AMWSN Chapter 5

Fifth Customer- The Uninvited Visitor

When the doorbell rang, the man who was combing Tom’s hair stopped. “Tom, was that the doorbell?”

“Meow.” Tom replied, and then slipped away from the man’s hands. Afterwards, he returned to his own cage to lie down quietly with graceful steps.

After he saw Tom’s movements, the man understood that the doorbell hadn’t been in his imagination. He put the comb into the drawer and then quickly checked himself in the mirror as he speedily straightened out his appearance.

When the doorbell rang again, the man who had finished fixing himself up opened the big doors of Cotidianus.

The face that entered the man’s vision was an unfamiliar one, as expected. However, the man still couldn’t help but hold his breath.

“Good morning. Even though it’s not that early anymore, we might as well base it on the time in your place”, the middle-aged man said as he took off his hat. Then, he threw it on the floor carelessly.

“Hello.” The man couldn’t help but frown at the middle-aged man’s behavior, as he always concerned himself about proper manners. “May I ask your name?”

“My name is unimportant so you don’t need to know it.” When the middle-aged man finished, he laughed. “I’ve always wanted to say that handsomely haha.”

“Sir, may I ask why you’ve come here?” The man continued to ask.

“Don’t be so anxious. We have a lot of time, isn’t that right?” When he found the man didn’t intend to receive him, the middle-aged man straightforwardly sat cross-legged on the floor. “In any case, right now this world only consists of two people- you and me- or no, three people.”

“Sorry sir, I did not invite you in right?” Although the man’s voice was still polite, he clearly expressed that he did not welcome this middle-aged man.

“Haha, don’t be so impatient. There’s no point in being so guarded against me. I just happened to discover the door to your place, so I came in to take a look.” The middle-aged man adjusted his sitting position and then continued, “But it seems suddenly intruding into someone else’s world is a little impolite, so I came to find you.”

“Now you’ve already found me.” Due to his manners, the man didn’t say ‘So please leave now’ which was what he had originally wanted to say.

“On the way here I heard some very interesting stories concerning your shop and your customers.” The middle-aged man ignored the man’s request for him to leave and continued on to say to himself, “You really are boring, huh.”

“Thank you sir. I hope you’ll pardon me for a moment.” The man suddenly said, and then took out a phone and made a short call to the public order manager.

“I am Cotidianus’s store manager. Someone insulted me in my shop.”

“Are you kidding me? Even ‘boring’ counts as an insult?” The middle-aged man stood up emotionally. “You really won’t welcome me here huh. At least we’re similar though, right?”

“They will probably be here in 30 minutes.” The man suddenly made a gesture to invite him in. “Would you like to rest in the reception room for a moment? Sir?”

“Boring, short-tempered and you definitely have obsessive-compulsive disorder.” The shameless middle-aged man comfortably sat in one of the chairs in the reception room while softly talking to himself.

“I’m very sorry sir, I don’t understand what you’re talking about.” The man gave a cup of coffee to the middle-aged man.

“I’m talking about you.” The middle-aged man took the coffee and continued, “You clearly could change this world’s rules and drive me out with force, but you haven’t done that. When you met me, you were very guarded but after you found a way to make me leave, you began to receive me as a visitor.”

“I am very sorry for how I previously acted, please forgive me sir.”

“You definitely have split personality disorder too!” The middle-aged man’s attitude completely changed as he yelled, “If your customers knew, what would they do? An abnormal person is the store manager selling ‘normality’.”

“As long as no one knows, a judge who receives a bribe is still a judge, and the judge won’t be put on trial as a criminal. A judge who doesn’t receive bribes is a good judge, but when that judge encounters the judges who does take bribes, he has become abnormal.” The man didn’t care how the middle-aged man described him. “It’s only when the white sheep within the black sheep realizes that his whiteness is too abnormal that he’ll come to me for help. Thus, I will help the white sheep dye his hair to become black. This is something that’s only normal.”

“You’re protesting. You aren’t satisfied with this phenomenon so you’re protesting. But everything you’re doing now can’t change anything. No one will know, no one will understand.” The middle-aged man shook his head. “Don’t you feel you’re a contradiction? You hate the definition of ‘normal’ but you are creating this ‘normality’. In the end, what do you want?”

“What I want isn’t important. I am whatever they say I am. I’m only doing something I see as very normal.” The man looked at the time. It had already passed thirty minutes. “Sir, it looks like we must say our goodbyes now. I welcome you to come back.”

“Next time if I come I won’t even be able to get here right? You hypocritical double-faced person.” The middle-aged man laughed as he stood and then left the reception room.

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