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The Onigiri

At OnigiriTLife, our hope is that you will experience life through a new lens, consider new perspectives, and have some fun while you’re at it!

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Although we may have different fillings that make some of us sweet or salty, we are all made the same way with a bed of fragrant rice wrapped with nori. We hope that although each of us may be different onigiris, we can appreciate each other for who they are. We hope to represent the Asian side of the world through entertaining stories, blogposts, and more, so stay tuned for what we have to offer!

WoE 2: LD Ch.8

Here’s chapter 8 guys! Unfortunately, this is the last updated chapter in this novel. We gonna wait again! Sad.

So as we wait, I have two new novels to work on! These are complete! XD

Read chapter 8 here!

WoE 2: Lustrous Desires Ch.7

Okay, as what I’ve said before this chapter has triggering content! I’ll put warnings before and after the said content so you guys can skip it!

Read chapter 7 here!

WoE 2: LD Ch. 6

Okay lol. I feel so guilty lmfao. I didn’t notice that the schedule for posting this chapter got messed up. I thought I have posted this chapter already but when I checked, it wasn’t. Gooods. This was supposed to be posted 18 days ago lmfao. Omg. I’m sorry guys. XD GODS IM LAUGHING SO MUCH ABOUT THIS.

TL/N: The notes are annoying, I know. But my phrasing and wordings might be stiff and hard to understand, so I didn’t remove them. The chapters I’m posting aren’t edited since our editors are busy irl (me too, that’s why updates are so slow rn), there are also comments in between so please forgive me for that. If the chapters are edited, I’ll immediately remove them. Thank you very much)!


So here’s chapter 6!

WoE: Lustrous Desires Ch. 5

Here’s the next chapter guys!!!






Btw, I haven’t put this in the chapter itself (cuz this will be a warning for you guys to take note of), but in the next few chapters, there will be content that all of us hate. *whispers it’s non-con or rape ngh fck* I think that will be in chapter 7? I really hate that chapter.

Don’t worry! I’ll put warnings in that chapter and before that scene. I could just skip that chapter altogether but ngh. I kept on complaining to Hammy (our editor) about that before, but he just laughed at me! See that!? He’s so rude. RIGHT?!

Well, uhh I got too immersed in ranting. forgive this orange.

Chapter 5.


WoE: Lustrous Desires Ch.4

Here’s chapter 4 everyone!

Further interaction between MC and ML. :>


Chapter is here.


WoE: Lustrous Desires Ch. 3

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As I’ve announced in discord, so many things happened, so please forgive this orange.

Here’s chapter 3!

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An Alpha’s Dilemma Ch. 8



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Author had updated this chapter weeks ago, but really. Please don’t hate me. ;-;

Oh and a side note, this chapter is a bit short. XD

Here’s Chapter 8!

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WoE 2: Lustrous Desires Ch.2

Here’s chapter 2, everyone!

Sorry again for the long wait (I keep on apologizing for late updates, huh). I will be extremely busy again this week. I was able to update because there was a sudden suspension of classes lmao.

Have fun reading!

Chapter 2


WoE 2: Lustrous Desires is now here!


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may be able to finish tl-ing by the end of the week, but no promises!

You can read them here!

Main Charas
Chapter 1



R:TUL Chapter 5~~~

Here it is! I’m losing vitality over the weeks because of school stuff, but I still have some left for TLs!! Have another dish to enjoy~!