Wounded Ego: Main Charas


Age: 32 years old

Height/Weight: 5’11’’, 86kg

Occupation: Head Manager of the Sales Department

Physical Appearance:

  • Tall and well-built
  • Fair Skin
  • Black, slightly wavy, medium-length hair


  • Strict
  • Quite unsociable
  • Total killjoy
  • Doesn’t seem to know how to smile

About him:

  • Shimada Kazuki came from a wealthy family of Alphas. He is the eldest and supposed successor of his father’s business, but after finding out that he was an Omega, he was banished from their family after he experienced his first heat. In order to get a high ranking job, he hid his true identity and took advantage of his well-built appearance.


Age: 26 years old

Height/Weight: 6’04’’, 109kg

Occupation: Subordinate in the Sales Department

Physical Appearance:

  • Tall and muscular
  • Tan Skin
  • Dark brown, shaggy and lightly spiky, medium-length hair


  • Flexible
  • Determined
  • Hates Omegas

About him:

  • Born as an Alpha, Okuda Ryuichi was expected to dominate everyone around him when he reached the right age. He was always surrounded by people wanting him. Haunted by his troubled family affairs, Ryuichi loathed the idea of him having a mate and forming a bond. His life turned upside-down after discovering Kazuki’s dark secret.

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