An Alpha’s Dilemma Ch. 1

Episode 1

Warnings: NSFW Content


Aki Izumi; a 32-year-old Alpha doctor. If I had to name my one biggest problem in my life… that would be the fact that I was born with feminine looks! And it ticked me off! A lot.

While growing up, I was struggling with my height and body development. Instead of having a big build and defined facial features, I ended up being always mistaken as an Omega. People around me kept on teasing me, telling me to double-check my test results. Even my parents could not believe their eyes when I grew up into a beautiful man.

Having good looks when you’re an Alpha was not bad, but in my case, I had a hard time proving myself. So, when I became a doctor, I’ve begun to gain respect and acknowledgment.

But I recently realized it wasn’t what  I really wanted.

“Chihiro, cancel my meeting with Kicchan today. I have something else to do tonight.” I told to a giant man with tanned skin and messy hair.

The man’s face automatically brightened up when he saw me. “Understood, sensei!” He immediately answered back while smiling like a kid who had won a prize at a birthday party.

He’s Chihiro Hanamichi; 22 years old. He’s my new secretary. He’s here to complete the internship experience he needed to graduate in college.

In our first meeting, I was amazed at his height and huge physique. I envied his easily received features and he even said that he got bigger naturally. He looked like an idiot, always in a daze. But Chihiro is a hardworking man. Everything I wanted him to do was immediately finished. If there was one problem with Chihiro, it was that he was an Omega!

I couldn’t seem to fathom the idea of an Omega overriding me while having an Alpha-ish physique!

Because of the glaring difference between us, I felt so uncomfortable. However, my secretary sees me as the opposite.

“Sensei, be safe on your outing later! I like you!” He exclaimed while smiling sweetly.

‘He is that kind of guy!’ I inwardly exclaimed in my head as I averted my eyes, blushing deeply.

I couldn’t understand how he managed to tell me those words every single day. It was as if his mind was automatically set to tell me those words every time I left or change my schedule.

Aside from being creepy, he’s just way too blunt!

“Ah, mm…” I nonchalantly answered and walked out of the clinic. “Don’t forget to remind Kicchan and close the clinic after I leave.” I added.

“Okay, sensei! Bye!” He cheerfully voiced and I didn’t answer him back, just waving my hands before finally leaving.




A feeling of thirst suddenly invaded my being, so I decided not to meet up with Kicchan for the time being. He used to regularly visit my clinic for pheromone shots, but after being mates with his Fated Pair, Ryuichi Okuda, his visits became infrequent. Now that he had a child, it was even more so.

And tonight, I wanted to clear my mind and think of nothing else, but sexual entertainment.

I slowly picked up my phone from my jacket’s pocket then dialed someone’s number. It seemed like the person didn’t waste any second as he quickly answered my call.

“Hello? Why’d you call?” The voice asked on the other line. It was a man’s voice that was a little husky and raspy to the ears.

I smiled slightly. “I need some companionship tonight.” I simply asked him out and I heard him laughing.

“Okay. Tell me the place and I’ll meet you there.” The man agreed and ended the call.

I texted him the address of the love hotel, the place where we would meet up, before putting back the phone inside my jacket’s pocket.

A deep sigh left my lips before looking up at the sky.

“It sure is starry tonight.” I said to myself while gazing at the dazzling starlight that reflected on my eyes.

It was so beautiful, yet my heart felt so empty.

The moment I arrived at the hotel, the man I was supposed to meet was already at the entrance, probably waiting for me. He gave me a smile when he saw me approach and leaned in to kiss my cheek. But before he could do that, I quickly gave him an intimidating look.

He was taller than me with a great body physique and his muscles were just right. He told me that we were around the same age, but I doubt he was a year or two older. And he’s an Alpha.

“Shall we go inside?” He smirked as he asked.

“Shut up. Follow me and let’s make this quick.” I irritatedly admonished and went inside the hotel first.

We got a room, requested a bottle of wine and talked a bit before going to the main course.

This one was just one of my many sex-friends. All of them were around my age or older and they were all Alphas. When I was feeling down or frustrated over something, I would call them. All we had was a physical relationship; nothing more. Besides, the majority of these stupid Alphas already have mates, but they were bastard motherfuckers who loved screwing around; trying bizarre things while enjoying sex. 

And I was dumb enough to enjoy their stupidity.




“Did something happen?” Asked the man I was with.

Both of us were now naked and tipsy.

“Why do you ask?” I inquired and positioned myself on top of him while sloppily stroking my cock that was already soaked in my pre-come.

“Because you called me. You only call me when you are frustrated about that Omega you are in love with.” He replied and gave a fervent stare at my naked body. I even caught him secretly lick his lower lip in an erotic way.

I scoffed then chuckled. “So? I never thought you cared about my reasons for calling you.” I coldly spat.

“Not really.” He denied. After that, he held my member tightly.

I clicked my tongue before raising my hip a little. Using my right hand, I grabbed his cock and slowly inserted it into my asshole. 

“Aah…” I sweetly let out a moan as my hole slowly widened to his shape, making me shudder all over.

The guy then grabbed both of my butt cheeks and squeezed them tightly, bringing a spine-tingling sensation to my body and I started to get excited from the inside.

“Start moving your ass, bitch.” He impatiently ordered and his squeeze got more painful as it tightened.

I granted his silly request and started raising my hips up and down. “Aah… Mmfgh… Ahh…” I couldn’t help but moan because, in this position, his dick could reach my deepest parts. 

We were both Alphas, but our bodies were far different. Having feminine looks and a body that looked more like of an Omegas’, I also couldn’t deny the fact that I was born a Neko(1).

And this was one of my darkest secrets.

“Can you feel it, Aki? My dick is being devoured by your male pussy!” The man pervertedly commented while smirking like an insane maniac. (Rika: Tbh… i don’t want the guy! QAQ)

“Aah! You fucker, call me ‘Aki’ again and I’ll fucking kill you. Aah…” I moaned and chastised him, but it seemed like he didn’t get a clue and roughly slammed himself, dancing with my movements. “Hyaah! Aah! Ngh… Aah… Fuck! Ahh…”

“You’re really beautiful, Aki…” He complimented with his eyes burning with lust, stroking my face with his free hands.

“I said don’t—Aah!” I wasn’t able to continue what I wanted to say as the pleasure I was enjoying dominated my rationality.

I let all of my frustrations leave my mind and focused on pleasuring myself with his Alpha cock which I loved so much. I desperately relied on this man as I cried and moaned, begging for his affection to be rendered and focused onto me.

‘Just for tonight… Only for tonight, I want to forget that I lost the one I loved to another Alpha…’

“Aki, I’m almost coming!” He screamed, his movements became more intense and rougher inside me.

I didn’t notice myself holding his shoulders, I also felt that I was near. “Ahh! Come inside me! Let it all out inside!” I also screamed while my tears streamed down due to a mixture of pain and pleasure. “Fuck me! Fuck me, Kicchan!” 

 At the same time I unconsciously blurted out Kicchan’s name, we both let out our essence. My body shuddered from the quantity both of us released, him inside of me and me onto the bed. I lied on his broad chest while panting afterwards.

“So, his name is ‘Kicchan’, huh? The Omega who met his fated pair?” The man asked. His face was hidden, but he was probably smirking.

“Shut up.” I chided him before my face morphed into a sorrowful expression.


I have been in love with Kicchan for a very long time. He was dear to me, and I knew how deeply hurt he was by his previous mate, that’s why I decided to stay by his side. There were times that I wanted to confess my feelings, but he only saw me as a friend and I didn’t want to ruin our relationship. I loved him so much… so much that I even entrusted him over to Okuda. (Rika: TTATT)

‘This is something I can’t tell Kicchan. Never. I will certainly prefer to remain friends with him than him loathing me.’ I lamented inside my mind while tears fell from my eyes once more.

“I’m sorry, Kicchan.” I regretfully asked for forgiveness while I cried and remained laying on the man’s chest. 

“You’re one weird Alpha.” Were the words the man was only able to say and at the same time, hugged me in his arms, hoping to somehow melt the torment inside me.

“I love you, Kicchan. I’m sorry.”

I repeated those words many times before I bawled like a defeated child within the arms of that Alpha. He, in return, remained silent and listened to my broken cries as I called Kicchan’s name over and over again.

Tonight, my unrequited love just ended.


  1. Based from Author’s Notes, Neko – the one who takes the female role in sex

Rika: Here’s chapter one guys! I feel sad for Aki… :C Well, it was kinda obvious that he has feelings for senpai in the first novel, but… ugh.

I hope he gets his happy ending here… :C

Oh, and guys! Our new translator, Reine posted her first work! 

It’s about a girl being lost in her life. She, of course, wants to find what’s lacking. 😉

Rule: The Unspoken Love  <~~~ go read it!

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