AMWSN Epilogue

Extra- The Madman

“Sorry! Sorry! I’m really sorry!” The man softly cried as he used a knife to stab a little girl’s chest repeatedly while he held his other hand tightly over the little girl’s mouth, afraid that the little girl would make some kind of sound.

The cell phone on the table suddenly lit up and vibrated while producing an extremely common ringtone.

After the man heard this, he stiffly stopped, and looked at the little girl’s body as if not knowing what to do. It was only when the cell phone stopped ringing that he came to his senses.

He lightly set the knife next to the corpse and wiped the tear stains on his face. Then, he stood up. At this point, his face no longer looked the slightest bit confused.

The man then wrapped the corpse up and used a mixture of water and detergent to wipe off the debris and bloodstains on the floor all in an orderly fashion.

After the man finished fixing himself up, the man picked up the cell phone that had been ignored for a long time and called a phone number that was marked “Unknown.”

“I was busy just now.”

“This month, our goods went down by one again.”

“Dead, she saw my face.”

“All right. Give me five days at most.”

“Also, do I still send broken goods to the same place to get taken care of?”

“Ok, after six days, I’ll deliver the goods.

After the man put the cell phone down, he looked at the black bag and lowered his head. “Last time. This is the last time.”

The man took out the phone that he had used for a long time out of his pocket and threw it into a lake, not letting himself think more about it.

When he saw the cell phone create ripples in the water that slowly calmed, the man’s two feet powerlessly collapsed onto the floor.

“Finally, everything is done.”

On the man’s shoulder was a little boy who had already fainted. His footsteps were heavy as he entered the basement he had once swore that he would never enter again.

He put the little boy onto the bed full of dust and sat by the bed, watching the little boy.

The man could feel his inner beasts struggling to become free.

The man knew that if he indulged himself again, he would enter the unending depth of the  abyss again but he still reached his hand out. 

The man’s fingertips lightly slid over the little boy’s tender and soft face, down to his neck, collarbone and then to his stomach.

Then, the man reached his hand into the little boy’s clothes…

The man took out a phone that he had bought a few months ago and entered the phone number that was already ingrained into his heart.

“It’s me. Are you still missing any goods?”


When the man was pressed onto the ground, he didn’t have any intention to resist or guard himself. He was quiet as his hands were handcuffed.

When the man got onto the police car he wasn’t afraid at all. However, this didn’t mean that he knew he could get away from his crime. Instead, he wasn’t afraid of the criminal law that he was about to face.

This entire time, the only thing the man was afraid of had always been himself.

He was afraid he didn’t have any self control, that he wouldn’t be able to help committing crimes.

If he already had no way to control himself then letting the law stop him was also a good choice.


Love was a great thing. Having someone love you is a great thing.

But when the man heard his judgement, he was completely unable to agree with their point.

He knew he was sober. He had committed these crimes because of his own desires, and not because ‘he wasn’t clear in what he was doing’ or ‘he couldn’t control himself’ according to the lawyer.

He also knew that the doctor’s diagnosis that his lawyer had was fake. His wife who loved him had used money to buy it for him.

But when he knew that he had escaped the death penalty, he still couldn’t help but feel grateful that he could live on.


“I can let you out soon. I’ve already told them that they’re not allowed to give you medicine as they please.” The man’s wife said as she tidied up the man’s hair on his forehead.

“They can’t. Now or later.” The man grasped his wife’s hands and softly said, “Don’t let me out.”

“I will watch over you. I will stop you”, The man’s wife said somewhat nervously.

“There’s no use.” The man’s head was still lowered. He couldn’t bear to see his wife’s sad appearance. “If you really love me, don’t let me out.”

“Okay.” After a long time the wife still compromised. “But I will wait for you.”


“Where is this?” The man couldn’t help but ask when he saw the whiteness in front of him. He knew he wasn’t dreaming right now.

Could it be that he had gone crazy? So this was the place that he had fantasized into existence?

The man suddenly thought of his wife. Then he heard someone calling his name from behind him.

When he turned around, his wife was actually standing there, wearing exactly what she had worn several months ago when he had last seen her.

The man walked into his wife’s embrace and somewhat happily said, “Sure enough, you tricked me. You’re still waiting for me.”

From faraway came quick and light footsteps. Silhouettes of suspicious children entered the man’s sight one after another.

At this moment, the man’s shadow underneath him actually moved by itself. It caught another shadow and then fell onto the ground.

“No!” The man who had suffered a fright pushed his wife aside but didn’t think that his wife would break into pieces as though she were made of glass.

“No! I don’t want it to be like this!” The man regretfully clutched at his hair and then knelt on the floor.

“Why? I want to be normal too! I want that too!” The man cried as he shouted.

“You want to be normal?” He didn’t know when but the man’s shadow stood in front of him.

“I don’t want this version of me!” The man grabbed onto the shadow’s clothes tightly. “I don’t want this!”

“Okay sir.” The shadow half crouched and looked at the man as he said:

“From now on, I am the normal version of you.”


“Sir, please hold up”, The man said to a doctor who passed by his ward.

“Is anything the matter?” The doctor who had already learned to ignore the patients stopped in his tracks.

“I have already become normal.” The man who was bound warmed his body up with a little bit of difficulty. “Don’t you think that trapping a normal person here isn’t logical?”

“Yes of course.” When the doctor finished, he took out the papers and opened the door.


In the park, the man had found a lonely place to sit down. He didn’t know where to go as he looked at the ground in confusion.

A soccer ball rolled to the man’s feet and interrupted the man’s thoughts.

The man picked up the soccer ball and then returned it to the little boy.

“You’re very lucky.” The man couldn’t help but say as he looked at the back of the little boy running towards his friends.

If it had been the him from the past, perhaps the little boy wouldn’t be able to see his friends again.

“Yes, I should open a shop.”

“That way, other people can become normal too.”

Author’s note:

You don’t have to put too much thought into this story or think about it too seriously. This is just a rallying cry from a person who discovered that he was different from his surroundings.

Since you have different interests, you won’t have the same things to talk about. In the end, you can only be a bystander and then you’ll begin to wonder if you’re weird or abnormal.

When you want ethics, religion, or people to validate you, you become abnormal.

This story’s origin is super messy so the afterword is also messy.

I wanted to talk about it, scream about it, curse about it, do something about it…and in the end I wrote this.

Lastly, thank you everyone for reading and for commenting.

P.S. If you think you’re abnormal, then you probably haven’t found a group of crazies that can go mad with you.

Translator’s Note: Hello everyone, it’s cheetahbreeze and I hope you all enjoyed this short story. There’s a lot up in the air with this story so if you guys have any theories on what the heck’s going on feel free to comment below! Look out for my next novel on this site which will be just as unique/dark as this one! I hope to get it on the site by August with regular updates so be looking forward to that!

In the meantime, go check out Rika’s super popular and somewhat angst omegaverse novel here!

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