The Loli Corner

Hey there, HSM here! I am the main editor for basically everything here. Not only do I work 60+hrs a week, I also slave *ahem* joyfully spend my time here! I will try my best to provide satisfactory chaps for all of you to enjoy!!! Unless my body passes out due to exhaustion…

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The Orange Cutie

Hello, I’m Rika! And welcome to my lair! This is where this orange cultivates and devours novels. Maybe in the future, I can share my written works too! Waaah! \o/

Hope you guys will have fun lurking here! (pssst! you can also comment)!

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The Cheetah Breeze

Hello I’m cheetahbreeze and the boss, main translator, and website designer of the team as well as aspiring multilingual streamer. Out of the other onigiris, I’d definitely consider myself the more salty onigiri out of the mix haha. I hope you enjoy the work I deliver to your plates!

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Hello! I am known as Reine in discord and MeguMiya in… well, everywhere else! I originally signed up as an editor, but now I’m translating and making art for OnigiriTLife (like the logo)!

I absolutely LOVE to read webtoons and manga then enjoy basking in the amazing art of the authors and artists (uwu)

I have a page in Facebook named “MeguMiya” where I post my digital and traditional works. I’m just starting out, but I’ll get there in due time. Hope you’ll support me as much as you’ll support OnigiriTLife!

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