The Orange Cutie

Hello, I’m Rika! And welcome to my lair! This is where this orange cultivates and devour novels. Maybe in the future, I can share my written works too! Waaah! \o/

Hope you guys will have fun lurking here!

Translated Novels

Wounded Ego

Wounded Ego Side Story: An Alpha’s Dilemma

Wounded Ego 2: Lustrous Desires

Private Tutor (Oneshot)


Translate or To Not Translate Novels

(Tell me the titles you guys are interested in! Also, these are in Google Docs. I thought that it would be cleaner for my page. XD)

BL Novels

BxG Novels

Secret Stash

Ohhhh!! Now that you found this, it means that you are awesome! Lmao.

In here, you will see my own works. I never really plan on posting them, but I want to have them somewhere I can easily access if I need to see what I was writing. You are free to read them or not. :3 The titles are the links itself! You can click on them if you wanna read them! 

(Pink will be BxG and Blue will be BL)

Hey, Please Go Out with Me!

Just about a stubborn girl and a pestered boy.


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