Private Tutor (Oneshot)

Hello! Rika here! I am back with a smutty oneshot for y’all! XD

Been so busy with uni and other things. Sorry for that.

WoE Side Story will most probably be posted next week! Sorry for so much delay, everyone! Well, here is something for you guys to somehow satiate your thirst? LMAO.

This oneshot is kinda with plot but not also with plot? Okay, I didn’t make sense. Well, you guys go read it! XD

This is divided in 2 parts, y’all this oneshot is long!

Read it here!

6 thoughts on “Private Tutor (Oneshot)

    1. Oof. I’m not the techy person to ask this since I just recently learned to posts stuffs lol. But, I think it’s needed to have your WP account logged in to be able to follow.

      Thank you! 🍊


      1. Hmmm… When you go to your reader page, do our updates show up there?

        There are instances where if you followed using emails (not logged in to wordpress), there is still some needed verification in your email so you can really be confirmed as a follower.


      2. Oh. There’s no problem then as you can see our updates! Though I don’t know why the follow widget is having malfunctions even if you’re following our site…


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