AMWSN Chapter 3

Third Customer- The Old Man with One Arm

“Who are you?”

“A man.”

“I know what you’ve done, don’t act dumb!”

“Sir, have you forgotten where you are right now?”

“I know you aren’t in the same group as them!”

“But I’m here.”

“SWAT Officer Fassett, visiting time for patients is over!”

“I will catch you.”

“Good luck, sir.”


The sun descended on the west and another night arrived.

An old man walked out cautiously from where he was hiding. His footsteps were extremely steady, he stood upright with an energy unbecoming of his age, and a pair of sharp eyes rested on his worn face.

A rustling sound came from a nearby garbage heap. The old man took out a short knife without the slightest hesitation as he slowly walked towards the garbage heap.

A shadow threw itself at the old man’s arm. The old man sidestepped to dodge the shadow’s teeth and then thrust the knife into the shadow’s back.

The shadow who had fallen on the floor let out an angry roar and then threw himself at the old man again. When the old man moved sideways again, trying to dodge the shadow’s attack, another head suddenly grew from the shadow and bit the old man’s right side.

The old man seemed immune to the pain as he continued to stab his short knife into the shadow. Before the shadow could stop breathing he ripped the old man’s shabby shawl off with all his strength, revealing the old man’s broken arm. It turned out the shadow hadn’t actually  bitten the old man’s body just a moment ago.

The old man took off the shabby shawl that he no longer needed. After putting his short knife away, he used his left hand that was barely left to drag the shadow’s corpse into his hideout.

After dealing with the corpse, the old man threw some of the meat into the boiling hot water, and threw the rest in salt water to marinate it.

When the scarlet red flesh faded into a dull gray color, the old man took it out of the pot.

The old man held the bowl with the flesh inside of it, his two eyes staring at the bonfire fixedly. For awhile, it didn’t seem like he was going to start eating.

He put down the bowl in his hand and the old man pressed onto the joint where his arm was broken. His originally sharp eyes became confused.

Suddenly, the wind gusted over, blowing a piece of paper on the road over to the old man. The old man caught that paper and was about to throw it into the fire when a line of words on the paper caught his eye.

The old man shoved the paper into his own pocket and then quickly finished the tasteless dinner.

Afterwards, the old man took his short knife and cleaned it before using some extremely old equipment to polish the knife.

Under the light of the bonfire, the old man’s blank eyes intermittently burst with a crazy light.

The next day, the newly sharpened short knife was put to the neck of the owner of Cotidianus.

“I heard you can make people normal here?” The old man asked.

“Yes sir.” The man coldly replied. He didn’t feel any fear from the knife that the old man had put to his neck.

“Then, fix it!” The old man moved his broken arm. “Fix it and I won’t kill you!”

“Sir, do you think you’re abnormal because you lost an arm?” The man asked, looking at the old man’s broken limb.

“Shut up!” The old man panted with rage as he ruthlessly waved the knife in the man’s face. Then, he grabbed a cloth to cover up his broken limb.

“If my words offended you, then I will apologize sir.” Wiping off the blood at the corner of his mouth, the man deeply bowed.

“Can you fix my arm?” Perhaps the old man calmed down because of how this man treated him.

“Why do you want to fix it?” The man curiously asked.

“What?!” The old man became furious when he felt other people were making fun of him.

“Sir, I’m not trying to make fun of you.” The man earnestly said this while opening a drawer in his cabinet.

“What do you mean by this?” The old man asked, suppressing his anger upon seeing a knife.

“Please wait a moment sir.” When he finished, the man actually used the knife to cut off one of his arms. His clean and agile technique made the old man astonished.

“You?!” The old man completely couldn’t understand what the man in front of him was trying to do.

“Now you’re normal sir.” The man pressed onto his wound. “Isn’t that right?”

“Haha!” The old man finally understood and laughed. “That’s right. Why didn’t I think of this!”


“The suspect was shot dead after chopping off the arms of 33 people. Preliminary investigations have found that the suspect was a retired soldier. He lost his right arm in battle and was unable to receive the appropriate treatment, so he became a wanderer for nine years. In the end, he became crazed and began attacking people.”

“Is this already the fifth case of a retired soldier going crazy?”

“Yes. The head has already ordered us to find all retired soldiers with a similar experience.”

“Hmph, so now he wants to compensate them?”

“No, the head wants to euthanize all of these soldiers.”

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