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Hello, I’m cheetahbreeze and an aspiring multilingual streamer (but that will probably never happen lol). Out of the other onigiris, I’d definitely consider myself the more salty onigiri out of the mix haha. I definitely enjoy a great novel, so let me know if you have any recommendations.

Besides being an aspiring streamer, I’m the boss, main translator and website designer of the team! Check out my instagram: cheetah_breeze where I post bullet journal spreads and studying~ You can contact me at!


A Lunatic Selling Normality by Can’t Remember Names


I probably read some other stuff but with reading, I go through phases where I like different stuff and sometimes when I go back and read a book I’ve read before, I realize I don’t like it as much anymore. So…

The Good Son by You-Jeong Jeong – Psychological, Thriller, Mystery, Murder – Extremely dark with a lot of plot twists. (Unfortunately I can’t rant about this novel without giving it away because the realizations and twists were what struck me about this novel.

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami – Supernatural, Mystery, Realistic fiction, Historical – Overall, extremely weird. Even though the main character was extremely ‘boring’, he was somehow interesting at the same time because so many things were happening. I love how the author describes even the most normal of actions with the best metaphors and words. The author really put a lot of thought into everything the characters were going through and shaped all of the characters introduced in the novel. This novel really reminded me of My Mister especially in the beginning but later went way deeper on a different level.

Death Notice by Zhou Haohui – Mystery, Crime Thriller – Chilling and unpredictable but not as ‘unique’ as I’d hope for a crime/thriller novel. I guess all crime/thriller novels are just pretty much sketched out the same way because the feels I get end up going along the same arc. Also I DIDN’T SIGN UP TO READ A FREAKING TRILOGY. Come on.

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl – Psychological – Basically, when placed into a dehumanizing survival situation, humans change. I think one of the more important things I took away was that you should imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes before you judge them for their actions. The author used a lot of great examples and shared a lot of good insight from a different perspective that most of us never experience. I think I will definitely be rereading this novel since I didn’t really enjoy it the first time and kept zoning out 😅


Okay I probably watched some other stuff too but here’s what I remember of 2019.

Ashes of Love, starring Yang Zi and Deng Lun – Very redemptive, satisfying, fluffy OTP. Like, what else do you need? The very exaggerated acting from one of the side characters made me cringe but y’know what, not everything can be perfect.

Probably Love, starring Yan Xi and Xu Xiao Nuo – I’d like to question the female MC’s life choices but besides that, I liked how the drama tried to be “original” by making the male MC a total jerk. I also loved the side male character because he was so softttt and fluffy, ugh.

Daytime Shooting Star, starring Nagano Mei and Shirahama Alan – Cute female MC and OTP interactions.

Flying Colors, starring Kasumi Arimura and Atsushi Ito – Good inspiring movie for students stuck in a rut.

Good-bye Princess, starring Chen Xingxu, Peng Xiaoran and Shawn Wei – Kinda angsty, politics was meh, and the fresh new actors kinda pulled it off but the drama could have been better.

Touch Your Heart, starring Yoo In-na and Lee Dong-wook – Fluffy OTP and a gradual fleshing out of the characters. Nice and refreshing.

I Hear You, starring Zhao Lusi and Riley Wang – Extremely fluffy and satisfying drama. The violin parts were very cringe but you kinda get used to it after watching a lot of cringe musical parts in dramas.

My Mister, starring IU and Lee Sun-kyun – Realistic, heartbreaking, and redemptive. Really liked Jang Ki-yong.

Endgame – Satisfying, very impressed with how they cohesively combined like 10 different plotlines and ended up at a clear conclusion.

The Untamed, starring Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo – Very interesting, especially about the hidden nuances of human nature. Xiao Zhan is so hot yet cute at the same time. Wen Ning (the character) is super interesting and I overall like the dual good/evil of Wei Wuxian. Edit: So after finishing the series, I think it had an overall good plot (although the latter part of the drama could have been shortened). Some of the acting was lacking but to be honest, I thought most of them fit their roles pretty well. Also, I really liked the ‘new’ use of instrumentals during different key moments. For example, there’s this one more percussive instrumental used during suspenseful conversations and there’s another instrumental that is more evil and used when the evil characters make a move (especially in the second to last episode). I’ve personally never really heard or maybe noticed instrumental music used like how this drama did it. I think the battle instrumental music was pretty bad considering it was an entire orchestra with a ton of brass sound when Wei Wuxian is literally playing flute, but besides some weird instrumental placements, I think the instrumentals were pretty good and complemented the scenes well for the most part. I will admit that when Wei Wuxian ‘apparently’ did bad things, I did get shook, just because I think we never really expect the main character to be inherently bad. Although Wei Wuxian was exceedingly arrogant, he had good intentions and a righteous goal. I think maybe using a different approach though would have been less antagonistic and caused less disturbances in a society that clearly didn’t understand him or want to understand him but then again, that’d go against his personality. The ending was pretty bad and definitely dragged out. There was never a full sense of closure and it probably would have been better if it ended earlier. There was a huge potential for a good redemptive arc but it never really happened 😦 Overall, I liked the drama for its good plot (besides the ending) and characterization (although some of the acting did detract from that).

(Planning on watching:) Prison Playbook but honestly, I’m probably going to be watching something fluffy next after I just finished The Untamed

(Hopefully will finish one day:) Kill It, starring Jang Ki-yong

Listening Favorites:


Boom by NCT Dream

Sunny Side Up + Bing Bing (I think this is the right one) by Red Velvet

Into the Abyss by Suran and Coogie

Humph by Pentagon

Chica by Chungha

Day6 (newest album I think but not sure. it gave me really big japanese band vibes)

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