WoE 2: LD Ch. 6

Okay lol. I feel so guilty lmfao. I didn’t notice that the schedule for posting this chapter got messed up. I thought I have posted this chapter already but when I checked, it wasn’t. Gooods. This was supposed to be posted 18 days ago lmfao. Omg. I’m sorry guys. XD GODS IM LAUGHING SO MUCH ABOUT THIS.

TL/N: The notes are annoying, I know. But my phrasing and wordings might be stiff and hard to understand, so I didn’t remove them. The chapters I’m posting aren’t edited since our editors are busy irl (me too, that’s why updates are so slow rn), there are also comments in between so please forgive me for that. If the chapters are edited, I’ll immediately remove them. Thank you very much)!


So here’s chapter 6!

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