AMWSN Chapter 2

Second Customer – The Rebelling Boy

“No matter how much money it takes, you have to help my eldest son”, The chubby woman said with some agitation.

“Madam, please rest assured.” The man pulled a chair out and invited the woman to sit down before sitting on a chair across from her. “Now then, can you please tell me what problems your son has encountered?”

“No! He doesn’t have any problems!” The woman loudly retorted, “He is an outstanding child, and he is extremely normal!”

“Yes, madam. Please forgive my inappropriate choice of words. Then has your son encountered any problems recently?”

“Yes, he has encountered some very troublesome problems.” The woman tightened her grasp on the handbag that was sitting on her lap, her complexion a little bit unsightly as she continued, “He met a group of fair ideologists, and recently, he’s actually mentioned that we have to give our gray thing some break time!”

“Gray thing? Are you talking about mixed people?”

“Yes sir, but how can you even call them people? They’re only goods! Of a lower class even! And they’re so dirty!” The woman became so emotional that she stood up, but very quickly she realized that she had neglected her manners and sat back down. “Sorry sir. Due to some things that have been happening at home, I’ve become a little more emotional.”

“I understand madam. Very soon you won’t have to be this worried.” The man pressed on a button on the table, and a cup of hot tea appeared in front of the woman. “Please have a drink.”

“Thank you.” After drinking a mouthful of the perfectly warmed tea, the woman calmed down. “I’m just trying to think for my son but he actually refused to break off his relationship with those madmen. Could it be that he can’t see how other people will see him and our family?”

As the woman spoke, she cried, feeling sad. “Has he never thought about how I feel?”

The man silently listened to the woman recount her grievances. Then, he took out several  tissues, one after another and gave them to the woman.

“Please rest assured, madam.” When the woman began crying less, the man left his seat and held the woman’s hand, letting her look into his eyes. “As long as you bring your eldest son here, everything will return to normal.”

“Yes sir, I believe you.” The man’s eyes seemed to have a magic power that allowed one to feel at ease, and the woman did not continue to jabber on.

Several days later, the woman’s son came to Cotidianus.

“I’d like to give you a big welcome sir. I’ve waited for you for a long time already.”

“Hello mister.” Tom nodded and then brought up some of his doubts. “Actually I’m not sure why my mom made me come here.”

“You will know why very soon sir.” The man took out an elaborately designed electroshocker from behind his back shocking Tom. After that, Tom went unconscious.

When Tom woke up again, he saw his own face looking back at him. Frightened, he shot backwards, but ended up bumping into an iron pillar behind him, producing some noises.

“You’ve awoken sir.” The man put his greatly enlarged face in front of Tom and only then did Tom realize that everything around him had become bigger.

“Meow!” When Tom wanted to ask what was going on, he found that he could only mewl. It turned out his body had turned into a cat.

“I am so sorry sir, I forgot to install the translation device.” The man put a collar around Tom’s hairy neck.

“What’s going on?” Tom asked, unable to grasp the situation.

“To fulfill your mother’s wishes, I have made “you” normal. His actions will be exactly the same as your actions, but he will no longer associate with the fair ideologists and he won’t want to be one of the members in their group.”

“Hello Tom, I am the new you.” TOM introduced himself.

“You’re committing a crime here mister! My mother will find out!” Tom furiously yelled.

“No sir. Your mother won’t have any reason to suspect a normal TOM.” The man checked his watch and then silenced the translation device. “All right sir, your mother will be coming to take her TOM away now.”

The moment TOM saw the woman, he apologized to her and promised he wouldn’t contact the fair ideologists at all. The woman cried tears of appreciation as she thanked the man.

“What a pretty cat. Tom, its eyes look just like yours.” The woman suddenly noticed Tom who was in the cage. Tom immediately used his claws to paw at the door of the cage.

“Of course mother”, TOM replied.

“What type of cat is this?” The woman asked the man.

“I’m sorry madam. This is a mixed cat”, The man replied.

“Really? What a pity.” The woman immediately showed a disgusted appearance, unwilling to glance at Tom anymore.

Tom saw that the woman’s expression had quieted. He didn’t try to get her attention anymore, but only quietly watched as she left with TOM.

If the woman had observed a little more, she would have found  a birthmark on the cat’s left ear while the TOM beside her didn’t have one.

Afterwards, the man put the translation device back on, but Tom didn’t mewl or produce any sounds anymore. From then on, a strange and quiet cat was added to Cotidianus.

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