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The Onigiri

At OnigiriTLife, our hope is that you will experience life through a new lens, consider new perspectives, and have some fun while you’re at it!

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Although we may have different fillings that make some of us sweet or salty, we are all made the same way with a bed of fragrant rice wrapped with nori. We hope that although each of us may be different onigiris, we can appreciate each other for who they are. We hope to represent the Asian side of the world through entertaining stories, blogposts, and more, so stay tuned for what we have to offer!

An Alpha’s Dilemma Ch. 8



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Oh and a side note, this chapter is a bit short. XD

Here’s Chapter 8!

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WoE 2: Lustrous Desires Ch.2

Here’s chapter 2, everyone!

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Have fun reading!

Chapter 2


WoE 2: Lustrous Desires is now here!


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You can read them here!

Main Charas
Chapter 1



R:TUL Chapter 5~~~

Here it is! I’m losing vitality over the weeks because of school stuff, but I still have some left for TLs!! Have another dish to enjoy~!

An Alpha’s Dilemma Chapter 7

Okay, guys! Here’s chapter 7!

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R:TUL Chapter 4~!

I’ve finally found time to post it!! Here’s the fourth chapter for you all! Extremely sorry for the long delayyyy;; Been busy with college and all TwT

An Alpha’s Dilemma Ch. 6


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Okay, continuing on! From what I announced in our discord server, I just recently realized that An Alpha’s Dilemma and Lustrous Desires (WoE 2) weren’t completed yet (both are until chapter 7). So, I’ll be translating them until the recent chapters and we’ll be waiting together for new updates! \o/

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Here’s chapter 6!

ITALQ ch. 2

Did you wait long? Did you even notice a wait??? Well if you did or didn’t HERE is the next chapter to I Transmigrated As Lin Qianzi!? NOOOOOO!

Alpha’s Dilemma ch. 5

Alright guys, here I thought someone ELSE would’ve posted but….. it’s all good cause I’m here to save the day!!!! AND I’ll be posting another chapter of ITALQ soon as well!!! Like as in, probably in the next hour hahaha. Anyway, if you want ch. 5 read HERE! otherwise wait a bit and I’ll have ITALQ ch. 2

ITALQ Chapter 1

Well it’s finally here, the brand new series that I am editing!! If you want to read it continue HERE and as always…