded. “Actually, I have an assistant with me; a college student who’s an OJT, but my assistant was probably stranded in the traffic.” He added.

“Is this some kind of sick joke?” I asked to no one in particular, feeling laughable. 

“But I am not joking.” He sarcastically replied.

I balled my hands into fists in annoyance and decided to ignore him. “Whatever. Chihiro, the phone’s ringing. Answer it and check if I have scheduled follow-up check-ups today.” I suddenly spoke to change the topic.

Chihiro frantically turned his attention at the ringing telephone and answered it. After that, I went inside my clinic and didn’t even look back.

I didn’t want to see the smile on Jirou’s face. What the fuck was he thinking?! How did he get transferred here?!

And why did it seem like Chihiro already saw Jirou? Was it possible that he had already seen us when Jirou sometimes went to my office? But I made sure that he didn’t notice because I didn’t want him to have weird ideas about the two of us.

“Why am I even bothered?!” I annoyingly asked myself.



I can’t believe that the man that Sensei talked with inside his room is here. Until now, I still have no idea as to what’s their relationship, but it looked like Sensei already knew him for a long time already since that man called him ‘AKi’.

When we shook hands, my blood boiled in jealousy, but I also thought that maybe Sensei would notice that I knew something so I forced myself to go with the flow. Arisawa’s hold on my hand was tight as if he were sending me a message, and his stare at me was sharp.

I’m sensing an Alpha presence from him, a signal that he was a difficult opponent!

“But I won’t give up! I’ll let that Arisawa-san see that I’m firm! Right! Izumi-sensei is for me only!” I spoke to myself in determination while my eyes flashed and burned brightly from the strong manifestation of my resoluteness.

“I can hear you, you know?” The man I just mocked calmly interjected.

“Eek! I’m sorry.” I excused myself in embarrassment as I scratched my head.

“Hmph. What an interesting kid. You must be an Alpha.” He speculated, feeling intrigued.

“I’m an Omega.” I unthinkingly corrected, my eyes glistening with pride.

“Really?” He asked and got closer, taking a whiff off of my smell. “I can somehow grasp a faint scent of Aki on you. Is it possible that the two of you already had sex?” I shuddered at what he said and swallowed. “If I were you, you better stop dreaming for a happy ending, Hanamichi-kun. Aki doesn’t like being involved with Omegas. He already failed on his one-sided love towards his Omega best friend. Also, Aki loves to be fucked by Alphas. An Omega like you can’t satisfy his thirst for cocks.”

I pulled his collar in extreme anger. “Don’t ever say something like that about Sensei.” I growled.

He smirked at my reaction. “What’s this? Are you seriously in love with Aki?”

“So what?”

“I feel sorry for you.” He said and his smile totally disappeared before whispering. “Tonight, I will fuck him. Would you like to see him moan in pleasure as I plunder his ass with my shaft?”

And that was when my patience snapped and I felt myself suddenly pushing him towards the wall and I heard him groaning in pain. “Stay away from Izumi-sensei.” I warned him before nearing my face towards his, staring at him with an intense glare. “I won’t think twice to kill you if you ever do something to him.”

Arisawa-san just laughed weakly, but it couldn’t be denied that his face slightly morphed into a frightened expression after I said those words to him.

“You’re really one… interesting Omega.” He declared and was amazed when he saw my expression. “Your eyes are burning with obsession, Hanamichi-kun.”

  1. He answered formally.
  2. This too, he introduced himself in a formal way.

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