An Alpha’s Dilemma Chapter 2

Episode 2

Warnings: NSFW Content (well, just a bit)


“Izumi-sensei, Shimada-san’s here. He said he wants to see you.” My secretary, Chihiro, informed me. 

I immediately stopped playing with the chair and fixed my position while I signaled Chihiro to let Kicchan enter. He nodded in agreement. After a few moments, Kicchan entered my office, carrying an infant that was enclosed inside a baby carrier. 

“Kicchaaaan!” I happily greeted and ran to hug him, but remembered that he was holding an infant. “Why visit?”

“Aki, we just talked last night. I told you that I’ll be visiting today.” Kicchan replied with a slightly irritated voice since I forgot about his scheduled visit again.

I was like an idiot that scratched at the back of my neck before laughing weakly.

“Hehehe… Sorry.”

Kicchan sighed. Then, he removed the baby carrier before getting the baby out, facing the baby towards me.

“Here’s Yuuki now.” Kicchan showed before smiling.

“Goo…” It was as if I were floating in the clouds when I heard his voice, that was sooo cute!

“Ah, Yuu-chan!” I excitedly exclaimed, eagerly carrying the baby in my arms. “You look just like Kicchan!”

Kicchan laughed at my words. “You think? As Yuuki grows up, his demand for food also grows.”

“Of course. It’s not like Yuu-chan will depend on milk forever.” I argued back while playing with Yuuki’s small hands.

“Do you still hate Ryuichi?” Kicchan suddenly asked. I wasn’t expecting that he would ask me about that so I was shocked and suspiciously faced him, my eyes blinked in apprehension.

“H-Huh?” I questioned in a hesitant tone.
Kicchan’s face slightly morphed into worry and repeated his question. “Do you still hate Ryuichi?”

“Nah, I only dislike him just a little bit, but it doesn’t mean that I hate him.” I denied; though I was half-lying.

I, myself, couldn’t even say if it was hatred that I felt towards Ryuichi. From the very beginning, I didn’t like his presence. And I disliked him more when I learned that he became Kicchan’s sex friend. I didn’t like the idea of Kicchan having sex with a bastard like him, though he did change, if only a little.

I couldn’t really judge because I was doing the same to myself. Sleeping with different men from time to time and having secret feelings towards Kicchan and using our relationship to my advantage… I’m far worse than Ryuichi.

‘It’s more like jealousy… you idiot, Kicchan.’ I thought to myself while gently caressing baby Yuuki’s cheek.

“Aki, you’re important to me. You’re always there for me. You are one of the reasons why I arrived at this place and have these things I have now. When we became friends, you gave me hope that not all Alphas are shits.” Kicchan heartfully told me.

“Whoa, whoa!” I intervened before handing Yuuki back into kicchan’s arms and fixed my glasses that I was wearing before speaking again. “I am no saint, Kicchan. Don’t praise me too much. You’re gonna make me shed bloody tears.” I jokingly stated, even though in truth my chest was tightening at this very moment.

If only I could tell him the fucking truth. But I already decided to put an end to my feelings for him, for the sake of our friendship. I would just cheer him on and watch as he built a new happy family with Ryuichi.

Kicchan’s happiness was also my happiness.

“Ryuichi told me everything.” Kicchan suddenly revealed and I blinked.

“What everything?”

“Sorry for not noticing your feelings, Aki.” Kicchan asked for forgiveness while tears streamed down his face.

My throat tightened at what I had just heard.

“I took advantage of our friendship and I didn’t even realize your feelings to me. I couldn’t believe it myself either when Ryuichi told me, but you did. I’m not angry at you. My view of you doesn’t change. You are still the ‘Aki: that I know and love as my friend.”
“Somehow… calling me your ‘friend’ kinda hurts.” At this moment, I also started to cry.

”But don’t worry, Kicchan. I will support you until the end. That, I can promise.” I said to him while trying to smile, but the feeling I am experiencing right now was like my chest exploding from agony.

‘That fucking Ryuichi! So, he noticed?! I’m gonna fucking rip his body apart!’ I trembly admonished in my head while wiping off my tears.


“Thank you for not hating me, though.” I defeatedly stated and smirked like a lunatic, but I was astonished when Kicchan hugged me with Yuuki between us.

“Promise me that you’ll be happy too.” He told me and suddenly leaned my face on his broad shoulders.

I audibly swallowed before asking: “Kicchan… Can I say ‘I love you’?” These words were the most painful words I have let out in my whole life.

“Idiot. Of course, you can.” He allowed while caressing my head.

Then, my tears just overflowed before I bawled like a child on Kicchan’s shoulder.

“I love you.”

I kept on repeating those words while bawling and hugging Kicchan at the same time. He didn’t say anything. He let me shed all of my frustrations until I was satisfied.

Ah, Kicchan is so good. That’s why I can’t leave his side. Why did I have to fall for my friend?

After all those useless drama, Kicchan first made sure that everything was okay between us. He wanted to free me from my sufferings, but also wanted me to stay as his friend as well. Well… Since he’s so kind and even gave an effort to comfort me, officially, it wasn’t anymore worse that my one-sided love for 14 years was rejected.

“Anyways, it would be impossible for us if we got together, Kicchan.” I said. Then Kicchan’s brows furrowed.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“No! Don’t make me say it! It’s embarrassing!” I said in a girlish voice as I placed my hands on both of my cheeks.

“Aki, I’m fucking serious.” Kicchan said sternly.

“We’re not compatible. Haha!” I hurriedly answered and Kicchan’s jaw gaped open.

“You’re a fucking bo—?!”

“Yes. I love big, fat c*cks up my ass. Totally.” I cut him off and his eyes widened.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He chided me.

“Fuck, I’m an Alpha, Kicchan. Alphas are supposed to be dominant, not some fucking cock-loving shithole who loves being ravished like savaged dogs!” I exclaimed.

“You didn’t have to be so vulgar.” His forehead deepened in stress. It looked like he was displeased at my endless supply of rude words.

“Are you happy now?” I teased him while snickering crazily.

“I just hope that you don’t play around too much.” He worriedly added.

“Well, that’s a different story.” I answered back and a defeated sigh left Kicchan’s lips.

“I’ll be taking my leave now. Thank you for telling me the truth, Aki.” He bid farewell and placed Yuuki, who was now asleep, back inside the baby carrier.

“Yeah. You and Yuu-chan be careful going home.” I bid back to the two as a gentle smile floated on my face.

Then he left, half-happy that things were finally settled between us, and half-worried after knowing that I was a neko.

Even I would be surprised if Kicchan told me that Ryuichi starts to bottom. I’d love to see that dickhead’s ass get ripped apart.

“Haaay… It seems like I really hate Ryuichi. Haha! Whatever.” I laughingly told myself and once more spun my swivel chair while waiting for more patients to arriver.


When noon came, I left my clinic and searched for Chihiro. He would never leave his place unless I told him so. He was that diligent in his work, which I had no problem with. What I was concerned about was the fact that he may go into heat while working inside my clinic. That would be dangerous, not only for me, but for some Alphas too, who visit to get medication for their ruts.

Of course, I had a tolerance against Omega pheromones, so I’m less worried, but after what happened to Kicchan, their heat could definitely reach a certain kind of intensity when triggered with strong dosages of drugs. It was really good that Fujiwara worm was already in jail, but I know there were still millions of fuckers out there who would sell illegal drugs that could affect anyone. It was dubious that Fujiwara was the only one who could produce that kind of drug without any help.

Putting that aside, I went to Chihiro and he smiled immediately when he saw me.
“Sensei!” He called out and his face brightened. Earlier, he was literally so gloomy it was as if he had a family member that died.

His mood-swings were so quick! It was really creepy!

“Chihiro, did you have your heat this month already?” I hurriedly asked him.
The gigantic Omega answered in a shy manner. “N-Not yet, sensei.”

“Fuck! Stop blushing! You look like a huge ogre who looked like he was trying to hold back his pee!” I scolded and he immediately fixed himself, but his face was still blushing beet red, but at that moment, the idiot shuddered in excitement(1).

“But, sensei, I just imagined you stripping in front of me, so I got a hard-on.” Chihiro shamelessly informed me that he was even trying very hard to hide away his tent between his legs. (Rika: holy, a straightforward Omega!)

“Uwaah! Fuck! You’re disgusting! Fuck! Suit yourself!” I cursed in disgust while my face slowly flushed too and quickly turned my back from this idiot secretary of mine, going back inside my clinic.

‘I can’t fucking believe him!’ I shouted in my mind.

I almost got a hard-on from his words too! How could he even say those things with such ease?! I didn’t even see any hesitation from that giant’s face!

How?! Fuck, I’ll go crazy because of that guy!

“Calm down, Aki. This won’t last long. He’s just here to complete his internship, so bear with it.” I told myself almost crazily to calm myself while taking deep breaths as if I was like a woman going into labor.

When I took a peek at Chihiro on what he was doing, I froze in place as I witnessed him thrusting his member in between his hands while uttering my name.

“Sensei… Aah, sensei…” He erotically called my name while he was enjoying what he was doing, totally ignoring the fact that we were still at work and it’s the middle of the day. Anyone could come and fucking see him jacking off his own dick!

“You dickhead! Do it somewhere else where no one can see nor hear you! Fuck!” I loudly screamed at him, throwing a pen at him. In my extreme irritation, that was the only object I was able to pick up and threw towards that idiot.

His member was slightly hit. But instead of him being hurt, the lunatic was even delighted. “Aah!” One licentious moan escaped that monster’s mouth as he turned to look straight at me and said: “Sensei, I like you!” And after that, he bolted towards the toilet, finishing this stupidity.

My mouth was literally falling wide open and I wasn’t able to move from where I was standing. What the fuck just happened?
Did I accidentally open another door?

  1. Original: “….pero sa pagkakataong ito ay kinikilig ang tanga.” – kinikilig -> it’s like you’re so romantically excited that you literally squeal like a banshee C:

Rika: Hello guys! Sorry for being so late! Uni is hectic af and it’ll be prelims next week. OTL

We need to study so much laws and theories. UGH.

In the next following chapters, you can decide whether on how I will post.

Do you want me to post by parts or post it at a whole? Since I’m so busy now, I’m not sure if I can post every two days.

If I’m to post whole chapters, either I can post every week or longer. If I posted within a week, that’ll be me procrastinating and not studying for exams. (LOL)

But if I post by parts, I can post small bits and may be able to post every two days.

It’ll depend on you guys. C: (That’s just how much I love you. 😘)

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  1. Post the chapters whichever way is easiest for you. I’ve been to uni, so I know your pain. Though I was studying science, not law.


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