An Alpha’s Dilemma Ch. 3

Episode 3

Warning: NSFW Content, just slight. LOOOOL 


Chihiro Hanamichi, 22 years old. It’s my first time falling in love!

Due to my bearing and appearance, many were scared of me, but in spite of all that, I’m still happy. I grew up full of my parents’ love. They were my inspiration on why until now, I still believe in ‘true love’. Even if I sound like an old man considering the times now, but I believe that every single one of us has someone fated for us to receive our love.

And Izumi-sensei is my true love!

“There’s no going back. I already told Sensei my true feelings! Even when it was our first meeting, I knew he’s the one for me.” I excitedly talked to myself while imagining Izumi-sensei acting cutesy in front of me while giving me endless flying kisses. “Kyaah! Sensei!” I squealed and the female patient who had a scheduled check-up with sensei jumped. “Ah, sorry. You’re the next patient.” I apologized to her when I noticed that she shuddered at my antics.

“T-Thank you.” She hesitatingly responded before entering Sensei’s clinic.

The truth was that I didn’t expect that I would fall in love with Izumi-sensei. I had crushes, but he was different. 



I was so anxious when I first applied to this clinic. I was graduating and I needed to have internship experience before I could complete my requirements. 

It was true that most Omegas were uneducated and didn’t need much for their way of living compared to the Alphas and some Betas. But, there were a lot of Omegas that were intelligent and were capable. My parents weren’t wealthy, but they persevered in order to let me study despite the fact that their relationship wasn’t accepted by their families.

My Alpha father came from a wealthy family and my Omega mother was part of the personnel from said family. My father didn’t expect that he would fall in love with my mother who was also a man like him. People dating the same gender weren’t new, but my father’s family was strict. They didn’t like Omega men, because they were said to be licentious; they would just charm whichever Alpha they took a liking to. 

But my father’s belief was contrary to the rest of his families. He really fought his love with mother until he became pregnant. My father’s family was livid and they were kicked out. Because of this, father suffered hardships; but this didn’t prevent their love. They took great care of me and let me grew up full of love. I could even say that I was lucky because they were my family.

That’s why the first time I saw Izumi-sensei, it was just then that I understood what mother always told me. One indicator that you liked a person was that your chest would suddenly throb without any valid reason. That’s what I felt when I met Sensei. His impression of me wasn’t really that good, but that wasn’t important. 

“What’s your name?” He asked me while gazing at my whole body. It was like he was in disbelief that I was just a student.

“C-Chihiro Hanamichi(1).” I nervously introduced and swallowed.

“You’re an… Omega?” He raised a brow as his stare deepened while he read my resume. 

I jumped in panic. Maybe he wouldn’t accept my application. Omegas being rejected was, in any job, no joke because of our heats.


“Hmm… Alright. You’re hired. I’m Aki Izumi.” He introduced himself and my eyes glistened in extreme joy.

“Izumi-sensei… You’re so beautiful!” I suddenly commented while staring at him excitedly.

Sensei’s jaw literally fell from my words and it was several moments before he could speak again. He told me afterwards, that I needed to be careful at all times. I was the very first Omega he allowed to work in his clinic because he explained that I looked like I have the capabilities. It seemed like he was saying that like an insult, but I was just happy that he accepted me.

[Flashback End]


And I just graduated this previous month and I am now Sensei’s regular secretary. 

“Kyaah!” I once again squealed and the patients in waiting looked at me strangely. 

It didn’t take long for the woman earlier to exit the exam room. She approached me before handing me the list of prescribed medicines that she needed to buy. I read the list and looked around to see if we still had some in stock.

“Um, Miss, we don’t have anymore of these birth control pills. Try the drugstore.” I informed the woman and she nodded in understanding.

“Okay, thanks.” She said before leaving.

‘Birth control pills… Do Alphas use birth control pills too?’ It suddenly passed my mind and unconsciously looked at Sensei’s clinic.

I don’t know anything about Sensei’s private life. The only thing I knew was that he has a friend whose name is Kazuki Shimada and he often visited here before, but once he found his Fated Pair and bore a child, he doesn’t visit much anymore.

I don’t know how they became friends, but I could see that for Sensei, Shimada-san is someone different.

‘Ah. I got hard.’

I felt myself suddenly shuddering when I remembered that I was still working and in addition, there were still many people in line! What should I do?!

“Are you okay?” A man casually asked when he noticed me being fidgety,

I hurriedly nodded. “Y-Yeah.” 

Will it be okay if I go to the toilet for now? But, Sensei will probably call me…’ I worriedly thought in my mind and the people kept on glancing at me as a reaction to my weird actions.

All of them were slowly forming ideas from my frantic actions. I need to get away now, pronto!

I furtively left my place before smiling at the patients I passed. After I made sure that their attention was elsewhere, I bolted and ran towards the toilet. Thank goodness that it was kind of far away, so they would not be able to hear anything if I relieved myself.


“Umfgh!” I suppressed a moan while slowly stroking my member.

I didn’t know why I randomly got hard, but I noticed that it happens every time I think about Sensei. I know that this wasn’t normal and more so that it’s not right, but what can I do?!

“Sensei… I like you.” I uttered as I gradually hastened my thrusting of my manhood between my hands.

When he saw me doing this the first time while staring at me, it gave me such an intense excitement. There was a part of me that felt shy because I was an Omega inside an Alpha-ish body, but there was another part that desired to let Sensei know that I wasn’t kidding if I ever told him that I like him.

‘How can I make Sensei believe that I am serious?’

“Sensei!” I blew my load and called his name simultaneously. Like what I had expected, the quantity that I let out was huge. “Why is it that I’m so perverted?” I tearfully asked myself as I reached for the tissues to clean myself before washing my hands. “If Sensei could see me now, there’s no doubt that he’d get angry at me again.”

After finishing, I went back to my area. I finally felt relieved and not one of the patients doubted my disappearance.


It was near 8 o’clock in the evening and currently, Sensei was putting away his things before leaving. I was also almost done checking in the log book. I also took note of the medicines that were out of stock so that I could inform him. After a while, the door to his clinic opened. I hurriedly looked in his direction.

“Sensei!” I suddenly exclaimed, making Sensei jump slightly in surprise.

“You’re done? We’ll close now.” He asked.

I put away the log book before answering him. “Sensei, we don’t have anymore birth control pills. The anti-Alpha rut medicines are running low too.” 

“Oh, okay. And before I forget.” He remembered and his face suddenly flushed, hesitating to finish what he wanted to say. “Don’t you ever masturbate in front of me ever again. Especially when we are here.”

He wasn’t angry and didn’t shout at me, but I just realized that I cried in front of him for no reason. 

“Do you hate me now, Sensei? Ugh…” I cried like a child and asked him while my snot fell.

Sensei panicked from my reaction and tried to comfort me. “It’s not like that!” He denied. “What normal person will do what you just did knowing that someone was witnessing your actions?! Did no one ever tell you that doing that kinda thing needs privacy?!”

“I’m sorry, Sensei! It won’t happen again!” I apologized in regret before bawling and the doctor panicked.

“Stop crying! You’re like a cow being slaughtered!” He irritatingly chided.

“B-But…” I sniffled before wiping off my tears. “I really like you, Sensei.” I defended.

He sighed before speaking. “Then don’t do that!” He suddenly scolded me, so my eyes widened in shock. “I’ll cut your thing off if you ever do that again in front of me! Got it?!” 

“Yes, sensei!” I hurriedly agreed and smiled widely at the same time before my face brightened.

“You’re really weird.” He told me and then turned his back on me.

“Sensei, I like you!” I once more declared and saw his face blushing again even when I was facing his back. 

After that, we went home. I really wanted to give Sensei a goodbye kiss, but he might punch me so… next time.


The next day, I noticed that Sensei was in low-spirits. It was like he was burdened by something. I kind of wanted to ask him, but my parents always told me that it wasn’t nice to force yourself into someone’s life. I needed to learn my position and limitations as a human being. It’s okay to show concern, but it would be in the person’s decision if they would believe you.

The day finished without any troubles. There were only a few patients today. Sensei also didn’t talk to me much today. Is he mad?

I don’t want Sensei to hate me. What must I do for Sensei to see that I’m serious?

Although I finished cleaning-up, Sensei was still in his office. Then, I decided that it would be better to just ask if he is going to leave later or maybe, he still needed to finish something.

“Sensei?” I weakly called while I knocked on the door.

It seemed like I called him too lightly because he didn’t answer back. I was about to speak again, but then I heard him talking with someone inside.

Why didn’t I notice someone else entering?!

“I told you that I won’t meet with you for the meantime. My schedule is hectic.” Sensei said with a slightly irritated tone. 

“But you’re lonely, aren’t you?” A man’s voice answered back.

“Fuck off. My secretary is still outside so get out. I’m tired.” Sensei drove away the man and I heard something falling before hitting the door so I took several steps back and covered my mouth.

“But last night, weren’t you enjoying yourself while I played with your sweet ass? You were crying so desperately that I couldn’t help but fuck you, Aki.” The man answered back and my body went cold from what I heard.

“I told you to quit calling me ‘Aki’, you bastard!” Sensei growled. I gasped when I heard a suppressed moan from him. “Ngh! Where do you think you’re touching?”

“Oh? You got hard just from my touch?” The man teased sensei and my body froze from where I was standing.

These were just hallucinations. This isn’t true, right? Sensei doing these kinds of things… impossible. Wait…

‘I don’t understand anything!’ I screamed inside my head as tears fell at the same time.

“Just leave!” Sensei snarled and I gasped once more when something slammed on the door. “Aah…”

“Are you sure you don’t want my cock right now?”

‘C-c-c-cock?! Wait. What c-cock? A rooster(2)…?’ My mind raced in confusion as my eyes spun in puzzlement.

“Fuck it! I said leave!” And Sensei’s voice finally loudened. 

There was a moment of silence inside before that door opened. I hurriedly hid myself. Thank goodness that the door wasn’t opened all the way and so they didn’t notice me.

I saw the face of the man that Sensei spoke to. His bearing was sharp and he looked rich. He didn’t look violent, but I could feel the aura of an Alpha from him. He even attempted to kiss Sensei, but he was immediately evaded and scrutinized until the man was outside. While I only silently followed their figures with my look.

“I’m free. Call me if you feel like doing it. Just give up on that Omega already. You won’t gain anything from him.” The man hurriedly added and even had the gall to peck Sensei’s cheek.

I was facing Sensei’s back so I didn’t see his reaction from that kiss. “Leave.” He shortly replied and after that, the man finally left. 

The moment the man left, Sensei sighed heavily before tightly hugging himself. That was the very first time I saw him like this.  As though he was inconsolable.

“Won’t gain anything… is it…?” Sensei whispered to himself.

It was like I was stabbed by a knife from what I heard. What did that man mean? Is it possible that Sensei liked an Omega?

I secretly cried while clenching my fists. “Sensei… I like you.” I whispered and solemnly gazed at him from afar.

I just realized that I didn’t really know anything about Sensei.


  1. He was speaking in a formal way.
  2. Original word: Tandang – this is the Tagalog word of a male chicken.

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