An Alpha’s Dilemma Ch. 4

Episode 4


“Sensei, do you have summer vacation?” Chihiro shyly inquired at me while eating lunch.

“Why?” I asked, a bit confused by his sudden approach.

“Um…” He squirmed like a worm on his seat before continuing to speak. “I am planning on going back home for my summer leave.” 

“Huh?” I raised an eyebrow and gave him an intimidating look. “Who said that you’re getting a vacation?”

“Eh?!” Chihiro quickly whined so I wasn’t able to stop myself from guffawing. 

“I was joking! You even believed me so fast! Haha!” I laughed out loud as his face turned red like a tomato.

“Sensei!” Chihiro exclaimed while pouting his lips.

‘Even now, I still can’t believe that this giant ogre is only huge on the outside, but he has the soul of a defenseless young puppy. It makes me wanna bully him sometimes.’ I thought to myself while watching Chihiro lose his cool.

“Go ahead. I was planning on taking a break too.” I said and Chihiro fidgeted like an idiot.

He played with his fingers before saying: “If you’re not busy, Sensei, do you want to go with me?”

“Huh?” I dropped my jaw in shock.

I didn’t remember what Chihiro told me after that but, in the end, he convinced me to join him. 


We were already at the station and waiting for the train that would send us to Chihiro’s hometown. I don’t know where he lived, and he won’t tell me either, so I didn’t argue with it anymore. I only packed the things that I needed for a five-day trip slash vacation. 

While we were waiting with the crowd, I realized just how noticeable Chihiro’s height was. Beside his tanned skin and huge physique, he almost looked like an exotic foreigner—more like the kind of guy from a tribe of beautiful people.

‘Fuck! DId I just say beautiful?!’ I cursed in my mind out of the blue when I realized that I was fervently staring at Chihiro while thinking those words. Thank goodness he was an airhead so he didn’t notice my stare and the people around us.

“Sensei…?” Chihiro questioningly muttered when he saw me looking back frequently. 

I was trying to hide my embarrassment. Shit!

“Hmm? What?” I turned my head to face him and mocked confusion, making the man in front of me to smile like a child.

“You’re beautiful today.” He said without blinking nor any signs implying a sick joke. He was just flashing his usual innocent, idiotic smile. 

It gave me goosebumps and I almost exploded in total disbelief after hearing him. It wasn’t anything new when he calls and compliments me as beautiful because this was one of the reasons why most guys approach me—too much resemblance to a woman. It irritated me most of the time, knowing that they were not seeing the real me, but the way Chihiro addresses me as ‘beautiful’ was far from just a plain compliment.

He makes my heart race every time! (Rika: Kyaa~ 6(^O^)9)

“Sensei…?” He weakly called me when he noticed I wasn’t moving.

“Yes!” I jolted and forced myself to look his way. I bet my face was flushed, but Chihiro didn’t seem to bother.

“The train’s here. Let’s go.” He said to change the topic and my excitement quickly faded and changed to dismay.

‘What was I expecting? He’s an idiot.’ I thought to myself, sighing.

We chatted for a bit while riding the train; most of which was work-related. Chihiro seemed to be more relaxed, and somehow excited to show me his hometown. He told that his parents were excited when he told them that he would bring someone home with him. Well, I’m nervous because it’s my first time staying over at a friend’s house.

I have stayed over a lot of places and houses that I was not familiar with, but that was just because I wanted to escape from my boring life.


“Ma-chan, Tou-chan(1), I’m home!” Full of joy, Chihiro called to his parents when he arrived in front of his house.

It was an average-looking household with an old-fashioned look and ambiance.

I heard loud thuds and noises from inside before the door opened, revealing two giant men.

‘A family of giants!’ I screamed in my mind, then I suddenly felt inferior about my height.

“Welcome home, Hirocchi(2)!” One of them greeted and hugged Chihiro tightly.

He had the same skin color and body build as Chihiro. I was pretty sure that he was his Omega mother. Then the other guy who had lighter skin and just the right build, came closer and gave Chihiro a hug too. That must be his Alpha father.

“Welcome back, Hirocchi.” His father smilingly welcomed his son before looking at me. “Come in.”

I could only swallow at the gentleness of his voice and their welcome towards me. It was a feeling that I had never experienced in my entire life.

“Come in, Sensei! Tou-chan cooked lots because he didn’t know what you want to eat.” Chihiro excitedly pointed out, gathering my things and putting them away.

“T-Thank you.” I said somewhat nervously and began to feel shy.

We went straight to their kitchen and I was so surprised when it felt so cozy, even cozier than my own house when I was still living there.

“HIromi only cooked traditional Japanese foods(3) because we don’t know Hirocchi’s visitor’s preferences.” Said by a man with almost the same features as Chihiro, not only on the face, but also with his gestures. “Oh, I’m Hirocchi’s mom, by the way; Chidori Hanamichi.”

“Chidori?” I asked after a beat. “A girl’s name…?” I tentatively continued while I looked at his parents who were just smiling.

“Yes. But Chidori can be a boy’s name too.” One of them explained and his father introduced himself. “I’m Hanamichi Hiromi.”

“So that’s why ‘Chihiro’ is your son’s name . I thought that he was a female too at first.” I concluded after finally knowing the reason behind Chihiro’s girly name. I was really bothered by it, but I just didn’t ask him about it.

“Haha, I was surprised when Chihiro told us that he’s coming home with someone.” The father started.

“Tou-chan!” Chihiro shyly rebuked.

“Yeah. That’s because usually people are scared of us because of our size. Since its like this, Hirocchi doesn’t have any friends while he was still studying. We’re happy that he has one now.” His mother agreed while smiling gently

“Ma-chan!” He once more shyly rebuked.

I found myself looking at Chihiro. He was fidgeting like a child and felt uncomfortable. I didn’t expect that he went through such harsh experiences. He was so expressive and had a positive outlook in life despite being stupid most of the time.

I had misunderstood him as well.

“Your son is a hard worker. I never regretted hiring him.” I proudly proclaimed and suddenly smiled without knowing the reason why.

My words made Chihiro blush to the extreme that I could almost see smoke coming out of his ears. Even I, myself, felt my cheeks get hot the moment I realized I said something that I normally don’t say!

‘What the fucking hell was that?!’

“Uh…” I did my utmost best to hide the embarrassment I was feeling by clearing my throat, but Chihiro’s parents brightened from the words they heard from me.

“He’s a kind Alpha, Hiromi.” His mom excitedly(4) stated. 

“So…” His father on the other hand, crossed his arms. Then, what he asked us next was unexpected. “Have you done it yet?”

I literally spit out the water that I was about to swallow when he asked that question while Chihiro–who looked like a mental patient–stared at his father blankly, who was amused by my reaction.

“What are you saying, Hiromi?” His mom dazedly asked.

“Oh, where are my manners? Haha! Let’s just eat first and forget what I asked  Sensei.” His father invited us to change the topic and calmly ate his food afterwards.

‘Fuck! Did he just ask me if Chihiro and I already had sex?! What the fuck?!’

I’ll go crazy in this family!


After we finished eating, Chihiro invited me to go to the seaside. His house was near the sea. One of the many advantages since summer vacation was our aim for coming here. He asked me to go swimming, but I much preferred to just roam around and if possible, wait for the sun to set.

“Haah… I missed this.” Said Chihiro as he inhaled the sea breeze.

He wore a simple sando top and loose shorts and slippers. It was the first time that I saw most of his skin and I also learned how well-trained his body was. His body features were totally my type. Those fine and strong muscles of his arms would definitely feel good around me. And his broad shoulders are perfect to cling on, and down there, well… he looks kinda…

“FUCK!” A loud curse was let out upon realizing what direction my thoughts were headed.

“Sensei? Is there a problem?” Asked a concerned Chihiro.

“H-Huh? No, I’m fine. I didn’t mean to curse like that.” I hurriedly defended.

Then, tears gradually welled up in the corners of Chihiro’s eyes before sniffling. “I knew it!  You were only compelled to come with me. Sensei, I’m sorry!” And he finally cried.

“Hey, that’s not true!” I tried to make him stop crying in panic and even attempted to wipe off his tears, but I quickly took a few steps back when he might give meaning on what I would do.

“But, I’m very happy, Sensei. I never thought that I would ever walk like this by the sea with you unless it was in my dreams.” Chihiro said as he wiped off his tears. “Although it differed in my dream when you stripped in front of me while we watched the sunset and when night came, something miraculous happened. Apparently, you gave me a blowj—”

“Chihiro!” I loudly mentioned his name and he immediately stopped talking. “Enough, please.” I begged.

Why is this child so honest?! He’s crazy!

“Is there something wrong with what I just said, Sensei?” He asked as if he was oblivious on how erotic his fantasies about me were. It almost sounded like I was a goddamn fucking whore in his fantasies!

“No, it’s just that…” I bit my lower lip as I tried to find the right words to say. “…never mind. Let’s just go back.”

“Okay.” He agreed even though it was obvious that he still wanted us to stay here longer.

We just walked and didn’t say anything to each other on our way back. And it seemed like Chihiro realized that what he said earlier was awkward too.


“Izumi-sensei, will it be okay for you to sleep inside Hirocchi’s room?” Chihiro’s father smilingly and politely asked me. We were getting ready to sleep.

“Huh?” I literally dropped my jaw.

I would be staying here for five days. Did he seriously think letting me sleep in his son’s room was a good idea?! What’s wrong with this family?!

“Sorry for that, Sensei. Our home is small and the rooms here were only meant for us and Hirocchi.” The mom intervened, explaining because she felt worried that I would get angry at them. 

“Sensei, if you’re not comfortable to be together in one room, I’ll just sleep in the living room.” Chihiro offered while grinning like a stupid monkey.

“No, that would be rude of me. It’s your room and—”

“But we will feel worse if you’re the one sleeping in the living room.” His mom emphasized and gave his son a pleading look.

“No. Sharing a room would be fine.” I said in a low voice and Chihiro’s face brightened.

“Thank you, Sense! Let’s go inside!” Chihiro exclaimed in extreme joy and dragged me into his room while carrying the blanket and pillow that was given to me to use.

“Have a good night!” Said Chihiro’s father.

“Good night, son. Good night, Izumi-sensei.” His mom added and waved at us.

“Good night, Ma-chan, Tou-chan!” Chihiro answered back with a smile that reached his ears.

Chihiro was so excited to fix his bed so I decided to close the door. But before I could close it, I saw his parents kissing each other before they went into their room. I even saw his father grabbing his wife’s ass and the Omega’s face flushed in front of him before disappearing from my sight.

I was left dumbfounded and speechless. It was normal because they were mates, married even; but why did I feel so envious?

When I peeked at Chihiro, he was still busy fixing his bed. It was nice, and looked snug, but it seemed like he wanted to make a good impression.

I secretly smiled and felt joy. I didn’t know why I was happy, but this was the first time that there was someone giving me kindness like this.

Now I know why Chihiro was such a good person. He had a wonderful family. No wonder he was such an innocent guy.

And here I am… corrupting his innocence, seeing him as just another part of my sexual fantasies.

  1. This was in the original, I don’t know if Author wrote this on purpose or just a typo, but Chihiro called for his mom and dad.
  2. Like what Crazy Doctor calls, Shimada-senpai: ‘Kicchan’, Chihiro’s called: Hirocchi.
  4. His mom is feeling kilig as he says that.

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