An Alpha’s Dilemma Main Charas


Age: 32 years old
Height/Weight: 5’9’’, 75kg
Occupation: Licensed Doctor
Physical Appearance: 

  • Average height and slender body
  • Fair Skin
  • Blue-gray, straight, medium-length hair


  • Tsundere
  • Awkwardly Stupid
  • Straightforward

About him:

  • Despite the fact that he’s an Alpha, Aki Izumi struggled to be always mistaken as an Omega because of his feminine looks. He was straightforward and lacked delicacy in giving his opinions on other people. He acted stupidly, but behind his perfect mask, he harbors great hatred towards himself.



Age: 22 years old
Height/Weight: 6’2’’, 109kg
Occupation: Intern Secretary/Personal Assistant at Aki’s Clinic
Physical Appearance: 

  • Tall and muscular
  • Tan Skin
  • Black, shaggy and messy, medium-length hair


  • Honest
  • Airhead
  • Totally infatuated with Aki

About him:

  • Having a huge body, Chihiro Hanamichi was always misunderstood but remained nice and positive. He was always reluctant on liking a person, but when he started working at Aki’s clinic, he was instantly infatuated with the stupid doctor. He had developed a weird habit of fantasizing him naked while openly expressing his feelings.


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